Why I Refuse To Vote For Mitt Romney
By Karl W B Schwarz

The MSM is trying to 'select' the GOP 'front runner' candidate and eventual RNC nominee by ignoring Ron Paul. That is blatantly obvious and to understand why they are doing it a person has to better understand the myopic political rhetoric that Romney stands for and why voters need to tune him out and not vote for him.

With the New Hampshire primary behind us, Romney won there but Ron Paul was a solid second and third was a very distant third. Readers would have to see the NH people being interviewed on BBC and CNBC Europe as to 'WHY' they are so excited about Romney. Well, he is from their neighbor state and he has a multi-million dollar weekend retreat there and they think it is 'so cool' if NH will be the NE White House if he is elected. Just imagine, Camp David, New Hampshire.

Such a shallow reason to back a person for President, but such is America.

My reasons for not backing or voting for Romney are a little more fact based rather than where it would be cool to have a weekend retreat for a president.

First, Mitt Romney is a Mormon and being an Ecumenical Christian myself it is a religious sect that I know quite well. I know them so well that Mormon 'missionaries' are not allowed to knock on my door anymore because I sent two of them back to 'Mormon seminary' when I proved to them they did not know anything about Christianity and their seminary degree was a cruel joke.

Neither of them could name even one of the 12 Disciples of Jesus Christ, which one committed suicide, which one died a natural death or how the others died. They did not even know any of the Beatitudes or who wrote most of the New Testament. That Christian killing Jew named Saul of Tarsus wrote 14 of the 27 New Testament books under the pen name of the Apostle Paul. One of the two young men even left the Mormon Church due to me bursting his bubble in such a devastating fashion.

Mormons are taught that lying to the likes of me or you, or Catholics or anyone else but a Mormon, is OK because they are the 'only true Christians' according to their self-serving brand of theology. When you see Romney flip-flop to get your vote, tell you (lie) what he wants you to hear or thinks you want to hear, understand that he is literally taught as a religious arrogance that lying to you is not a sin because you are not a Mormon.

I have never fully appreciated what a room full of Mormons is other than a Liar's Anonymous meet-and-greet. I have done business with some of them and they were about the biggest liars I have ever met in a business situation.

If you are not a Mormon, believe what Romney is saying, excuse me, you are an idiot. He lies so casually it makes Bush, Barky and Slick Willie look like Truth Tellers.

Their Book of Mormon is one of the great fictions and fraud stories in the history of mankind. There are entire chapters; page after page after page that is not theology or the historical (fictitious) account of the Lost Tribe of Israel moving to America. It is literally a work of plagiarism and copied prior works of Ethan Smith and Solomon Spaulding. Those two men were retired Protestant ministers that wrote fanciful novels with a Biblical background and setting, and just happened to have lived in the same area of New York that the founder of the Mormon Church (Joseph Smith) lived. Just Google the two names of Solomon Spaulding and Ethan Smith and you can read it for yourself.

Who funded the Mormon Church in start-up mode was the Zionist group B'nai B'rith. Do the math.  Who else would want a fanciful fiction about the Lost Tribe of Israel coming to America to claim it as theirs? Think on that one and you might better understand why the 2% of Jews in America think all of it belongs to them. Many Mormons even refer to Utah as the Land of Zion. Think on that one, too.

Not one of the 'magnificent cities' cited in the Book of Mormon has ever been found by archaeologists. The simple reason is they were never built; it is a fairy tale based on plagiarism, not a religious text.

I had to crack up laughing when I read the Book of Mormon and about 3,000 years ago (according to their plagiarized book) these purported "Lost Tribers" made their way to North America in steel ships that had glass windows. Yeah, right! Steel did not even exist until the last 1800's.

The purported founder of Mormonism was convicted of fraud and witch-craft (divining), but the Mormons conveniently skip over the true history of their founder Joseph Smith. Of course, they hope that other Christians never hear about or read the saga of Mountain Meadows Massacre when the Mormons slaughtered a wagon train of Christians bound for Oregon. They were considered heathens and defiling the Land of Zion. Yes, they actually did that.

Mormons teach that God made Adam a god because he was 'so good' and that Adam is the true father of Jesus. Yes, they actually teach that brand of trash theology in the Mormon Church.

Mormons believe if they do not drink alcohol, caffeine, or smoke or use drugs, God will make them a god too, for being 'so good'. Yes, they actually teach that, too.

For all of this talk about 'pro-family', Mormons lead in divorce per capita of all religions in the US and Canada. Their advertising is as false as their Book of Mormon, theology and their agenda as the wannabee Lost Tribe of Israel.

First you have to come to grips with the fact that Mormonism is not a religion. It is a corporation that serves only its members and in a self-serving way at that. In a way it is a lot like Zionism because it is all about power, arrogance, money and it [Zionism] is also not a religion.

Then I have a problem with the lock-step RNC warmongering. Romney is wrong, Ron Paul and our military are right. BushCo and BarkyCo are not defending America; they are part of a mafia insiders club that is plundering America while pretending to be protecting America.

Even though there is absolutely no evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapon program, out again come the chickenhawk Neocons, including Romney, advocating that the US needs another war based on lies. That is their 'job creation' plan and it is dead from the neck up.

Just this morning as I was completing this at about 3am EDT, another Iranian scientist has been killed by a car bomb. That is 100% guaranteed to be CIA or Mossad.

Then there is the fraud that Romney is all about jobs. His tenure at Bain Capital is all that needs to be said and looked into. Romney is a jobs killer, not a job creator. His stated tax policies are just SOS (same old s**t) from RNC candidates.

The US is nearing the point where US citizens would have to pay 65% tax rates to even be able to afford the interest payments on the debt out there already.  If interest rates go back up to about 7% to 8%, the USA is beyond screwed due to what BushCo and Barky have done. We can all point the finger of blame at those Congress Critters and the last 4 presidents as to why America is buried in debt and has a broken, dysfunctional economy.

Bain Capital and Romney gutted GST Steel Company, Kansas City, Ampad and other companies. They entered into the Bankruptcy Mafia games of taking over assets cheap after robbing the equity shareholders of their investments. The Romney role at Bain was to get the huge coffers of the Church of Latter Day Saints involved in 'alternative investments', which is a euphemism for GREED and plundering American companies to make huge amounts of money as private equity whores.

What is an alternative investment? Well, many times it means that someone or some company is involved in illegal naked shorting of US companies offshore and turning a healthy company into a cheap bankruptcy takeover target. They turned a valuable stock and company into an 'alternative investment' and put the screws to many people to make it such.

He is a complete and total fraud, just another RNC favorite because he would change nothing.

Have you not been lied to enough, America?

The RNC is literally brain-dead. They just cannot get it that Barky has proven that the anti-war party can be just as warmongering as the RNC War Party and can 'defend' America just as easy as the RNC can. Just lie and keep the wars in play, and as they wind down and we lose just create another one like Libya, Syria, Iran, etc.

The DNC is literally brain-dead.

Have you not been lied to enough yet, America?

Ron Paul knows what is wrong, how to fix it and apparently our US military veterans and active duty know he is right, too. We have no moral imperative in the actions Bush and Barky have taken, and that is why we are losing and America is crumbling into shambles by continuing the lies and the wars.

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