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Let 'Em Drown?  3,400
Muslims Pulled From Med

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - Here is part of the problem…  

The muslim 'migrants' know that there are Europeans who will save them and bring them to Europe if they have a problem with their rafts and boats.  This only encourages them to keep coming.  I read that there is to be a summer explosion in the amount of migrants and refugees heading to Europe.

When the Italian coast guard saved the 3,400 illegals they were right near the coast of Libya, The Italian Coast guard requested landing in Libya to allow the migrants to safely disembark. Libya refused to allow the migrants (their own Muslim brothers) to come unto Libyan land. So, it appears Europe will get them.  The only way to stop the surge of disease-carrying, raping, criminal muslim savages is to let it be known what they are doing is illegal and that they will NOT be saved any longer.  Yes, it sounds cruel but the Western world is on the line and millions will die if muslims continue to flood Europe.

Here again, looking at the photo in the article they are all males of military age and overwhelmingly of Black Southern African heritage.

As long as Europe is complicit in making travel to Europe easy and giving these people free Welfare, housing, medical care, education and all the white girls and women they can rape, they will continue to come in droves to the West.  We know they hate the people of Europe and the West and with the expected "droves of migrants" hitting Europe this Summer we can expect many more terrorist acts.  Beheading a Priest means nothing to these savages.  Raping and crime even less.  Tragically, they are illiterate savages but that is not our doing.  Africa has been around longer than Europe and has had more than ample time to develop one of the richest continents in the world.  They could never even build 2 story building before colonization occurred.  

This has to stop.  Therefore, they need to turn the boats of migrants around and send them back to their countries of origin.

As for America, we MUST build the wall.  Mexico wants to build a wall between Central American countries and Mexico because it realizes that no border means no country.  They only want the border with the US to be open and free so that they can send their bottom of the barrel hordes of illegals here.  Remember, the second leading source of income for Mexico is the transfer of US dollars TO 'relatives in Mexico.'   


Italian Coast Guard Rescues 3,400 Migrants Off Libyan Shore

Total of 3,400 people of refugees were saved in the Mediterranean sea near the Libyan shore by Italian coast guards, according to official statement.

MOSCOW(Sputnik) — Italian coast guards saved a total of 3,400 people on Friday after they set sail from the Libyan shore in an attempt to reach Europe.

Guardia Costiera said on Twitter that 34 migrant boats were intercepted in the space of one day. The Italian Navy has been patrolling the northern Libyan as part of EU’s operation Sophia to prevent human trafficking.

A migrant boy watches an Italian Frontex vessel loaded by intercepted migrants arriving to the port of Kos on August 16, 2015, on the island of Kos.
© AFP 2016/ Louisa Gouliamaki
Spain, Italy Rescue Over 500 Migrants Off Libyan Coast
SOS Mediterranee, a European association rescuing refugees at high seas, said in its Twitter feed that it rescued 236 people in 22 hauls on Friday. Many of the migrants, identified as Bangladeshi and Eritreans, were dehydrated.

Thousands of people have embarked on the perilous voyage across the Mediterranean since 2015 in a bid to escape war and poverty in North Africa and the Middle East. Over 3,770 of them drowned last year, according to the International Organization for Migration.

So, again, keep saving the muslims and encouraging them to keep coming…or let some of them drown to force them to stop? It is too bad the savages who beheaded the Priest in France and the savage who shot up the Mall in Germany and the rapist savages didn't all drown…many lives would have been saved from physical and emotional death. A woman raped is often a woman whose life is destroyed.


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