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21st C Mass Formation - Resisting the Satanic Hack

By Stephen Martin

Slip into silent slumber
Sailing on a silver mist
Slowly and surely your senses
Will cease to resist
Sherman Bros.

Has it ever occurred to your, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?

George Orwell

Small article here reflects an ongoing struggle as existential to understand 'collective psychosis' as a 21st C. Global Mass Formation - which is proving increasingly deadly as menticidal to sensibility as sanity way of pathological inversion?

Such the 'bad faith' as would be avoided, if not subverted by way of 'autodidacticism', indeed as 'Nausea' precipitated resisted. In his premise that existence is prior to essence Sartre is a metapolitician.

This is a metapolitical article in as much as there refusal to accept the limitations of 'orthodoxy' as a sine qua non - accordantly an eclecticism is deployed which may well such the 'surprise, surprise!' result in obscurity?

- An obscurity as can be circumscribed psycho political as of corporatist neoliberal manufacture indeed, such the 'ideological valence' of understanding rendered obsolete as the geopolitikal utility of alienation and marginalization goes phenomenological as 'globalized' hegemony expressed, and as such systemic 'dumbing down ' would be unremarked upon?

The limitation of understanding by way of obfuscation or obscurity is the essence of totalitarian abuse?

Ideological valence under hypnotic hack is the creation of an aversion to certain areas of thought; Orwell explicates perspicaciously in his concept of 'thoughtcrime'. The antonym as being of positive ideological valence he explicates as 'doublethink'. Apropos, small quarters admire the witticism:

'When you can't tell your arse from your elbow then they got you by the balls'

The quote above by Orwell pertaining to understanding identifies as prognosticates dystopian upon the totalitarian political utility of the death of thought as panopticonic restriction of consciousness and the limitation of human potentiality?

'Mind over mind' as hypnotic abuse is easier when the minds of the ruled over are weakened/hacked?

Would Bentham as so introduced the concept of the 'panopticon' concur with such utilitarian as pragmatic proposition?


There herein a declination of 'Newspeak' as of Orwell explicated as much there an embrace of 'elaborated code' of Bernstein; there a refusal to be 'dumbed down' as of Charlotte Isherbyt analyzes highly perspicaciously concerning the 'American Education System'

Such struggle to understand the world; to phenomenologically as idiosyncratically construct a Weltanschauung or World View within context of the epiphenomenon which consciousness as expression of a psychophysical parallel under incarnation construed; and so thereby thru questioning persevered unto to attain 'interrogative' some form of transcendence or resistance against the hypnotism of hegemony, is natural to Man under God given potentiality?

It may well indeed express a large part of our raison d'être?

- We came, we saw, we were not conquered!, indeed


We can yet see with our own eyes what is going on; we can yet sense as appreciate the utility of 'inversion 'as concerns the meaning of the word 'natural' being debased under 'woke consciousness' propagated: this despite the mass collective hypnosis which said woke consciousness as an irony represents a central aspect of mass formation as an inversion; as some 'slip into a silent slumber 'as paradigmatic - such the deep state as goes drip, drip algorithmic under mission creep of hypnotic hack of consciousness as a hsi nao?

'Inversion' is used here sense of the Orwellian sublime precis:

'War is Peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength'

- which reiterated polymorphous as seen under metapolitical consideration of mass formation as a hypnotic state declined eclectically?

Under such inversion polymorphous by way of satanic hypnosis: false flags as would be unseen as such would be unquestioned; criminal degenerates can be portrayed as 'angels', perversion of the sexual instinct becomes 'normal', mere Nazis become praiseworthy subject to context (Ukrainian Nazis good/German Nazis bad)-as fellow Humanity to be distanced from and seen as but a threat to health, as 'asymptomatic bearers' of a deadly virus?

'Electric eclecticism egregious' so it goes alliterative?

Name a 'sin'– and it become a 'virtue' now such the inversion attainable under satanic hypnosis?

When are pedophiles to join the LBGTQ community such the 'rainbow' as underneath lying a pot of gold to Soros such the hypnotic scheme of inversion?

'Money, money, money, power, power power' so the hack goes hypnotic as hegemonic; as technologically facilitated?

It takes a lot of collective hypnosis such the ceterus paribus denied to abusively destroy as alienate Man from God given potentiality? Under technological progress/ geopolitikal peristalsis in the 21 st Century collective hypnosis as expressive of destructive mass formation ; or 'tooldom' as per Thoreau has been facilitated to an unprecedented extent such the 'Lo!' as would be silenced as censored; such the woods unseen as constituted of many trees?

To be 'unable to see the woods for the trees' is an essential focus as aim obfuscative and limitational under mass formation and the abuse of trust which framing a narrative under propaganda represents as a 'dark art'?

Or can one not see the woods for the trees such the 'one dimensionality' prevailing as of Marcusian explication?

A one dimensionality as hypnotically induced by instructing as demanding not only where to look - but how to interpret what we are looking at such the' line' apperceptionally as thematically mass manufactured as propagated - as 'Incoporation' so it goes neoliberal as hegemonic?

We in the early 21st C. are seeing under technological as technocratic determinism the continual as dialectical manufacture of crises and shock and awe on a Global level, and the expression of an unprecedented unipolarity of economic and political power informed by empirical disciplines such as behavioral psychology to point of 'mind over mind' tragically attained 'utilitarian' as pragmatic?

We are also seeing as such hypnosis commensurated the Global ascendancy of a panopticonic 'private public partnership' which under hegemony as 'trust in authority' is capable of enforcing 'global solutions to global problems' – and manufacturing cultural hegemony as Gramsci explicated -and the production of obscenely wealthy and powerful 'man gods' is not 'natural'(!); rather it the intermediated product of satan as 'unnatural ' sense of extra dimensionality as temptational influence as an intermediation ponerological as hypnotic as over the expression of consciousness in an incarnate/psychophysical as ephemeral context?

