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2 Letters About Muslims - From An
American In Norway And An Ex Mideast
Oilman Who Knows Islam, Inside-Out

From Anonymous


I received a stunning letter from my brother who lives in Norway.
He said all of Europe is going down...with no chance for recovery...
and that Europeans have lost any will to fight.  

Here is my brother's letter to me...

Most of the time it seems like the people here are just giving up, and giving in, to this muslim sh*t.  Pretty much like your San Diego CAIR bunch.   Those creeps are winning.  And pretty much every time.  The damn Norwegians are just giving it away.  It now looks like the US is giving it all away, too, at about an equal level.

This will pretty much freak you out if you follow it.   I'm now nearly certain the West will lose in the end.  It's just a question of how much we experience and suffer before we die at the hands of these beasts.   For me, over here, that could be one hell of an interesting question.  I think I will be seeing some real ugly sh*t…everything from car bombs and suicide bombers to lots of bullets and gangs of muslims attacking and slaughtering Norwegians.  

The French election.  Maybe they have one last chance to save themselves but the news in on now saying that Macron will win.  They probably have one chance, right here and right now, with Le Pen but it sure looks like they are going to piss it away.   Sweden had a chance and they blew it.  The Netherlands threw theirs away, too.   Beligium is already gone. Germany will probably lay down, too.  Italy is totally screwed and getting about 10,000 more of these cretins every day. Or it might be every weekend.  

Sure as hell has to make you wonder about people.   Or it might just be time for white people and the idea of democracy and Western life to go away.  Like the Greeks and Romans…and then England and France. Empires rise up...and then they fall.

It's rough to see your own people, your own land, lose it like this.  Dumb whites just giving it all away.  I lose sleep just thinking about it.   In the end, you just have to let it go.  

Sure is going to make for one hell of an 'exciting' finish for you and me.


I next sent my brother's letter to an oilman who lived in the Middle East for 17 years...
Below is the oilman's response...


I think your brother is 100% right.  

I lived in the Muslim world for a little more than 17 years.  Show me a Muslim and I will show you a pervert.  A Muslim would rather sodomize a 10 year old boy than have vaginal sex with a woman. If a Muslim man catches his daughter with a white Christian boyfriend, he would slit his daughter’s throat and he wouldn’t feel guilty about it at all. He would be happy to slit his daughter’s throat.

There is no philosophy in Islam, there is only the Koran and Sharia Law...nothing else.  I love my country but I am contemptuous of the Federal Government which is bringing these Muslim cavemen here and also bring in West Africans.

They know the facts. They are bringing in Third World nationals with low IQs that traditionally have 4 to 6 kids per family. By doing this, they know they are replacing the White Race in America. They KNOW.  Yes, I am contemptuous of the criminal Federal Government!  

Western Europe and Americans have been brainwashed for the last 50 years that we are always racist and all races are equal. They have lied to us. I have never mistreated a Negro in my life. I don’t have the power to discriminate in regards to housing or jobs. My ancestors didn’t own slaves. Black Americans can kiss my Dixie ass. I don’t feel guilty and I owe them nothing. My culture is Western European, not that of indigenous native indians we call “Mexicans.”

I reject Islam. I reject the so-called Prophet Mohammad.  It appears he was also a pervert, child molester, rapist, robber of caravans and murderer of anyone who didn’t agree with him.  

Bringing this backward 'religion' to America is a crime.  Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty. I believe these young American white kids in their teens and 20s and early 30s will never fight back.  They will lay down and roll over and pee on themselves like little puppies.  Same in Europe. They will not fight back. Your brother is right, the bastards in Europe are giving it all away and the bastards here in America will also roll over and pee on themselves.

This is what governments have done to us.  This is what 'voting' has given us.