Why I Refuse to Vote for Newt Gingrich 
By Karl Schwarz


When my office was in Washington, DC for 7 years, I had the honor and privilege of having as a mentor and friend William J. McManus.  He was the Treasurer of the RNC and one of the finest true Conservatives I have ever met.  He was truly an authentic, sincere and honest man and worked into his late 90’s.

He was affectionately known as Mr. Mac.  My wife and I were on a very short list invited to his 95th birthday party.  I had a special plaque made for him that he treasured and put on prominent display.  Losing him in 1999 at the age of 99 was the equivalent of having my grandfather pass away twice.

I asked him once why he continued to work and push so hard at his advanced years of age.  Why did he not play more golf, hunt, fish, travel, etc.  He gave me a whimsical smile and stated:  “Because I would rather wear out than rust out.  Besides, this nation has far too many problem creators and not enough problem solvers on the front line.”

I know all about that ‘front line’ and what it takes to be there and endure it to save the course of a nation.

Mr. Mac and I joined forces to fight Bill Clinton and his agenda, and a parallel effort to fight Newt “The Puke” Gingrich and his deceitfully named, mislabeled ‘Contract with America’.

Newt Gingrich was unfaithful to two wives, and abandoned one of them in a time of serious illness.  What a guy!  Insensitive asshole is more accurate.  A complete scumbag that had the audacity to criticize Clinton’s lack of morals when Newt has the same character flaw and was cheating on his wife at the same time this hypocrite was making such a scene about Clinton’s dalliances and lack of character.

Down where I come from they call that the pot calling the kettle black.  Newt Gingrich is 100% hypocrite and we have had enough of them in DC to last a lifetime or 10 lifetimes.

Here we have a ‘leader’ that uses the children of the First Wife to try to convince the Third Wife that the Second Wife is lying.,  He has NO morals, no family values and is a total and complete fraud and phony.

America is falling apart at the seams, and trust me on this one, Newt Gingrich is not the man with the plan or the answers.

Newt Gingrich is not a conservative, he is a mouth piece for an agenda and why Mr. Mac detested him and his band of bullies such as Dick Armey and Tom DeLay, both from Texas and both just as ugly in personality as George W. Bush and Old Newt himself.

There is one word that fits the Gingrich personality and that word is ‘foul’.  He is all plastic and not a sincere person.  He is a manipulative person rather than straightforward and honest.

I had some major clashes with him over how to deploy a national game plan that would take the House and Senate away from Clinton in 1994.  It succeeded, I succeeded but not without personal cost to me because out came the ugly, piss-ant, smaller than ant shit, conniving side of Newt.

Newt had made all sorts of backroom deals with certain members of the US House because they were allies and sycophants of Newt.  Many of them were targeted by the RNC for removal and replacement with better candidates.  Many of them were liberal and moderate Republicans that were secretly behind Clinton’s agenda and were not true conservatives either.  Newt did not like that, but I looked at the matter pragmatically, not as a political whore trading favors and big bucks in secret backroom meetings.

I was doing business with multiple House members and committees until Newt ordered all of them to not let me into the building again.  He knew I was against his “Contract with America” because I saw the inside functioning and knew it was merely empowerment of just certain people, corporations, PAC’s and a very insider list of special interest groups. 

It [the bogus Contract with America] was not for Americans, it was for the elite.  The sort of folks Newt caters to; kisses their ass to get money and will roll over any time they tell the little fat boy from Georgia to do tricks for them.  He is not presidential timber.   He will say whatever the audience wants to hear to get them to dig into their wallets for his brand of bullshit.   He is a man of expediency for his own gain, not leadership or remotely even a plan to fix what is wrong with America.

For all of his high-brow talking down to people, and he excels in talking DOWN to people, he is truly clueless as to what is wrong with America or what it will take to fix it.
People like Newt Gingrich are what is wrong with America, same old rhetoric, same old lies, same old agenda that will drive America deeper into the hole and collapse as a nation.

RNC had solicited my help against Clinton because I had been asked twice to run against him in Arkansas in 1982 and 1984, but declined.  Even though I did not run, I did learn exactly how to encircle Clinton with the truth, hammer him and beat him as governor.  The same principles worked at the national level.

On Election Night 1994 my wife and I were at the table of Mr. Mac in Washington DC to watch it all play out that night.  Also at the table were two retired admirals and their wives, a billionaire woman in her late 70’s, and Mr. Mac’s long-time assistant.

There were specific instructions given that Newt and his people were not to be let into the room if they showed up.  There were only 156 buttons handed out for access to the RNC Finance room at the hotel and it was intentional that Old Newty did not get one of those buttons.  Newt is the type that likes to show up at a parade and then pretend he is leading it, planned it and was his idea all along.  That is not the mark of a leader.  That is the mark of a charlatan pretending to be a leader.
After he fought us on implementing the strategic plan, Newt was not welcome to rub elbows with RNC Finance as if he was just kidding at some of the underhanded things he did trying to block us.

Newt Gingrich is a manipulative scumbag, not worth of the vote of any American.

I was close enough to the inner circle to clearly see that Newt Gingrich is just as much a phony as Bill Clinton.  It was not the compromises he made that troubled as much as seeing up close and personal that Newt Gingrich truly has no principles to compromise.  That is why he flip-flops so casually on issues, which is the mark of a liar and deceiver, not a conservative with rock-solid convictions.

He is a man of weasel words and plans and ideas that are not workable in the real world. His ‘high-brow’ horseshit is exactly that, not a solution to anything.
The only conviction Newt has is like Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Newt is 100% for himself and would not care an iota about you or any problem you have if he is elected as president.  If you are not on his Special List, he would not be your president, just President of the Elites.

In a very real way, Newt is an elitist snob, and if anyone in this current race is a racist that moniker can apply to Newt Gingrich.  He is a white-cracker supremacist, Pro-Zionist Israel and pro-war even if based on yet more lies from DC.  SOS dressed up in the SOS and no change to the DC status quo.

That is the ideal candidate whether the RNC or DNC.  NO change means they stay in power.

The reason the establishment players are so enamored with Newt is they know his price tag and they already own him.  Nothing would change in DC, more wars for Israel and more hardship to bear on American shoulders due to electing yet another demagogue, not a leader.

It has been said that if one is not a part of the solution, they are a part of the problem.  Well, hate to burst your bubble but Newt Gingrich is part of the problem and needs to be pushed aside and not granted more fake leadership, pretense leadership in DC.  He is a big talker, not even close to being a leader.

This is the same Newt Gingrich that was censured by the US House for not obeying the law and House rules.  As president that would be insufferable.
If you disliked Bush, get this picture firmly in your mind.  Newt Gingrich would be 5 to 10 times worse than George W. Bush.

If that does not give you cause to pause and not vote for Gingrich, it may be possible you are not smart enough to be trusted to cast a vote.

America has to change directions or America will collapse.  Newt is the SOS, no change, think on that.



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