This to say nought of 'trillionaires' as an unnatural phenomenonon of abrogation of morality under satanic hypnosis as the control and issue of currency extrapolated upon, such the deep state reflected?

The capacity to apperceive 'synonymy' is of the quintessence of metapolitics.

Whence satan controls and issues 'currency' as extrapolate: evil exists as abusive control and manipulation thrives - though such would be unseen by way of again being seen as 'natural', such the 'greatest trick', such the inversion?

'God bad, satan good' such the hypnosis down on ye olde Animal Farm technocratic?

Material need is ontologically the source of all our problems as within context of a friction of the finitude. Imagine how 'Free' we could as beings be were it not for such bind of material need as divisiveness effected, or entered into as in pursuit of the daily crust!

A small reprise such the metapoltical symphony aspired unto..

Most people are benign as to mine limited understanding, and have a capacity accordant for their soul to express as effect 'morality' in context of some parallel to what Socrates referred to as 'anamnesis'. That is to say metapolitically: inherent to the building blocks of DNA as natural and as consciousness facilitated thereof is a capacity to contemplate 'morality' as much to permit the influence or contribution of the soul to the epiphenomenon of consciousness as a psychophysical parallel?

The extent of determination which DNA has upon neurophysiological integration and consciousness is a moot point as much as is the question of to what extent neurophysiological integration is impacted by alteration of that DNA.

- It is no small matter of happenstance that natural DNA as much as natural immunity is under mass as global attack or hack by m.RNA such the congruence corporatist of 'Big Pharma' gene therapy with satanic mass formation to attain deadly apotheosis in the 21 st C. as 'End Times'?

Such the extent of abuse of trust as has taken millenia to attain apocalyptic apotheosis as to 'soft kill' on numerous fronts to genocidally occur as to be effected under a final collective psychosis as borne mass formational as under deep state of ponerological hypnosis?

Such the 'Paradise Lost', indeed.

Such the impact of the soul on psychophysical parallel minimised?

Such the 'End Times'?

And this before we consider the relationship of nanotechnology introduced by injection to psychotronics as 'mind over mind'?

The generic term 'paranoid conspiracy theory' is a hypnotic manipulation of ideological valence; the creation of a 'taboo' against certain questions and thoughts. The significance of the 'mockingbird' term 'conspiracy theory' having a CIA etymology demands metapolitical consideration?

We in the 2 1st C. 'live' under a system which devalues 'Life' such the ascendancy of Thanatos over Eros; and such metapoliticians as yet exist amongst us refuse to accept as embrace the deep state which satanic hypnosis would effect by way of the death of thought and puppetry; whereby consciousness reduced to but a simulacrum; we elect as psychophysical parallel instanced to decline the debasement of Meritocracy as much as of Democracy thru which deep state would attain nefarious mission; a deep state of hypnotically induced somnambulism indeed - and such the silent slumber deadly under 'lemming lockstep' effected..

Alas, under eschatological prescience, the concept of 'pissing against the wind' must be taken cognisance of; this as much as one in an ephemeral context of incarnation as a test acknowledged by way of 'psychophysical parallel' now under hitherto unprecedented assault panopticonic?

Small article by small quarters as but a little man sense of Reich (Wilhelm as much as of the Fourth) cannot pass without the concept of hypnosis as a hack of consciousness being measured as effective thru further hack of human beings, and what Yuval Harari describes as a 'danger formula' considered under metapolitical freedom exercised.


B x C x D = AHH

Which meaning acronymic: Biological knowledge multiplied by Computing power multiplied by Data equals the ability to Hack Humans.

'NEAT is not focused on lie detection, truth detection, or assessing someone’s credibility but, rather, on aggregating preconscious brain signals to determine what someone believes to be true'

DARPA NEAT Program, 2022 also here.

You gotta hand it to the satanic apostle stateless bastards of DARPA as empirically abrogate Humanity to cause of a hell on earth precipitated panopticonic; they are hard core demonic hypnotists at the affront (sic) of War on Life, but not as we know it, to paraphrase Star Trek - being instanced not so much by trek through the heavens as to a Dantean dive, such the 'circles of Hell' navigated as hitherto uncharted whilst incarnate?

Deployment the term 'satanic cunts' such the raising of hell on earth apposite?

(Metapolitics defies hegemony as includes the definition of words as controlled and issued yet deployed; it seeks to de-construct 'taboo' in context of the transcendence of 'negative ideological valence'; it seeks to contextualise prohibitions against the use of certain words under cultural hegemony by deploying those words as a counter 'shock and awe')

DARPA's Neat Program, in conjunction with their N3 Program as hyperlinked above, is a means of effecting test of the efficacy of hypnotic hack'?

The concept of 'psychotronics' as a means of effecting mass formation invasively as to mass hypnosis delivered and tested is a central component of the 21 st C. 'narrowing of the frith' as Milton sublimely as 'metapoetically' (sic) explicated?

You see it is not enough as in this 'Chestnut Tree Global Cafe' as would existence be rendered 'new normal' that we renounce God given naturality; we must evidence as be tested to point of destruction our slip into silent slumber such the satanic hypnosis prevailing?

'Under the spreading Chetsnut Tree

I sold you and you sold me'

As an ecocidal product of satanic hypnosis?

To which remains probably the greatest of all questions: 'Cui Bono'?

For it sure as hell ain't me, and in all likelihood it ain't thee as benefits from the hypnotic hack as mass formation goes in the early 21st C.?