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January 2019 - 2,224 Illegal Aliens Got Into The US And
Required Hospitalization - You Paid

Author Chris Buskirk

An astounding 2,224 migrants, largely from Honduras and Guatemala, required hospitalization upon reaching US territory in January, the Department of Homeland Security reports.

Infectious diseases like scabies merited the greatest concern, Border Patrol Medical Director David Whipple told theWashington Examiner.

Colder weather, beginning in November, resulted in large numbers needing immediate health care, Whipple said.

"We're being called every day. The (Border Patrol) wants us to do immediate screenings because they lack the medical personnel," Whipple emphasized.

Hidalgo County, Texas Director Tisha Green remarked, "The biggest concern that I hear about is not that they're disease-ridden, but that they're not vaccinated."

Border region residents express concern when outbreaks of tuberculosis and measles among migrants are reported in the press, particularly in rural areas.

"It could become a county epidemic," Green added.

DHS also reported the Border Patrol motor pool logged more than 20,000 hours transporting migrants to medical facilities in November, December, and January, often compromising needs in other areas.