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The 3am Tweet

By Jim Kirwan


Why is this piece of Treason still intact?

I first became aware of the shitty-little-country in the mid-1950’s. At that time their official-spiel was about how the Arabs & the Jews had been blood-enemies for a thousand years and that would never change! I was obviously unaware of the 1948 war, firsthand as I was only 9 years old at the time and didn’t live in the Middle-East.

By the time I graduated from highschool the same pack-of-horrific lies were still coming from Israel: Poor, little, defenseless Israel where all those millions of Jews had magically escaped to after “the War”. I vanished into four years of the U.S. Air Force and that political-nightmare took precedence over national-international affairs. By the time I was forced to look at the massive crimes throughout the constantly simmering Middle-East: the major topic of those days and times was always the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accords ­ probably the longest-running series of official-lies in modern-history. It was always the same: “Israel always wanted Peace, but somehow Israel managed to create only “war, war and lots more war”?

Simultaneously with the gargantuan waste of the global-world’s time, Israel somehow managed to continue to bulldoze hundreds of Palestinian homes, orchards vineyards and lands—all of that in the interest of “PEACE” of course! The American Puppets in charge of “serving as the-only-honest-brokers’ in the never-ending “negotiations” gradually became more and more hostile to the plight of the Palestinians. “Amerika” stood in lockstep with Israel’s hard and then harder lines; against making any kind of settlement with “the anti-Semites” which is how Israel referred to the Palestinians.

Conversely Palestinians are the only Semites in Israel ­ the Israeli’s are mostly mongrel-immigrants from other nations and other cultures. They are NOT Semites!

By the time I became aware of the real problems it was the late 60’s which would be on the map above, between the fourth (1949) & fifth (1967) images from the left.

It’s against international law for any nation to directly profit from any war in which the victor becomes the responsible-guardian for the vanquished-lands. That was and still is the status of Palestine. How does this explain the fact that Israel now claims almost all of Palestine? “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War” is how Israel managed it. The quote is the motto of the Israeli Mossad, which is enforced by U.S. Inc., which created the fake-state of Israel.

In the last few years Israel has been building walls all over their “new-lands”: These walls are much larger than the Berlin Wall had ever been. The walls cut villages in half, divide farmers from their crops and on and on. Check-points are everywhere throughout Palestine to torture and punish Palestinians for being. The checkpoints have been responsible for hundreds of dead children, whose mothers were not allowed to get to hospitals when it was obviously required. And of course Israeli’ troops have always used Palestinian children, farmers and fishermen for target practice with their tanks, planes and rifles, while the children throw rocks at heavily armored tanks—yet the world takes no notice.

Since 1948 Israel has been protected by USI, Hence there was no real “peace”, nor has there been anything but more death and slavery for the Palestinians that owned the nation of Palestine.

Israel is claiming that the State of Palestine never existed,

It was always “Israel” since ‘God’ gave it to them.

Which by the way is the same ‘god’

Which Israel is working overtime to eliminate, in the U.S.

Christians, Patriots and Ex-service members

Are now Enemies of the State

When our true enemies are still unindicted war criminals!

How can Palestinians still be classified as Prisoner’s, from a War that supposedly ended 65 years ago? And WHY has not the world shown any real anger over the treatment of the Palestinians, when compared with the Israel DEMANDS which Israel requires of the world, as the only “victims” of the Nazi’s in WWII? That’s simple; America has been protecting the 4th Reich in Israel since the inception of that illegal and totally criminal hide-out.

Here’s what happened yesterday that led to “the 3 am Tweet”.

November 23, 2013 "Information Clearing House - "Haaretz" - -- GENEVA - The European Union's High Representative for Foreign Affairs says world powers and Iran have reached an interim agreement over the nation's nuclear program.

"We have reached agreement between E3+3 and Iran," said EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, shortly after a marathon session was concluded early Sunday morning.

After the session was concluded early on Sunday morning, conflicting reports on its outcome were quick to emerge. But speculation as to whether progress was made or not was cut short shortly after 3:00 A.M. local time.

"We have reached an agreement," Iran's Foreign Minister concisely tweeted, as the news broke.(1)

This is no different than the “talks” that led to the slaughter of Libya, the continuing “talks” that have led to nothing but more slaughter in Syria, and this damn-sure follows ‘the script’ that has always accompanied anything that ever involved Israel directly ­ since 1948!

This “accord” is nothing new, in fact the only thing “new” about this is that it was announced to the world by “tweet” instead of using human communications, like a press-conference, in which questions could be asked, but would most probably never be answered.

This is no different than the BS that was announced when congress postponed the financial-failure of the United States. That was done supposedly to buy more time, but on-which nothing at all has been done—except to make the situation that much worse when they meet again in 2014!

The crimes of Israel are legion. They will not go away. They will be investigated when those that were involved in them are tried and hanged. This ‘tweet’ solves nothing. What this will do is to increase the heat on Israel to bury Netanyahu and the traitors in America, preferably alive, before the end of this year! (2)

How much longer can will the world put-up-with these Israeli-Barbarians? How many more years would it take to find any real change in the situation. The only real change so-far is that Israel has stolen the land and murdered millions upon millions of Palestinians, not just in military attacks, but in starving them, letting them die of thirst and torturing them beyond endurance. The Israeli treatment of the Palestinians has gone beyond the crude tortures of the Inquisition while surpassing anything the Nazi’s or the Russians ever did, by a factor of at least a hundred to one.

If the Jews in Israel were tortured and starved by the Nazi’s: how then can they treat Palestinians and others in the region the way they routinely do: And have since 1948?

The world has seen it all. But the web has not treated the facts favorably, by scrubbing the information, because Google is directly affiliated with the thunderously-criminal-state of Israel. Note: No casualty numbers were announced, and no mention was made about any of the other slaughters that were methodically carried out, and were used by Ariel Sharon the Butcher of Palestine, as he slaughtered his way across that captive nation… (3)

Those of us that have followed this impossibly criminal-war of 65 years are not going to let this go. In fact if anything this will only intensify our efforts to end Israel and to prosecute those that have protected her for over six decades!

Without Israel the world will be able to breathe again - at last!

1) Diplomats Strike Deal in Iran Talks

2) Spitting On History

3) Israel ‘Commits Massacre in Jenin Camp’



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