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In 2016 The System Failed

By Jim Kirwan


This image came from Goya and typifies the way people were treated whenever they disagreed with the King, the Duke, the Landlord or the Church. In 2016, the preferred method of control over dissatisfied populations was still to dumb down the public and to sell the idea that

“Their System Works”

Ever since the introduction of the Magna Carta the peoples of the world have tried to change the tyranny of subjugation that's been continually forced upon us all in one form or another, by those attempting to control

the bulk of global-wealth through various nation-states ­ along with several long dead empires. All of this has always depended upon some form of brutal-indoctrination: And always supposedly “for the good of the people”.

I remember so many different times in this country when the government crushed the will and the real questions from the public with blue-ribbon commissions that supposedly investigated things like the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, or under Clinton, there was The Waco Bombing & the slaughter of men women & children followed by the Oklahoma City Bombings. Not to mention Haiti, Kosovo or Rawanda ­ no questions ever got answered. Under Bush Jr. there was 911, dozens of investigations, no arrests, and the false attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq ­ that later morphed back into more of Hillary's attacks and her slaughter of Libya, which has now been turned into today's 5 year long attacks on Syria; also sponsored by Hillary, Soros, Rockefeller, and all the others that all say:

The System Works”, they say: “We're in-charge, here & there's nothing to see so just get on with it!”

The truth is that “The System” does NOT work here

and it Never Has!

If anyone is speaking about enacting the will of the people, or

arresting anyone for any of the crimes

that are committed each and every hour of every day.


The people” have always been misled very four years into thinking the elections were free or fair ­ and that 'the process' was the will of the people that elected the president each and every time: That's always been just another set of LIES, brought to us by the fake two-party-political-system that has always answered only to the private corporate powers that own United States Incorporated ­ they're the ones that spoon feed us their demands into our imprisoned selves, above, and until now no one in these supposedly United States has ever directly questioned the facts.

The last selection process in 2016 actually worked, because people finally exposed both parties to the complete farce that we've all been living with since the Electoral College was created ­ to insure that no one opposed to either or both party's could ever be officially elected.

Now that this has finally happened: This nation must put an end to both these fake parties because they've consistently and religiously lied to the public from their very beginning while stealing our votes and pocketing our money. They're grifters, con-artists, thieves and mass murderer's not to even mention that many of them are sexual deviates in the extreme. They are Pedophiles, and Satan Worshipers that get off on human sacrifices and consuming human flesh as part of the black-arts they practice in their international political schemes... All of this must be attacked and clearly brought to an end, if people really care about who owns our votes or our pathetic lives?

How ironic that the one group of creatures that should be demanding these “changes” are the newly minted ”TARDS” that are collectively dumber than a billion pounds of rocks: Yet even they saw that something was 'not right 'in their totally insane safe-spaces...

Knowing the Price of Everything And The Value of Nothing

This time with a lot of help from everyone involved,

Maybe This Totally Corrupt System has finally been terminated,

but only time will tell...


RT had a lot to say about this particular part of the current situation today,

as it's clearly affecting the global situation going forward.

In the coming years many things will be changing in the wider world...


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