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The 2nd Amendment

By Jim Kirwan


The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."


To have these powers, enshrined in the Constitution, to arm the people to defend themselves from the criminal government ­ is meaningless if the people who have their weapons are not allowed to carry or to use them, when their lives and freedoms are clearly threatened ­ this makes a mockery of the 2nd Amendment & the U.S. Constitution.

In the current case regarding the standoff at Standing Rock, the government has already spent $17 million dollars off our money, to defend a private corporation against the people that live on the land that is theirs in perpetuity: By the lawful treaty that has been broken by the government in defense of a private-for-profit corporation that is stealing the land-use rights of the native tribes and all the people of the United States over a for-profit corporation, that will lose their contract if they are unable to force the defenders, of the water-rights, to back down before January 1, 2017.

As this obscenity continues, it is now more than clear how this will end. This will be no different than what happened at Wounded Knee and again at Pine Ridge, where the government confronted the natives and then when they refused to do what the government demanded - the government simply slaughtered the natives ­ because they had the guns and the natives had no defense.

Given these facts why in hell would anyone ever believe that today's government and their exempt-from-the-law private corporations, will ever do anything any differently - than was done both times at Wounded Knee & Pine Ridge before ­ the answer is they won't!

Consequently, to go through this process over and over again, expecting a different outcome is madness. The government only respects the power of our guns, which it is the right of every American to have and to use in defense of our lives: And in this case in defense of 17 million people to have and keep the clean water we, the American people, are all entitled to ­ which this private criminal-corporation wants to steal ­ to make illegal profits, to which they were never entitled?

The words of the Second Amendment mean absolutely nothing

if what they allow is “outlawed” or ignored.

It's time for America to man or woman-up and force the

government to not just withdraw

but to award $17million to these native tribes that they

have kept in penury for hundreds of years.

In the meantime the 'fake-troops' must pack up and leave Standing Rock

after they apologize for what they've done already

by immediately paying compensation to those they've already damaged.

If that doesn't happen then Americans need to reenact this confrontation

throughout the country, beginning with the Oregon & Nevada trials

that are both illegal as the current standoff is, with the corporate mercenary forces that have taken over at Standing Rock:

Using the 2nd Amendment as the only justification the public needs,

according to the U.S. Constitution.


Today I said this in response to the latest from Standing Rock:


'The government wants to 'starve the natives out' - by blocking food & water to the demonstrators - not to mention the illegal fines - on their own lands, because of the people that are helping each other to resist the fake-government - in blizzard conditions - this will only get worse as time runs out for the corporation that has to reach completion by January 1, 2017 What is clear is that Obama, Trump & virtually everyone and anyone in"authority" are all on the wrong side of history and all the applicable laws.

It begins to look like 'peaceful' won't accomplish anything except to get more resistors injured or killed - when it's clear that the only thing these impostors will ever understand is the real and serious-force that the incoming troops could bring to this situation. all anyone needs to do to understand this is to look at what happened in both Nevada & Oregon, which only ended in getting LaVoy Finicum murdered in cold blood.

When these pretend "troops' have to face the same kinds of force they're dishing out - then and only then will this government created nightmare finally end.

Wanna burn the US constitution? Shoot at us first’: Veterans prepare to aid DAPL protesters

Time to get serious America about all your rights & RESPONSIBILITIES



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