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The 101 Year War

By Jim Kirwan

This ‘WAR’ began in 1913 with the creation of the FED -

Today this War on Americans & the World became official.

With US politicians and the American media engaged in an increasingly acrimonious debate over the strategy guiding the latest US war in the Middle East, the United States Army has unveiled a new document entitled the Army Operating Concept (AOC), which provides a “vision of future armed conflict” that has the most ominous implications.

It is the latest in a series of documents in which the Pentagon has elaborated the underlying strategy of preventive war that was unveiled in 1992—that is, the use of war as a means of destroying potential geopolitical and economic rivals before they acquire sufficient power to block American domination of the globe.

The document was formally released at this week’s Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference, an annual event bringing together senior officers and Defense Department officials for a series of speeches and panel discussions, along with a giant trade show mounted by arms manufacturers to show off their latest weapons systems and pursue lucrative Pentagon contracts…

At the outset, the AOC states its “vision” for the coming wars to be fought by the US Army. In language that recalls former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s invocation of the “unknown unknowns,” the document asserts: “The environment the Army will operate in is unknown. The enemy is unknown, the location is unknown, and the coalitions involved are unknown.”

The only logical explanation for this paranoid scenario is that the US military views every country beyond its borders as a potential enemy. Starting from the premise that the environments, the enemies, the locations and the coalitions involved in future conflicts are unknown, the US Army requires a strategy for war against all states and peoples. This strategy is derived from the unstated, underlying imperative that US imperialism exert hegemony over the entire planet, its markets and resources, and that it be prepared to militarily annihilate any rival that stands in its way.

The document states bluntly that the “character of armed conflict” will be influenced primarily by “shifts in geopolitical landscape caused by competition for power and resources.” For the Army’s top brass, such wars for imperialist domination are a certainty. The Army’s strategic aim, according to the document, is to achieve “overmatch,” which it defines as “the application of capabilities or use of tactics in a way that renders an adversary unable to respond effectively.”


This “document” was no doubt drafted by deskbound failures that read too many comic books and follow way too much in the way of Hollywood’s version of USI on steroids. This ‘document’ has nothing to do with “preventative war” as much as it has to do with permanent war on all fronts—forever!

What is not mentioned in this piece of pure treason are the facts which such a plan would automatically invoke. First the ‘Amerikan Society would no longer have any use for police, the Department of Justice or any of the civil oversight boards or commissions that currently exist. Government itself would be given to the military. What the AOC is defining in this “report” is a nation with no civil law enforcement, no need for civil protection of the public from the government, because officially this will end all government functions that currently exist.

There will be no further need for courts, all of that will be managed by the military. No need for law enforcement because all of that will be handled by military police. No more need for courts, lawyers or civil services will be required: Hence no more civilian oversight boards for anything—the state will take care of literally everything that Amerikans do. Hospitals and medical services will become a division of the US military. City, country and state officials will be replaced with Czars or military officers and the federal government will consist only of military personnel.

No more need for public schools; everything will be managed by national security officials who will be in charge of any and all training, which will be all that will be taught—to anyone. Travel will be prohibited from state to state and any movement inside local cities or between towns or cities will be regulated and monitored. Vacation resorts will be reserved for military personnel. All private businesses will be required to have military advisors in supervisory positions, to protect the businesses from terrorists.

Prisons will all be converted to work-houses alternating as slave labor camps. No religion, no politics and no social gatherings will be tolerated.

Everything in every category of life will be overridden by the military and “need-to-know”. All private property, including all vehicles except for those 85 members of the elite class, will be given to the state.

Food and material goods must all be approved of by the military and permission to travel anywhere within any existing district must have been permitted well in advance. Purchases of anything over $5 will require a permit. Books and journals as well as journalists and journalism will be banned to protect the security of the state.

Television will be mandatory and must be permanently left on in every home or business, no exceptions! Popular music, art, writing, or poetry of any type is a crime against the state and will be dealt with severely. Plays, films or gatherings of any type must have pre-approval of the local Czar, before they can be held.

