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Straussians And Neoconservatives -
The Intimate Relationship

By Ted Tweitmeyer

There are several different methods employed to take down a building. One is to use heavy power equipment to break it apart and another is explosives. There is also the all-time symbol of demolition that comes to mind - the wrecking ball. For those of the younger generation that do not know what a wrecking ball is, it consists of a huge round piece of specially hardened concrete or iron weighing between 1,000 to 12,000lbs. It is swung back and forth by a crane to demolish buildings.

Is there another way to demolish a building - or a country? Are not these two similar? Both require planning, time, money and many talents to construct. To build a building requires a few years or even less. It took more than four hundred years to build America. Can any of us comprehend the many billions of man-hours invested in it so far? Can we truly comprehend that America was once mostly covered coast to coast with massive trees several feet across?

If you have seen a national forest which is pitch black just yards into it, then you have an idea what America looked like 400 years ago. Millions of these gigantic trees were chopped down or sawed down more than 200 years ago without the use of power tools. Imagine the hard work required just to take down a hundred of more trees to farm several acres. Can America be demolished like a building? Everything is proportional in life. It can take as little as a few seconds to bring down a building, or many years to slowly demolish a country the size of America. But America's demolition work is already underway thanks to the wrecking ball.

When there is a prime property in the middle of a city which has a obsolete or deteriorated building, the building must be demolished to make room for a new structure. The land which we call America IS that prime piece of land, and our government, jobs and infrastructure are that building. Many people talk about a coming new world order and police state, as though it's something coming about to happen. But that is just nonsense - the demolition of America is already well underway right in front of everyone, and few even care to notice it. Until they no longer have a job.

The demolition of America has been underway for many years, taking it apart brick by brick using numerous methods:

* FAMILIES - this is where the values and beliefs we treasure most should be passed on to our children. When adults are too old to work, it will be their children who will be caring for us. At the top of our list of wrecking ball capabilities is destroying families. This has a high priority. Families are the very foundation of America upon which everything of value is built and where the acts of freedom are first exercised by children, long before entering public school.

* MORAL VALUES - the wrecking ball has been destroying our moral values for about 50 years and hasn't stopped since. Law breaking leads to increased tougher laws to fight crime. The more laws there are, the tighter government control becomes and often more crime and rebellion since there are more laws to break. It is a never-ending vicious cycle which can lead to rioting. Destroying moral values often leads to law-breaking later in life, which in turn results in fewer functional family units.

* FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS - these laid the foundations for accelerating the destruction of America when millions of manufacturing jobs quickly moved overseas. Super-size container ships use economy-of-scale to make manufacturing most consumer items overseas highly economical, even with the cost of shipping products to America. Today's venture capitalists won't even entertain a business plan unless it includes overseas manufacturing. Just ask one.

* FREEDOM - people who speak out and and attempt to make the masses aware of the demolition underway are a potential threat to the wrecking ball's progress. Like the young woman who stood in front of a bulldozer in protest in Palestine several years ago and was run over and died, such can be the fate of those who stand in the way of the invisible wrecking ball. Consider someone who has the latest and best broadcast equipment, rants for several hours on the radio every day blasting the progress of America's demolition and new world order. Yet that radio person is not on the no-fly list? This automatically asks the big question - who are they working for? But the man who wrote a book called "Bush's Brain" was put on the no-fly list. He discovered that at an airport when he could not fly to a book signing.

* LOVE - Yes, even love has been given a bad name by wrecking ball fallout and spoken of as rarely as possible. Churches today teach frequently to OBEY their rules and fear god. They preach of his fear-inducing power. Then clergy contradicts themselves and tell their membership how God is a forgiving, merciful God. They teach members how God judges everyone the same without mercy. Even though the death of Jesus on the cross when he paid the ultimate price has been considered the greatest act of love in the world. So is there mercy or not? Which is it? Even the Bible does this, too. Virtually everywhere you look you will see almost nothing about teaching people to love others. People are often taught to love God and fear his wrath. When love is taught, it will be offset by teaching more fear and to obey without question. Talk to any Christian today and ask them to explain the contradiction of ruthlessness and mercy as I have done - you will find most cannot. Some people have said to me when presented with this, "I never thought about it like that before." Globalists want us to just forget about having love in our lives; it gets in the way of their agenda. Just shut up and obey.

