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100 Pennies...Only $3.49!

By Professor Doom

100 pennies, for only $3.49!

I know some folks just can't be convinced that inflation is a problem, but I humbly ask the reader to look long and hard at that picture, to realize completely what's happened to our currency.

Fake, "counterfeit" money, made from cheap plastic, now sells for over 3 times as much as what people (mistakenly) consider real money. Counterfeit money is now worth more than "real" money.

In what universe would purchasing this make any sort of sense? I'm half tempted to get 350 pennies just to go to the store and buy this. I wonder if the cashier would notice the surreality of the transaction.

Someday, people are going to realize these slips of paper with arbitrary numbers on them are really just part of a massive confidence game.

Until then, feel free to point and laugh at how ridiculous things are. I know I do.


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