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By Jim Kirwan


Can We Stop the Hand of Time?

On the pommel of the saddle of Death there’s a red-head clutching the minute hand of TIME while she tries to stay the oncoming-death that’s intended to be immanent: Unless we “remember” that the Four Horsemen are just another of Israel’s-illusions that still seeks to crush our view of life and freedom on the first-day of 2014.

Yesterday there was not enough room to finish what my friend was saying, by way of outlining the full scope of what we’re all up against.

So here’s the rest of what needed to be added:

There is another evil in this world besides The Group and that is the abomination known as Israel. That is the long time banker vortex of the manifest. It is also the center for financed wars of convenience around the globe. It is furthermore the single greatest manufacturing point of false flag operations that are the initial impetus for major and minor conflicts the world over. It’s true that I have been decimating The Group but a portion of the mem­bership body is definitely from that manufactured criminal syndicate of a nation, or are pawns and conspirators with them, in their pursuit of world dominance and enslavement…’

‘…all those covert clubs that exist for the purpose of networking the powerful with one another; Bilderberger, The Club of Rome, The Committee of 300, The Trilateral Commission, Council for Foreign Relations and others. He’d been to Bohemian Grove a dozen times and he knew everyone worth knowing. Most of those he knew respected his connections and worked to maintain their own with him. As for any that might be adversarial, He knew something about them. It was either something he discovered or, with the help of the Israelis, something he set up. No one did compromising situations and blackmail like the Israelis. There were several things that the Israe­lis did better than anyone else. One of the reasons for that was that they were things no one else could bring themselves to do. No matter how nasty the business, they were into it and he had reasons now and again to employ them in a quid pro quo kind of a way…

He’d been on the 9/11 action team with them and the then Vice Presi­dent, along with a collection of dual national Americans and the coop­eration of intelligence services, in various parts of the world besides the obvious domestic agencies. He’s been aware of, but not directly in­volved in, the Israeli caper at the Madrid Train station and the London Tube bombings. More recently, he had been a liaison associate in the Boston Marathon bombing. As it happens, very little terrorist activity has taken place in the last couple decades that was not performed by the Israelis or the Israelis in tandem with someone. On the rare occasion where Arabs were actually engaged in something, it was due to manip­ulations and subterfuge performed by the parties already mentioned.’

The times we presently occupy, are among the darkest in human history. I know that would seem to be a contradiction, given that this is an age of advanced technology, with pretensions to be­ing civilized. The events of any given day in the last century put the lie to that.

More people are killed in gratuitous conflicts, engineered by bankers for their personal profit, than has ever happened be­fore. Of course, there are a great many more people on the planet now than there ever were but... that’s no excuse.

Supposedly, we’re more civilized than times noted for less civilization. There are those that will point out the Spanish Inquisition, the Napoleonic Wars, the widespread religious delusions, the rulership of despotic kings; not to mention the suffering of the general public. Is there really any appreciable distance between the Catholic Church of its time and the fundamentalist, Zionist Christians and Sharia driven Islamic fun­damentalists of the present?

Is there any difference between the wars of the past and the wars of the present, except to say that in present wars, the aggressor nations experience very little loss on their part, due to the technology and their possession of a greater wealth; for the moment? The religious delusions of the past were no more deluded that those of the present.

At the moment, the tiny little central banker nation of Israel exerts a powerful control over the nations of the west, through control of the currency supply and its value, not to mention the extortion and blackmail of the leaders of those countries. These economic mer­cenaries managed to get themselves expelled from nearly every nation on Earth at one time or another, and in some cases more than once. This is not the case with everyone from that demographic but, for reasons best known to the universe, they have more bad examples than any other peo­ple when it comes to a negative impact on life. My theory is that their general love of the material plane, coupled with a very high incidence of atheism, accounts for this. That is why Marxism and the greatest murder spree that the world has ever known both oc­curred at their hands, and the intention of the former was always the intended result of the latter. There is no appreciable distance or difference between Satanism and Zionism. Both of these plagues operate behind the scenes, while controlling the public’s perception of both history and current events. Now their plans and ambitions are…’ Still way behind schedule and a long way from being complete! - kirwan

Every year we forget what we’ve accomplished in the old-year that just died. 2013 was filled with revelations. It might be useful to review some of what we collectively did during that tumultuous year that just ended: Some of which you might be surprised-by. We made more progress against the nightmare than most remember.