* PEACE - today we are told that war is peace. America is not a republic anymore but is now an empire. Did not the Romans go down this same path with their empire? That certainly didn't end well. Apparently nothing was learned from the Romans and their fate. Like the Third Reich - what happened to the other two?

* FEAR - this is one of the greatest capabilities of the wrecking ball. Fear is an important tool used to shut people up and create tyranny. For globalists it's absolutely essential the ball continues it's work without stopping. Hitler used fear to force gun registration after he burned down the Reich-stag government building, then he grabbed everyone's guns because they had the records of who had them and where they were kept. Our government destroyed the McMurrah federal building in Oklahoma. No question about it when the government admitted ATF agents were told to report for work down the street that morning a half-hour early at another building, instead at their normal ATF offices in the federal building. There were at least two unexploded bombs removed live on a local television broadcast from the building by ATF agents. Yet supposedly McVeigh never stepped foot in the building that morning or planted any bombs. During his trial all he would say it that he was "acting under orders." What did the American people or the jury do about this openly  staged event? Not a thing. McMurrah might have been nothing more than a psychological test to observe public reaction for an even bigger building event that came later in NYC.

* PROPAGANDA - Back on Sept. 11, 1991 Bush Sr. stood on capitol hill live on television and made his famous statement: "I can see it coming, a new world order." Then exactly 10 years later to the day he said that, down came three buildings in NYC and destruction of part of the pentagon. Just a coincidence of course. But propaganda always walks hand-in-hand with fear.

* CONSPIRACY THEORIES - This is one of the most powerful mind games the wrecking ball has. Condition people to think that anything out of the ordinary must be a "conspiracy theory" and train them to laugh at it. This is exactly what the majority of Americans do. Scientists and engineers have proved with conclusive factual evidence that two planes could not take down three skyscrapers within an hour of each other - and leave the sub-surface earth and building wreckage  so hot no fireman could get near it for several months without melting their boots. Yet scientists and professionals were ridiculed by wrecking ball mouthpieces or simply ignored.

Radioactive tritium is produced only by nuclear reactions. This smoking gun appeared when run-off water from fire-hoses was analyzed and found to have high levels of tritium. That too, was dismissed by mouthpieces or simply ignored. Just as a supposed birth certificate riddled with errors and layers of false data was exposed. Those who recognized the phony document for what it is are labeled "birthers" by wrecking ball media. Even highly intelligent university and college professors laugh at the truth and refuse to accept it.

* PROFESSIONAL LIARS - Another synonyms for politicians. None are held to any high standards, bar none. Not even Ron Paul. Few remember how he dropped out of another presidential election just a few years ago - and walked away with more than $5 million by his admission. I wonder how much he'll walk away with this time. His agenda is not in line with the wrecking ball's agenda and cannot be permitted.

* RACE - Many African-American children today are raised by their parents to think Caucasians owe them everything they want and even to outright express hate for Caucasians. As a result of this brainwashing, these children may not grow up to be productive members of society if they think this way. When they intentionally irritate a Caucasian person who defends themselves, this often results in the Caucasian being called a racist. Media is the first to broadcast stories about such comments made by Caucasians, but never broadcasts racist attacks on Caucasians. Clearly racism is a one-way street in America. This too, serves as yet another function of the wrecking ball - to make Caucasians become wimps and doormats and worry about every word they say.

* PRESIDENT'S BACKGROUND SECURITY CHECK - How could he have passed this? His own grandmother publicly stated she witnessed his birth in Kenya. Not long after her announcement to the press she died unexpectedly. For the current president to be in the white house with no verifiable history AND also a foreign national couldn't be more criminal. So how does a background check to obtain security clearance work? First the applicant is required to provide a copy of the actual birth certificate. Then fill out a form and provide details on EVERY PLACE YOU LIVED WITH MONTH AND YEAR WHEN YOU MOVED IN, AND WHEN YOU MOVED OUT, SINCE AGE 18. And list every job since age 18 with start and end dates along with several character references. There is also fingerprinting for checking criminal history, too. A field investigator from the DoD will physically visit your references. (I was 32 years old at the time I went through all this and passed.) To be president would require nothing less than TOP SECRET clearance.