And since everything else will be secret ­ then the society will cease to exist as Amerika becomes one huge military base: Travel outside the US will be totally forbidden and any person entering the country must have the approval of the military—in advance of arrival.

Violators of even the slightest rules will be subject to immediate and severe punishment or death—no exceptions.

The flip side of this is impossible!

With restrictions like this business cannot function. There will be no jobs and without jobs there can be no business. This is a fairly straight forward proposition. If civilian activity is interrupted such as commuter transportation, buses and freeways ­ the society shuts down. If everything ends up in TSA lines in one form or another, people will simply stay home. If commercial transportation is interrupted business cannot function. If airlines are interfered with beyond the current ridiculous searches, then people will not fly, especially once all the rest of the above begins to take its toll on people everywhere. Once the police state and the monitoring comes crashing down upon the population then this country as a viable nation will die.

People from outside the nation will not be anxious to come here, once we’ve become a totally locked-down state. But also no other nation will be tempted to take in whatever is leaving these shores either, because there are no guarantees that whatever is leaving here is probably not something that other nations might want to have living inside their country: Given that USI is already declaring that every other country on the planet is a potential enemy!

Where will all the money come from to pay these “military types”? Without an economy Amerika is just another fourth world nation state that can’t support itself; which will make us a major target for every predator nation on the planet.

And there is one other factor at the end of their story.

The AOC document is stark testimony to a military run amuck. Involved in these strategic conceptions are advanced preparations for fighting a Third World War, combined with the institution within the US itself of a military dictatorship in all but name.

Gen. Odierno’s complaints about troop strength will not be satisfied by any minor congressional adjustments of the Pentagon budget. The kind of warfare that the Army is contemplating cannot be waged outside of a massive military mobilization by means of universal conscription—the return of the draft.

The founders of the United States repeatedly expressed grave distrust of a standing army. The military as it presently exists and its plan for global warfare represent a hideous modern-day realization of their nightmare scenario. The implementation of this doctrine of total war is wholly incompatible with democratic rights and constitutional government within the US. It requires the ruthless suppression of any political opposition and all social struggles mounted by the American working class.”

Once the concept of what this nation has surrendered to actually sinks in, then everything will totally fall apart. There will be no need for MEDIA, because there will be no choices left to make: Everything will be predetermined by the military government—no more of those messy thoughts that used to be part of a participatory democracy, never mind a free republic: Both of those ideas have clearly been dead for many, many decades. No more elections will be needed, no more debates no more questions will be permitted to be asked—anywhere: Because when this nation goes to war, even with itself, just like Kiev did in Ukraine: Then the society goes from being what the entire nation depends upon to just being so much road-kill that needs to done away with as soon as possible.

What other nation would want to trade with us once we become the North Korea of the Western Hemisphere? Who could ever trust a nation that refuses to trust her own citizens? The world has many nations already that are slave-states, the old USA was supposed to be different, but since we began to have these delusions of grandeur everything we used to be is as dead as yesterday’s headlines in the Washington Times.

Think about it! This story was not leaked by some lunatic. This was an official announcement coming from the Army Operating Concept (AOC), which provides a “vision of future armed conflict” that has the most ominous implications. This was done proudly in broad daylight, as something that this government has been working on since 1992.

That’s 22 years that they’ve been planning this and this is what they came up with: Turning America into a totally military state that can crush any country on the earth?

The U.S. is only 7% of the global population, and our military is tiny compared with some others. By what standard do these cretins actually come to believe that we can keep the entire world in permanent lockdown, just because we’re super-paranoid? The people who devised this “plan” should be rounded up and taken to the Mall in Washington D.C. where they should all be shot for treason, on national television. What these lightweights are proposing is the end of this nation and potentially the end of the Empire they want to found; based solely on totally bogus information, dreamed up by traitors in the basements of the Pentagon and the White House while they thought no one else was listening…

U.S. Army Drafts Blueprint for World War III


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