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The Three Agreements

By Jim Kirwan


The People of the United States have been trying to reverse

the above condition, in this country,

almost from the beginning.

Ken O'Keefe has found a way which he calls 'The Three Agreements'.

Beginning @ 1 hr, 29 min, 11sec,

...So getting into the good news - my concern has been a better world, for real. For real and I've thought for years and years what can be done. What can be done to seriously affect a better world. I mean really, honestly, I've meditated on it, thought about it and really tried to figure out what is the best thing that I can do as an individual to contribute to the creation of a better world: something that is sane, something that I can feel good about handing to my children, and to everyone else's children.

And years and years of reflection one thing that I came up with very early was these tattoo's on my hands, world citizen. I realized at a certain point that what it is to be a citizen: And I realized that a citizen is to be entered into a social contract. We're in a contract with the state. And under that contract, with citizenship we have so-called rights, at least in theory we have so called rights and we have obligations. Among these obligations is following these 'laws', which apparently includes those treasonous laws that are completely contrary to the U.S. Constitution, and that apparently we have to follow them ­ that's a part of the obligations, we have to pay taxes; technically we're not supposed to have to pay taxes according to the U.S. Constitution, but you'll probably go bankrupt trying to defend yourself ­ exercising that right.

We have obligations, and I realized “I don't agree to the contract.” That's why I renounced my citizenship. I realized, most people are not going to do that. It's a pretty serious move and that wasn't lost on me how serious it was. But I felt like I needed to do it. Part of that was being an idiot Marine who signed up to be a strong-arm tool for American materialism, you know. I didn't know that at the time, only later did I realize that I was nothing but a pawn in a nefarious game. Yeah Smedley Butler, “War is a Racket”, what an incredible book ­ there's a real marine for ya.

And I realized ­ you know what, I'm not as much a real American as much as I'm a human being. And I don't really come from this thing ­ these lines that are drawn in North America and other wise known as the United States as much as I come from planet Earth. And actually every human being on this planet is a brother or a sister. And I don't give my allegiance to any individual group, religion, nationality; in fact every single human being in my opinion deserves my respect, and I shall treat every other human being as I myself would wish to be treated. It's 'sanity', it's basic and everyone can understand it.”

And that's what I mean by “World Citizen”. So 'affecting a better world'.

A lot of times when you talk about 'what do we need ­ what do we need”

a lot of times what you'll hear people say is”we need to unite”. Well it's easy to say that, but how many things can we actually unite under? You name a topic, I don't what it is ~ I don't care what your issue is, it's polarized, purposely so ­ we're being manipulated and engineered to have differences on every level, so that we can't unite.

This was one of the problems with the so-called 'Occupy Movement' ­ I mean you had the so-called 99% who were putting forward ideas that were not in any way 'agreeable to the 99%'. Not at all. I mean you know really you know the out there lefty ideals and principles, no matter how virtuous or unknown they really are, you know if you want to unite people then you cannot be putting forward something which is highly divisive and polarizing ­ that's not going to unite people. So at the core of the plan that I've developed which years ago I could've announced this plan ­ you know

I've had the opportunity to do so but I honestly felt that the timing wasn't right. One of the things I've learned over the years is that no matter how good your idea is, no matter how much it has to offer: If the timing ain't right ­ it's doesn't matter, you're not going to achieve it ­ the timing is everything, as they say. And it was only in December of last year that I felt,

'the time is now'. And the reason why I came to that conclusion is because the one thing that I've developed over the years, is that I've become a really astute observer of humanity. The consciousness, the understanding the humanity and it was through this observation, over many years, that I have witnessed a transformation which verifies, for me for those of us who are truly watching ­ verifies the rising of this consciousness.

It has changed drastically, back in 2001, in September of 2001 was the height of insanity and sympathy for an imperial nation that had been running roughshod over the world for decades ­ centuries in many ways -

certainly decades: And this incredible sympathy for a nation that was just being set up to carry out these offensive polices: All based on a false-flag.

Nobody knew what a false-flag was then, and I said earlier so many people know now, that whenever a potential false-flag is carried out there are literally thousands if not tens-of-thousands of people, if not even more, dissecting every last detail of it. I believe that we've reached a point where the false-flags are actually good in terms of recruiting more people in terms of the category of conscientiousness: Not to dismiss the hardship, suffering and the pain of those who were taken out as a result of these false-flags, because no one can diminish that and of course as a human being I feel great sorrow for people who lose their loved ones in this ­ but in terms of the impact these false-flags kill a few Westerner's as opposed to what a million or two million that we murdered in Iraq. We never even so much as apologized—so let's get out of our own asses a little bit and start putting things in perspective. If it takes a few Westerner's, or even a lot of Westerner's to be slaughtered in order for us to deal with the reality—good. Cause we need to do that!

