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Israel's Fahrenheit 451

By Jim Kirwan

The EU is debating the censorship they want to impose upon the world,

to protect the crimes of Israel & Europe from public knowledge.

Since the world no longer reads, as a general rule, today's targeted speech is aimed at video & audio clips, as well as public speech.

European Parliament To Censor Live Stream If MEPs Are Racist

The Problems in America are similar, but very different:

In 1953 Ray Bradbury wrote a dystopian novel called

Fahrenheit 451

In which the Fire Departments of the future were called to burn books, that when discovered were automatically censored as criminal.

So instead of putting out fires.

Firefighters were called in to start fires.

'451' refers to the temperature at which the pages of any printed

book catch fire.

Israel & the EU are having problems with the opinions of the people they want to absolutely control ­ hence the the title of this comment.

Because once censorship is accepted, without question,

no one will ever be free again.

Before the current 'discussion' took hold, Israel has always demanded that the actual history of “Israel” be completely off limits to the rest of the world: Especially when it comes to anything substantive about the modern history of Israel or the so-called Jews, especially when that history includes the Askenazi imported 'Jews' ­ who are claiming to be Jews, but who are in fact religion-less outlaws that are using Israel to erase the rest of the people on the planet.

I worked with Ray Bradbury, on and off for five years, to obtain a film for his book, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”.

Mr. Dark shown here was the leading character in the novel.

A year or so after that project Ray was in a popular bookstore in LA, where he picked up a copy of 'Fahrenheit 451' ­ as he thumbed through it he was outraged to discover the text had been changed, to reverse the meaning behind the story. This was eventually 'corrected' but the fact that the book is still been banned off and on;

indicates the threat that it still is; to the creatures that are trying to steal the world.

Ray is shown on the lower left leg, I'm on the lower right, above.

Israel is the current “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and it's existence must be held to account for the continuing war-crimes and crime's against humanity that it continues to rub in the faces of the peoples of the wider world. Israel remains the one place that is still an Apartheid State, that continues to violate all the international laws of war and civilization on the planet.

The US must stop paying these war-criminals for all that they do to continue to exist!