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The Coming 15th Anniversary

By Jim Kirwan


The Anniversary of 911


With the introduction of the Attacks on 911, USI introduced the Middle-Eastern wars from the so-called color revolution, financed by Soros, that opened the door for global Jihad on Sunday the Eleventh of September, 2016.

From that moment the world has been trying to deal with the effects of those actions without ever questioning who or what was behind all those wars ­ which officially began with 911 followed by Afghanistan and then the second attack on Iraq; which has still not stopped.

No one is questioning why the United States has over a thousand military bases scattered all over the planet. But if any nation stood to gain from “war, war & lots more war” - it must be the United States. Therefore the current Immigration-Invasion was directly derived from the victims of all those wars for plunder, profit and artificial power that allowed 'us' to create the barbaric mercenaries, of all stripes, that are now bringing Jihad to every nation on the planet.

The second tier in the current nightmare has to end up being all the fake-leaders in Europe, in Canada and Australia, the U.S.,and now Central & South America. These fake-leaders, in nation after nation continue to tell the world that there is nothing we can do to resist the immigration-invasion-worldwide.

German Federal police recommends: Women should wear sneakers so they can run away better from asylum seekers

Creatures like Merkel, Holland, and that creature running Britain after succeeding Cameron, ought to all be removed tried for treason against their citizens and shot. Of course the same is true for the leadership in the USA, except that people here have no guts at all when it comes to standing up to lawless thugs that get away with murder, torture and the maiming and isolation of their own people each and every day.

Meanwhile, The West keeps poking the Russian Bear, in a so-far futile effort to start a nuclear war: Predicated on the supposed power of the West that no longer exists militarily. Our “military” is but a shadow of it's once-powerful self: But that image ended with our defeat in Vietnam, and we've been going downhill ever since. The U.S. Military has been feminized by Obama's leadership appointments of LGBTQ creatures in every branch of the Military, and even West Point has a questionable woman at the helm. Our 'forces' have been massively reduced and demoralized and our weapons systems have become pitiful in the face of the military realities in 2016.

While all of this is being played out, daily, on the global stage ­ the U.S. has not taken into account just how weak our military forces combined with our completely out-of-touch War Department actually is. The War-Hawks in D.C. keep right on screaming about the need to “Attack Russia” while they personally remain oblivious to the military realities on the ground in the world of reality now.

Since the end of the USSR, the Russians have continued with R&D to create a force on land, sea and in the air that the USA can no longer actually deal with. Yet Russia is not seeking dominance, but growth and prosperity in a world without the constant threat of nuclear war: To provide America with basic knowledge about the scale of what could happen, militarily, if the United States does not rethink its current course in global affairs. Toward that end Russia “supposedly” released some information, to remind everyone that nuclear war with Russia is definitely a no-win situation.

Russia reveals giant nuclear torpedo in state TV 'leak'


The Other Global Threat

Because U. S. Inc. and the Globalist New World Order have been allowed to create the global growth of the Barbaric Death & Rape Cult of savage Muslims' - to spread like the Rabid creatures they are - the world must now face the realities of the physical-universe that must be faced and dealt with, across the world.

The Politically-Correct and the cowards of the planet have been counseling the globe about the hopelessness of trying to fight against the spread of this now global disease; but this is not something that can be responded to by timid words and innocent requests ­ the lawless Muslims have announced to the world that they own this place and everyone in it: Moreover their message to anyone, anywhere is that the only choices that anyone has are: “To surrender to Sharia Law and the Muslim way and either die or be converted.” The Muslim cult recognizes no other law anywhere on earth except Shariah Law and Allah.

The Muslim World has declared Total War upon the planet!


Erdogan Set to Flood Europe With Millions of Migrants as EU Refugee Deal Falters


The Erdogan government has made it no secret that in the event that the two parties cannot agree to terms, Turkey will open the floodgates allowing millions of refugees residing in refugee camps to rush into the European Union through Greece... ”


READ! Germany's Muslim Rape Crisis Is Out Of Control

The above article's and many more makes it clear that since neither political negotiations or social integration into any of the nations they have invaded, is not an option, so clearly physical-extermination of these vermin is the only way forward in what's left of the world.

The world must remove this global- infection from every city, county and state they have already invaded, while leaving the structures and the culture that has been built over the last few thousand years in tact. The military's of the affected countries can do this without the need to destroy the countries that have been afflicted...and this needs to begin ASAP.

All Mosques in every country that they have invaded over the last 20 years must be destroyed and any of those captured should be returned to a Muslim state or summarily executed ­ because that's the same choice that the current Muslims' have given to the captured peoples of the countries that gave them shelter ­ before the citizens of those countries were threatened with rape or murder because they opened their country's to these barbaric Muslims. Wherever they have gone in this world the Muslim Barbarians have declared all out war upon the people who built the countries they have now invaded.

We must respond to this Global Act of WAR



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