We've reached the point now where the false-flag, the number one tactic to manipulate people, has been so exposed that its largely become irrelevant or counter-productive. That's a massive development. Massive, massive massive and there's so many other things. In this state you find the power of unity in Marijuana which has been something like the powers that be have been totally committed to not allowing this to be used at all. For many different reasons, hemp as well—incredible part of the solution. Marijuana as well, amazing plant, so many qualities, but it shows our priorities. We are so committed to this thing that we have to have a self-interest in: We want to be able to use marijuana, we like it and therefore we're willing to put a lot of energy into it. When we put our minds to something it shows what we can achieve, despite all the instruments of power that have put in place to prevent us from being able to use this plant, this herb, we're now able to use it, in a very open way. That's another indication of the kind of power we have, as we commit ourselves to something. And that's not even the overall population; it's just a well organized minority who really insisted and mobilized and organized and educated and BAM, despite all the instruments of power that would have prevented that we've achieved it! Well we could achieve anything we set our minds to.

And if you have a product that has the capacity to appeal to people across the spectrum on a planet, with a population of seven billion, well now you've got some real power there.

So at the core of this plan, this World Citizen Plan, there's a whole lot to it and yet it's very narrow and very focused. Anyone can understand it...”

O'Keeke explains the requirements & particulars here

“… At the core of it is an Agreement amongst human beings, there's no middle man. It's a social contract. It's a new social contract, as opposed to the contract you were entered into at birth where you were issued a birth certificate, all capital letters, a fictitious corporate entity was created and you basically and your straw man were basically answering for your straw man and this was all the kind of stuff where nobody's going to take the time to understand: So therefore I've always recognized that if it's going to require energy and time to understand it's not going to appeal. People are already being manipulated to such a degree that they're not gonna 'make the time' to learn the uniform commercial code and all of this shit legalese you need something simple ­ very, very simple.

But we have been entered into a contract which has been inherently injurious to our rights. the social contract of World Citizenship has three things. Just three things and they are completely unobjectionable ­ from any sane perspective. So in a very funny way, an ironic way, I love it ­ I get a chuckle out of this, it's reality: It's completely unoffensive. So let me see if its offensive to anybody here.

The first element of becoming a world citizen is, in this case I'm a man, maybe a woman but I'm a man and I affirm my natural rights.

I have the right to live my life with dignity. I have the right to travel. I have the right to free expression. Hell, I've got the right to clean drinking water. I have the right to be a human being, without oppressive forces to make me something I am not. This is my natural right. I'm going to affirm that in writing. That's number one, anyone object to that? The state will, I tell you that much, they're going to object to that.

Number Two: I as a world citizen, in writing, obligate myself to respect everyone else's natural rights. I don't want it done to me so I'm not going to do it to you. It's the Golden Rule, it's the most simple thing ­ ever. If you don't understand this rule, then something's wrong with you. This is such a basic thing and it bypasses the state.

So I affirm my natural rights and I obligate myself to everyone else's natural rights and the third thing “I come from planet earth”. They call this place the United States now, but you know after we're gone it'll be what it fuckin is ­ planet earth. We come from planet earth. And what's good for planet earth is good for us. Shitting on planet earth is not good for us. It causes us problems.

We should be treating planet earth like we'd be treating our mother, with love and respect. So that's the third ­ how many people out of seven billion, if this is delivered properly and the beauty of this plan is that it's so simple that it will be made into all the major languages: So this isn't going to be just for a Western or an American audience ­ this is for the world.

This is for the people of the world how many people around the world do you recon will see the value in entering into anew contract ­ in which we all agree to respect each other on this planet? Now I don't know what the numbers are, I really don't but if it's one percent that's enough ­ you knows one percent of seven billion ­ it's enough. We have seven billion of us on this planet; do you think there might be ten million? Do you feel that way, maybe seven million, maybe a hundred million. Maybe a billion? Maybe even more, I don't know...”

Ken O'Keefe in Berkeley ­ March 2016 ­ Jewish Power & World Citizen Solutions

One Hour 52min 50sec. VIDEO


The above is just a small part of this appearance. His vast experience and his insight brings volumes to the global problems of today ­ as well, in the beginning portions of the link above ­ sure it's long but when was the last time that you remember anyone offering a way to begin to stop this nightmare in its tracks

Enjoy the whole interview with Ken O'Keefe!


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