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Winning An American
Civil War - Part 2

By Ted Tweitmeyer

I have received many responses to the recent article "The Real Truth about Winning a Civil War." Some topics raised by readers which need to be addressed.

 Government has the equivalent of the home team advantage, with numerous active bases all around America and foreign troops which are already here. One major advantage not usually found in war is establishing numerous foot-holds in the country to be invaded BEFORE a war begins. A mass of armed civilians staging an armed uprising or starting a battle during the civil war? No problem. A chopper equipped with a spray rig flies overhead and everyone will drop to the ground unconscious or dead. Microwave weapons can also be used on people. They will wake up in a POW camp. There are two to four POW camps for Americans in every state right now. In 2012 a RFQ (Request For Quotation) was issued by the government for personnel, food and supplies to operate these camps. This is as real as it gets, short of actually filling them with Americans.

 In 2002 I picked one of these POW camps for Americans from a long list of more than 200 camps, and visited it in Virginia. It does exist. [1] Perhaps later the spray used on civilians will be switched to a deadly neuro-toxin once the camps get full. Nerve agents exist which kill almost instantly when one single droplet hits the skin. Uncle has all the options and civilians have very few. Invited media coverage of these events like be like white on rice to deter others from rebelling. All sorts of lies about the "insurgents" will be used to justify what was done to them.

 Media coverage will probably be something like the format of professional wrestling. Wrestling matches always use the same plot - get the spectators to really hate the guy beating up and slamming the opponent, who is always perceived as the underdog. Later in the match when the underdog beats the crap out of the other man everyone cheers. Expect a plot like this to be used by the media on the public, where patriotic Americans soon become the enemy in the minds of most Americans.

 Those that work in War Central (the pentagon) will continue to see their job during the war the same as they see their job now: Just a paycheck. During war no one wants to be unemployed and put on the no-food list, and government employees are no exception. To go against the civil war will mean unemployment, or perhaps even the firing squad for treason. Employees will continue to obey. Consider the number of generals in recent years who have either suddenly resigned or have retired early just for speaking out. Retired generals are used as examples to show what happens to federal employees who rebel against government policies and actions, no matter how high their rank may be.

 In a civil war, government has multiple military advantages which are light years ahead of civilians. Yet few people will accept this fact. People want to keep thinking this civil war will be just another jungle war escapade like southeast Asia or the Mideast. Or that by denying it in their minds lets people think it won't happen. Not at all- even Hitler knew and stated outright that when government controls the food it controls the parents and the children.

 In a jungle environment, a resourceful person can live off the land all year round like the natives do. Some wishful thinking Americans have pre-loaded "boogy-packs" to grab and go out into the wild to live on. Realistically, most of America today is hit with snow, cold and dead crops about half of the year. Even in the south it now snows where it rarely did in past years. People living off the land in remote areas must have food storage to make it through winter. You need a gun, bow and arrow or crossbow to kill wild game. But just before the war starts all weapons and ammunition will be confiscated.

 Snow storms can come in with little warning and last for days, making hunting nearly impossible. Non-Eskimo races cannot live with a wildlife diet for long; protein poisoning will hit them in just a few days. With military infrared technology, lighting a campfire to cook your food (to prevent parasitic infections) is like sending up a flare saying "Come get me."

 People think going out and getting food today is just a trip to the store. But if you are on "the list" you won't be allowed to buy or sell anything. For those that are allowed to do so, what remains on store  shelves will be just the bare essentials. Life for those on the list will be far worse than being shunned with the Amish, but even shunned people are still allowed to eat and sleep. With no money, no food and no income you'll be out on the street. Living on the street will not be permitted under code red; getting caught outside by a patrol will mean a one-way trip to a camp or perhaps getting shot, depending on the military situation and standing orders. Troops will be pre-conditioned to ignore your sob story; you will be arrested no matter what. Remember this is war, not a simple police assistance action to prevent looting after a hurricane.

 Through RV I have seen people at camp gates begging to get in. Once you enter the camp, you'll immediately receive several forced vaccinations as you walk (stagger in pain) between to rows of technicians using pneumatic injectors. This is already done in the military with new recruits. Then it will be off to a disinfecting shower.

 Ever been REALLY hungry? I've been through it and it gets downright painful. The longer it goes on the worse it gets. You'll do anything to stop it. After just two days of no food and water, your body starts consuming nerves and muscle and serious pain all over your body begins. You walk like you're 100 years old. Pain killers won't work to stop this kind of pain even if you can get them. Expect this kind of pain until you die once you're permanently on the government's turd list, unless some kind person takes you in and shares their food with you.

 A second American civil war will be like no other war in world history when technology is used against the people, and no other country will help us. Why? Because they are part of "the plan" - the plan to destroy America in order to rebuild it for the NWO. It is evil personified. Only an outside alien force can stop this war once it begins. The war will end quickly in the government's favor; a perpetual police state will quickly replace the war. Only by reigning in government now can this war can be prevented.

 Expensive, giant LED digital signs are already erected all across America. They will be used to display information regarding checkpoints and traffic delays ahead, and probably prompt people to have their ID ready to keep traffic moving.

 Has anyone considered why in 2012 the deputy director of the CIA bragged in an interview there will be home appliances with microphones and cameras in them? He did it because this is the plan for future America - a nightmare plan with no privacy at all. The 1993 film Enemy of the State only lightly touched upon intelligence collection based on early 90's technology. In one scene in Enemy of the State, actor Jon Voight playing an intelligence agency manager states, "Perhaps the only privacy left is in your head, and maybe that's enough."

 We have all traveled in time into the future where technology is far more advanced. In 1993, could you have imagined that one day you could watch movies on your cell phone? Today, it is easy for government to see everything any given person does, what they say, where they go, web surfing habits, emailing, texting, phone calls, who their friends are, what they eat and what they buy. Cell phone cameras and microphones are routinely turned on without a user's knowledge to collect data from the environment. With all this data available it becomes a simple matter to profile anyone and know exactly what they are thinking and what they will do. All of this collected data will be used against anyone during a civil war. Government computer data storage never forgets a single thing; it's all backed up.

 Is Canada exempt from spying on their people? Not at all - some of their educational people have exposed it. "The Stasi would have loved the kind of technology and the amount of information we have in these days. It's certainly a concern," says David Murakami Wood, Canada Research Chair in Surveillance Studies at Queens University. [2].

 A civil war in America requires one key element for the government to win - overcoming the stigma of an American soldier killing another American. Once that mental hurdle is overcome and anyone kills someone, it's far easier to do it again. Christianity states killing is an unforgivable sin. Viewed from a religious angle, once a person kills someone it won't matter how many more people they kill. Hundreds of thousands of men and women soldiers serving overseas have been forced to overcome that mental obstacle and have killed human beings. In war it is "kill or be killed." To help American military fire on Americans, they will be carefully brainwashed into believing the average citizen who rebels against military rule is no better than a foreign "insurgent" (i.e., patriot.) That will make it much easier for American soldiers to pull the trigger on Mr. and Mrs American when ordered to do so.

 Many of today's soldiers started out life as god-fearing, law abiding men and women. Before they entered the military cockroaches, flies and ants were probably the highest forms of life they killed. Now they think nothing of killing whomever they are ordered to. To them killing is a legal and justified act, just as it has been throughout recorded history for all soldiers. Only killing outside the military or killing without orders is considered murder in western culture. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers entered the military over the past 20 years when they could not find an ordinary job. For soldiers killing is just a paycheck - the ideal job without worries of lay-offs or downsizing. This is what civilian patriots are up against in a civil war.


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