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330 Million More II

By Jim Kirwan

Toll Road to the Abolition of ‘Poverty’!

In Gaza and Eastern Ukraine US Inc & Israel have already targeted Three Million people for torture and murder. That tells the world what the Mercenaries & the Jewish Bankers think about the Palestinians and the Russian speaking population in Ukraine: As they put it these are sub-humans that must be eradicated.

Three Million Targeted

Ask yourself which is more important the 3 million now, in the shadows of on-going wars in both the Middle-East and Europe, or 330 Million that are the entire population of the United States?

The simple answer is that the US has always been the real target: All the rest of these continuing war-crimes have just been target practice.

The damning part of what The State of the Nation 1966 was intended to do was to awaken; people around the world to the truth behind all of what was being done in The Great Society, The War on Poverty and The Age of Contradictions. It would have been the first major attack on government polices across the board, during the Vietnam War, and before any massive rejection of this government’s polices had yet been launched.

I put myself in the crosshairs with that project when it was publicly displayed to just over 5,000 people in Oklahoma City. What followed was 14 months of being shot at, weekly, followed, wire tapped, chased and constantly threatened; but which actually ended when LBJ decided to stop his bid for re-election. The FBI and company were on this and the city police collaborated with them at ever step of the way. My gallery was closed, my business was reduced to nothing but I had help from some very creative people, otherwise we would not be having this conversation now.

In the middle of this I sought help and managed to arrange for an apprenticeship with the then living tenth generation Van Dyke, in Rio. That was canceled by massive riots in Rio, which prevented me from going. Then I got help from two people that I had known since highschool who had retired from NSIA. They made certain that I was able to keep breathing. But the damning nature of the images lives on: To date the surviving images still point directly at what went wrong with this place that had once been a nation ­ but of course for those who came afterward, these images hold little if any real content today.

For instance these are “Children of the Empty Promise” ­ who would today be in their mid-sixties, do you think they remember? I’m approaching 75 and I remember but the circumstances for those children were far worse than mine and a great many of them died.

It’s one thing to comment today about what’s going on. It’s something else again if you’ve lived through every bit of it from Kennedy’s death to the present moment... Time has always been critically important to the Barbarians because the hourglass has a way of making the really horrific crimes just disappear—especially given all the radical changes to the way people treat each other now, in almost every city town or village.

What we must remember is that of all the crimes being committed now, the greatest one is still waiting to be committed: That will be the promised nuclear false-flag event that will take down this nation and begin the extermination of 330 million people. We can never just let that happen!

Yet according to our non-responses to date—apparently we still haven’t yet decided to even defend ourselves: Much less to fight against our executioners; in order to free ourselves from this outright slavery which far too many still cannot seem to even see…

The United States of America is the target that Israel will not rest until they have totally destroyed: That’s the real issue! And Israel itself must be totally dismembered. Its Zionist population must be totally destroyed if there is ever to be any “peace” or “prosperity” anywhere on this planet—and the time to act is almost up…

A Home For Every One”

Looks like paradise compared to what FEMA has in store

But the above was planned for 50 years ago

What’s keeping you from doing all you can to end this now? None of this was ever supposed to happen to America,

But it was planned, in SECRET, none-the-less

And all of those plans were unveiled a number of times

Yet too few ever took them seriously

Which is what brings us all to this very ugly moment!

This undeclared war on the United States has been going on far longer than most of the people now living, have even been on the planet. How is it possible that Israel has been able to live totally outside every law of humanity for over 66 years and still the nations of the world continue to tolerate that!

For that matter how is it that most Americans haven’t come to the conclusion that their supposed president is nothing but a traitor who must be arrested, shot or hung for high treason in this time of war?

If you think this is about you, just you, then you need to understand the current price that must be paid for your Individuality in the world as it is today…

Individuality in Shoes of Blood”


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