There is NO WAY he could possibly have passed a background check by claiming to be born in America with a bogus birth certificate. There is little doubt the defense department has been sitting on this info for at least four years or more. Most likely Obama would have had to go through this for his first capitol hill job many years before. Yet no one on capitol hill cares about this liar and the globalists wanted him in office, which is why he can continue this charade. Watch and see if he isn't re-elected like almost all presidents have been over the past forty years. During the coming years 2013 to 2016 watch out. That's when anything goes and any remaining liberties we have left will be swept away. Although he recently stated he will not discuss gun control today, that position will not last.

* CONTROLLED OPPOSITION - All pressure requires a relief valve of some type, just like a boiler or hot water heater must have a relief valve. Going on vacation is also a relief valve, too. In plumbing a relief valve only opens when a dangerous pressure emergency exists to prevent an explosion. With the wrecking ball exerting economic and political pressure on the people, a "leaky" pressure relief valve is required to prevent outright revolution in the streets and storming of government offices. The wall street movement was simply another relief valve probably dreamed up by a nameless Washington cubicle clown. It was intended to be a ineffective grass roots movement and it was. When they marched down the street, eyewitnesses saw marchers talking on cell phones about completely different topics. Working in the movement was just another job for agent-provocateurs.

* RADIO SHOWS - Some radio show hosts on the web are on the payroll. Their function is to help release some of the pressure created by those who have already awoken from public schooling induced comas. No government agency can foresee every possible act of desperation from a lone person in the public sector. Controlled opposition uses call-in radio shows and websites to help expose these people. While this gives people a place to vent their frustrations, it also helps intelligence agencies identify potential troublemakers.

* INTELLIGENCE - In the former E. Germany, the Stasi intelligence agency went to great lengths to spy on every single person and create detailed files about them. The Stasi had a massive scent jar collection from nearly everyone of interest, containing scraps of cloth or other materials which dogs could use to find people. They had civilian snitches who reported any unusual activity and were rewarded for doing so. That was about 80 years ago and quite primitive compared to intelligence work used today. Now people spy on themselves and create their own dossiers using their computers. And snitching/rewards have been brought back again.

* GREEN MENTALITY - Note the word mental in mentality, just as mental is in environmentalist. "Saving the planet" is nothing new. You may remember a similar movement back in the sixties when "green" and ecology first started. The word "ecology" was everywhere back then like it is today. I knew a scientist (now retired) at DuPont back in the eighties who had a degree in ecology, but he was working in a completely different field at DuPont. When I asked him why he was working in a different line of research from his degree he told me this: "When I was in college back in the sixties everyone was into saving the planet and helping balance the ecology. By the time I graduated with my PhD no one cared about ecology anymore."

Today's green movement is quite different from the sixties and serves no less than three purposes:

1) Make billions of dollars from recycling business.

2) Sell over-priced hybrids which cost MORE to operate in the long run. $1,200 or more to replace the battery pack since over time it holds less and less charge. Same lithium battery technology cell phones have but just far bigger. Battery replacement can wipe out any gas savings.

3) Pre-occupy everyone's mind with "going green" so they will not see America coming down around their ears.

* RECYCLING LIES - Non-recyclable, phosphor and mercury filled CFL lamps have replaced 100% recyclable incandescent bulbs. Saving energy is considered more important than creating mountains of environmental unfriendly, non-recyclable waste. Any chemical engineer will tell you what I was told by one back in the late eighties - "In any new plastic product, the amount of recycled plastic that can be re-used can only be a very small percentage of the overall plastic. Most of the plastic in any product must be virgin, unused plastic. Otherwise the material will not form or mold properly. Heat used in the plastic manufacturing process permanently alters all plastics at the molecular level." Millions of tons of recycled-ready raw plastic are waiting to be re-used in huge piles. The engineer also stated "If you bury a polyester shirt in a landfill, you can dig it up 200 years from now and wash it and it will look almost like it did when it was buried." Yet no one talks about that either.

* SOCIAL NETWORKING - Like it or not, this is yet another action of the wrecking ball. Internet data of every kind are monitored by super-computers which scan and store all pertinent phone calls, texting, photos, videos, emails and other data. Even faxes are scanned. Social networking is a brilliant way to get people to bare their souls for the government. Second only to the internet, social networking is a powerful intelligence collection tool of the highest order. Like duty-bound ignorant robots, nearly everyone on the web in the western world has one or more social networking accounts.