The shitty-little-country has been handed their ass a number of times, along with Barry & the Outlaws more often than most might think. Even the so-called all-powerful Global-Bankers did not “have their way with the world” as they were determined to do! The Gun-Grab didn’t happen, despite all the treason that the traitors tried to employ to violate the second amendment—most still have their guns, for now.

Here’s a quick-run-thru as an example to simplify the year of 2013

I’m using my own web-site

But you can do the same thing with other sites as well

If you’re serious about the differences

Between what the global-Outlaws tried to do

And how many times they failed to make their goals.

Jan 5 ­ A Bombshell - Cerberus Guarding Sandy Hook

Sandy-Hook & the Gun-Grab that failed.

Jan 30 - Generations of Vipers

In February we lost the Port of Long Beach Naval Ship Yard

Feb 5 - Puzzle Palaces

The US Constitution Free-Zone was created 100 miles wide

All around the continental United States

Feb 9 - Diane Feinstein An American Traitor

Dorner was executed. Death Records in Sandy hook were sealed

No bodies were found.

Feb 10 - Bare Bones Universe

Biden Admits Drafting the Patriot Act in 1995

March 3 ­ The Missing Links Part Three

We lost the right to food and water and growing our own food

Mar 7 - Nothin’ Left to Lose

The US gave 20,000 troops & the 5th Army to the UN

Mar 10 - Welcome to Payback!

Cyprus Fell & Syria appeared to be next

Mar 22 ­ Images & Reality

Israel moves in for the kill - but gets Blocked

Mar 22 ­ For A Few Dollars More

Global-Suicide plan is launched ­ but it does NOT happen

Mar 25-26 Beyond Fear & Anger

Barry tries to force us into the UN to justify the Gun-Grab he fails Again

Apr 1 - Life Triumphs over Existence

DHS buys Billions of rounds of Ammunition to use against us!

Apr 2 ­ The Money-Changers

Government announces it will attack America

Apr -22 ­ Martial Law for the Government of USI

Flipping the script: Unmasking Terror Drills for the live-fire attacks they really are

Apr 28 ­ The Right to Accuse

Boston surfaces; USI admits using professional actors as “victims”

May 1 ­ The Land That Was

This is New Year’s Day but it’s also the third year of NDAA and Barry wanted to be certain that it was “in-effect” as of January 1, 2014: That should tell people that he will begin killing Americans on American soil, sooner rather than later.

The reason I chose to do what did for New Year’s Day is that I’m just like millions of other Americans who have been screwed out of our lives and our chosen professions. I was a self-employed internationally-published artist for the last 41 years. It took me thirty years to get to the point where I could finally begin to do what I thought I was here to do. But just as I reached the point where I could begin to paint for real, instead of just the oil-sketches that are what is shown on my web-site: The global-criminal-cabal jumped in and trashed every avenue that would have led to any exposure, either nationally or internationally much less to any income.

When that finished destroying the business side of me, I went back to political-drawings and that led to writing. I’m just a word-slinger. I’m not a writer and never have been: It’s just another factor of my current situation. The same things that happened to me have happened to millions of other people as well; from across the entire spectrum of professions and the types of both work and pleasure around the world today. The bits I used are just examples, there are a lot more, but go though the list and click on whatever interests you. I didn’t even attempt to do it all ­ because there’s just too much for that.

The first year I wrote all of six articles. By contrast in 2013 there are 362 articles that were added in 2013. The content is all over the place. There are some dogs, quite a few common-place articles but there are also a few dynamite pieces ­ again that too is probably not much different than most of the others who write today.

Take your own trip through my work at the link at the top of this, or from any of the links of others who kept records of what they have done. See what you might have forgotten about. There are a number of things that always slip though the cracks in that headlong rush to stay on-top of the next release or the next THREAT: And each writer tends to pick up on different aspects of the same stories.

All that I came to mention today is that we, the public, have won far more often than most might think ­ just as the Outlaws have lost far more often than most would ever believe they could have. This year is critical to all of us and we must begin to make more than “just a difference” ­ we have to begin to crush these bastards and end this nightmare forever!



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