YouTube Caught Reducing Burien Video View Count
From Walter Burien - CAFR1


Yesterday Bill Windsor released an 8-min YouTube of Walter Burien's commentary for his documentary "Lawless America" -

I sent the link to view the segment to the CAFR1 National email list; had the same published on and a few other news sites where thousands of views would be generated.

Well, I kept an eye on the video view counter. Hit about 1,753 the last I looked yesterday. Checked this morning and it was verging on breaking 1,900 of which was low for the thousands that were clicking and viewing.

Well, just looked a few minutes ago and I used the search feature from YouTube to find the segment and the icon hits for the search showed 1,545 views which is usually running behind being lower than the actual video views. Well, when I clicked on the icon to go to the video page, now the view count said and was frozen at 1,331 - YOUTUBE REDACTED!

Here is the snap shot from the search icon page showing 1,545 views that should have the lower view count:

YouTube hit count
Here is the snip snap shot showing 1,331 from the displayed video that should have the higher view count:
YouTube hit count 2

In reality the segment probably has broken the 10,000 view mark.

Why redacted? It is a very effective psychological tactic used by the internal gang. Two things are accomplished by doing so:

1. It keeps the video from jumping to their front page and most popular where millions will see it.

2. It creates a psychological effect on the viewer if they see a low hit count that: "Oh, other people must not be interested" and they stop there. If the true viral view count was seen, each and every viewer would be motivated to shout it out in all of their circles.

The segment has gone viral over the last 24-hours, so REDACTED to impact 1 & 2 as stated above.

Before Google developed and switched to YouTube for their videos, they did the same thing when I released the "Biggest Game in Town" video on 12/25/08. In four days it was over 750,000 views and about 6,000 downloads, had bounced to their Google video front page and most popular page, and then: REDACTED to 3,200 views and zero downloads, to be stripped from the most popular and front page of Google video.

Well, I caught them on that one also. On day-four I did snap shots from my Google video account view stats pages showing the true view count. Wrote an article on 01/13/09 with the snap shots shown, establishing as fact they had redacted the view count and put a freeze on the view count meter.

The article and snap shots from day-4 can be accessed here -

Now that a little light of day is shinning on YouTube's recorded view count, let's see what happens.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien -

PS: I did a 40-min video shoot with Bill Windsor where names were named. I found out today that he clipped a different 1-minute segment of commentary from Walter Burien as a National Promo for his documentary and that segment can be seen here:

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