It is the pure ignorance of data processing basics to think anyone can start a social networking site the scale of facebook with virtually no money and just a handful of computers. That's pure BS. It takes tens of millions of dollars, planning, hundreds of computers, power distribution systems, networking hubs, wiring, data routers, switches, cables and technicians to build/babysit the systems to operate the massive server farm system required to handle facebook's data flow and storage. It became known recently the government admitted they covertly funded facebook years ago. Yet no one talks about the complex massive technology required or about the cost involved.

* UNEMPLOYMENT - Keeping people focused on finding a job (or keeping their job) and worrying about food, keeping their homes, apartments and vehicles has become a full-time issues for millions of Americans. Many are so preoccupied by this fear that most are not watching what government's left hand is doing to their lives and their futures day by day.

* BANKS - Another function of the wrecking ball is to empower banks to steal homes from people as punishment just one missed payment, then be uncooperative when someone runs into hard times. Quite often hard times people experience are not always their fault, but can be a direct or indirect result of the wrecking ball.

* TELEVISION AND NEWS SHOWS - One of the most powerful capabilities of the wrecking ball is to shape and influence people's thoughts far more than most realize. Endless police shows make the gullible public believe there are cops and detectives out there who have nothing better to do than solve cold-case crimes of yesterday. An illusion is created by TV cops flying around the country solving difficult crimes, while all other crimes everywhere come a halt. Every crime they work on seems to get solved. Shows featuring endless door-kickers can take their toll on the average innocent person's feeling of security in their home. The purpose here is to present an idea or concept over and over until people finally believe it. Alien invasion shows and alien war movies portray the absolute blackest future possible if an invasion occurs.

* SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES - Embedded visuals and audio messages are in movies and television shows. When digital television with digital audio began it provided better capabilities to create more powerful subliminal effects. Supposedly subliminal effects were banned decades ago, but in reality this still goes on. If you watch a film or television show and the speaking character is shifted to the right or left of the screen, something is usually be shown to you in the background. It may be a person, a billboard, etc... to convey a message. It's like an old magician trick - your focused on one hand while the other hand is doing something else. Most people never realize this is happening.

One such movie where this was overtly used was called Changing Faces which came out more than 10 years ago, which was intended for children. In one scene, a wizard-like leading character was talking whose face and body almost filled the screen. His black featureless costume had just one item on it - a yellow pyramid shape with the all-seeing eye inside it, similar to the one seen on the back of a dollar bill. The scene was framed so this yellow pyramid on the character's costume was dead-center on the screen and impossible to miss. It was on the screen motionless for more than one minute, while the speaking character rambled on saying nothing important to another character. There are teams of psychologists and psychiatrists who help create these kinds of visuals and audio messages. These professionals know exactly how to influence the subconscious in millions of adults and children using various media.

So who is controlling the crane that swings the wrecking ball? Globalists are. While not every single topic listed above may be a globalist product, they can use technology and  methods for their own objectives. Eurozone leadership changes periodically from one foreign national to another without any voting by the public. Apparently it is thought that the public in the Eurozone are incapable of deciding or voting for anything. Eurozone leadership is nothing more than a dictatorship using rotating dictators who appoint themselves. It  is exactly where America's government is heading toward. Executive orders written by the president have frequently bypassed Congress.

It would not be accepted by Americans if globalists openly forced all their freedom-stealing laws and principles on America. it would be far too shocking for Americans to deal with. Trying to quell 280 million Americans would not be easy. Instead, America as a country must be ruined and brought to it's knees first before globalist ideals are forced upon it. By destroying and controlling nearly every aspect of our lives. This creates a path for globalists to bring in all the laws and regulations they demand. Americans who want globalism to take over the rule of America are clearly traitors. In the final analysis, any globalist system they support will turn on them as well.

It's long past time to recognize what the wrecking ball really is and the detrimental effects on people everywhere. We started living in Orwell's 1984 decades ago, and it's far worse than even he could have imagined as he wrote 1984 using the limited technology of his day.

We are light years past the man on the view screen on the wall constantly telling you what to do.

It's time to flatly say NO to it all. Once America is gone, it will never come back.

Ted Twietmeyer



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