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28 Days Of Infamy In Gaza

By Jim Kirwan

Words are cheap, but no real actions have been taken to change anything ­ anywhere in the world today.

Gaza is now only half destroyed

While the world endured 28 more days of Infamy in Genocide

And the brutal murder of Palestine

For the entire world to see, but which no one is yet willing to stop

While the same lawlessness has reached Ukraine as well!

The Israeli military aggression has taken the lives of more than 1,880 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and wounded over 9,600 others in Gaza since July 8.

The Tel Aviv regime has not even spared hospitals in its large-scale military offensive and continues to pound the medical centers that are in desperate need of medicine and equipment.

International bodies and human rights groups say civilians account for the majority of the victims of the ongoing Israeli war. Women and children make the bulk of the civilian casualties there.

The UN Human Rights Council recently passed a resolution, calling for an independent probe into Israel’s war crimes in Gaza

Iran slams International silence on Israeli war on Gaza

Iran can volunteer all the help they want to give but no supplies will never get past the closed borders that surround Gaza - until the world forces Israel to surrender - no relief can ever arrive!

The world is now officially LAWLESS which means exactly what that term implies - weapons rule everywhere, and lawlessness is the only order that now rules - because for 28 days the world has tolerated murder, torture and imprisonment without even a response from the so-called structure of the international community which now consists of nothing but colluding partners in Israel and Amerika's murder of the rest of the world...

There is no substitute for clear and unwavering global actions!

Israel must be dissolved.

This entire scenario in Gaza is just a re-run of the Israeli war against Lebanon, in which Israel lost big-time back in 2006 against Hezbollah. Nothing has changed within Israel, which is why this is happening now. Unless Israel is taken down now and totally disarmed, this will never stop and the world will become totally lawless everywhere; instead of just wherever Israel and USI choose to plant their global demands for full-spectrum dominance with extreme prejudice for all the world to see…

The brutal and most cowardly "settler's" in Israel are leaving their settlements because Israel cannot protect them from Hamas. Over half of the cowardly settler’s have already left the land's they stole as carpet-baggers from the Palestinians - and this is just one of the failures of Netanyahu and his global band of Anarchistic outlaws...

The Red Cross, a compliant colluding sponsor of the slaughter and the genocide is running its mouth but no action is being taken.

Proof positive that talk is cheap but action is still not on the horizon.

The top official is expected to hold meeting with people directly affected by the conflict. In addition, he will be holding talks with senior Palestinian officials as well as the leadership and volunteers of the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Israel's month-long onslaught killed 1,880 people including 430 children.

The UN says the war has displaced a quarter of Gaza’s 1.8 million population.

Medics and surgeons with the ICRC say hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed by the increasing number of casualties amid lack of medical supplies.

Meanwhile, senior military analysts say the Israeli regime used the US and European weapons to attack innocent Palestinian people in the impoverished territory.

Western governments have come under fire by human rights activists and world protesters for providing the Israeli regime with lethal weapons.

The Spanish government has decided to temporarily freeze arms and military exports to Israel over Tel Aviv’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. The decision was reached during a session of an inter-ministerial committee on arms manufacturing.

Spain provides Israel with missile parts, fuses for hand grenades, mortar parts, electro-optical equipment and fire control systems.

Britain has also said it is reviewing all arms export licenses to Israel.”

It used to be that when you witnessed a murder and failed to do anything about it, you could have been charged with being an accomplice to that crime: Why is the same not true when the entire world witnesses global genocide for the last 66 years and still does nothing? This world has lost its collective mind, if indeed we ever had minds’ of our own…


In Ukraine, thanks to the faux shoot down of the Malaysian aircraft there is a great deal of silence on the rest of the war in Ukraine. Only snippets of information are leaking out about the depth of the killings there. Water and electricity and food have been cut off to the Rebels, in the two most heavily defended areas, but the bulk of real news is not being broadcast.

Here’s an example from Reuters, a US government mouthpiece that’s about all that’s available today. Just as in Gaza the lies outweigh any real facts while the US continues to wage their own massive genocide inside Ukraine—because of conflicting stories, very little is known as to the real numbers of the dead, the dying or the refugee’s still fleeing that country… This is a pathetic excuse for “journalism” if there ever was any real coverage of anything going on in America’s genocide of the Ukrainian people.

And where the hell is the coverage that used to get to the world from RT!

Some 70 Dutch and Australian investigators on Sunday spent a third day at the site in rebel-held eastern Ukraine where Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down almost three weeks ago.

The team has brought along sniffer dogs and refrigerated ambulance vans to aid their efforts. The investigators hope to recover the last of the 298 victims' remains still lying at the site after 220 coffins were already flown to the Netherlands for identification.

Until Friday, heavy fighting had prevented the experts from reaching the scene of the disaster, where body remains and personal belongings are scattered across some 20 square kilometers (eight square miles).

Those leading the probe say the search could last three more weeks.

On Saturday, shelling nearby forced investigators to stop their search in one area, but work at the main site continued unhindered.

The United States says pro-Russian separatists probably shot down the Boeing 777 by mistake using a Russian-supplied missile, but Moscow has blamed Ukrainian forces for the disaster.

Growing civilian casualties

Fighting in eastern Ukraine between the separatists and government forces has intensified since the downing of the plane on July 17, with the United Nations putting the death toll at more than 1,100.

Local authorities in Luhansk say three civilians have been killed and eight wounded in shelling over the past 24 hours as the city remains under siege from government troops.

The deputy mayor of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk said six people were killed in shelling and gunfire on the outskirts of the city in the same time period.

Government forces say they are getting close to cutting off Donetsk from the Russian border and have made other major gains. Rebels have, however, pledged to battle to the death.

The Ukrainian military says its positions in the region continue to come under heavy bombardment, alleging that some of the shellfire comes from across the border with Russia.

The United States and the European Union have imposed tough sanctions on Russia for its alleged role in arming and supporting the pro-Moscow rebels. Moscow denies the charges, and has said the sanctions will damage bilateral cooperation and international stability.”

tj/kms (APF, Reuters)

Welcome to the lawless world of August, 2014 where

Anything Goes”


Murder Is Now Legal





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