Why I Refuse To Vote For Jeb Bush  
By Karl Schwarz


People, people, people!!!  You must wake up and stop letting Washington DC and the Power Brokers play you as complete fools.  That is....  unless you are an idiot fool and love being treated that way.

Seriously folks, P.T. Barnum said it well that “there is a sucker born every minute” and you folks in America are truly being played as suckers.  Wake up or suffer the consequences.
There is no suspense, drama, or even CHOICE for you to make unless you wake up, get your ass into gear and fight back to get a real leader for America.  NH, SC and FL have voted for more war, more killing, more sinking of the USA like the Titanic.  I cannot say it more succinctly than that.
It is not Romney, Gingrich or Santorum as the leaders America needs, and the DNC has nothing to offer but more of the SOS.  Both of the main political parties are ideologically brain dead.

I remember all too well that trial balloons were being sent up even before this lame-assed Barky conned and lied his way into the Oval Office as the “Change We can Believe in”.  This current idiot could not change a diaper without screwing it up.

The mindless, idle talking-head chit chat was being circulated about how ‘historically significant’ and how ‘precedent setting’ it would be to have three men from the same family be President of the United States.

If their names were Adams… that might be relevant.  If their last names were Washington, Lincoln or Jefferson, it might mean something.   If their names are Bush, you would have to truly be insane to vote for that.

Well, I did not believe it then and especially do not believe it now that ‘change’ was available from Barky after watching three years of screw ups, lies, and absolute malfeasance of office over at the White House during the Obama Administration.  Change We Can Believe in?  That was and is a total lie; total hypocrisy.  The Nobel Peace Prize will never be honorable again after awarding it to this warmongering, murderous mulatto phony thug in the Oval Office.

As for ‘precedent setting’ to have a third Bush in the Oval Office, I say to that TOTAL BUSHSHIT three times.

Old saying…. dog bites me first time, his fault.  Second time…. It is my fault.  Third time, need to have head examined, cannot properly ID a dog.

Anyone that thinks Jeb Bush should be the next president probably does not have enough functioning brain cells to be qualified to cast an intelligent, thinking vote.  Just a mindless drone that walks in, chooses ‘Bush’ on the voting machine so we can all get the red, white and blue stick shoved up our ass again.
Like, yeah, right, really smart, NOT.

George W Bush was about the biggest idiot and war criminal to ever sit in the Oval Office.  More on that later, and remember, I am the author of “One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas”.  Anyone that votes for any person in the Bush family is a certified idiot.

As for leadership qualities, the entire family sucks.  As for leadership competence, they get straight ‘F’s’ in all categories.  GHWB proved it in spades; GWB proved it again to even lower levels and even to the dismay of Daddy Bush.  This family has NO LEADERS in it.

Just when I thought GHWB and Clinton defined where the bottom of the barrel is, damn, along comes GW and Barky and made the bottom of the barrel even deeper.  And, in the process have killed a nation that is no longer held up in high esteem around this world thanks to the last 4 US presidents that lied to create wars to attempt to fulfill the agenda of an elite few.

They lost and America is in shambles.

This is not a matter of ‘the one who dies with the most toys wins’.  This is a matter of reality that there is no greatness whatsoever in warmongering, lying and killing, and then pretending it was ‘presidential’.

As for presidential timber, the Bush ilk are name-brokering whores that are totally incompetent at anything they do….. except to lie to play out the agendas of the power brokers that put their idiot lame-asses in office.

The Bush Family is one the most corrupt families in the America and the world.  Putting another one into power would not be a ‘historically significant’ act.   It would be an act of National Lunacy, State Insanity, and Voting Precinct Stupidity rolled into one.  It would be absolute proof that Americans are incapable of learning from bad experiences and not making the same mistake again.

There is a psychological diagnosis for that; the patient has a failure to learn from experience.  Like a complete moron just keeps touching the hot stove to see if it is still hot.

Just to remind you folks that seem to be either history impaired, thinking challenged or memory deficient, George H W Bush lied the US into a war the White House framed as “Desert Shield’, later ‘Desert Storm’.  The US military was conducting black ops months before to stir up the Middle East hornet’s nest.  I know some of the Special Forces soldiers sent to pretend to be Kuwait Navy and firing at Iraq and Iran to provoke hostilities, months before Iraq invaded Kuwait to collect billions of dollars the Iraqis were due.

Saddam Hussein did not start it; George H W Bush did with hostile actions and lies.  Sort of like Junior and all of his lies about 9-11 and Iraq.

“Saddam tried to kill my Daddy?” claimed GWB.  Damn, sorry he missed; would have done the world a huge favor and improved the gene pool.

The US Ambassador to Iraq, Canadian-born April Glaspie, is to this very day under a National Security Gag Order to prevent her from telling what really happened leading up to the first Gulf War.  Do not believe me?  Look up her name; that damned simple.  Get an education in reality.

It was all about taking out Saddam Hussein, our former ‘good buddy’ that was willing to wage war against Iran after they kicked out the brutal US puppet tyrant Shah Pahlavi in 1979.   The Bush Big Oil buddies wanted all of that oil and natural gas in Iraq and were even stealing oil from Iraq to precipitate that war.  Look that up, too.  Come out from under the shadow of your ass and look at things as they really are.  US companies operating from Kuwait did what is called directional drilling and were stealing billions of dollars of Iraqi oil to create the excuse and confrontation.

I was contacted by someone that was on that conference call when the GHWB Administration refused to help Saddam collect about $7 billion that was stolen by US firms from Iraqi oil fields.  Told Saddam they had no interest in helping him collect what was due, so he invaded to collect.  Voila!  Another US fabricated war out of lies and thin air, just like happened after 9-11-2001.

IMAGINE THAT…. Thieves and liars calling Saddam a bad person.

GHWB lied, many died and the moron wrecked the US economy like his idiot son did post-9-11.

I was there folks, in Washington, DC, trying to help RNC try to find a way to get the moron GHWB re-elected during the 1991-1992 presidential campaign.  Well, I finally had to come to the conclusion that the man was too stupid to be president, surrounded himself with dilettante idiots, and Clinton took him out with “It’s the Economy, Stupid!”  Then we got to endure 8 years of sleaze of another form from the Clintons.

There were big “Hanky Sessions” down in Houston as that city welcomed back a failure president that no Republican thought Clinton could beat.  Try to get this picture firmly in your head:  a liberal socialist pussy-chasing Democrat that fashioned himself as a moderate beat a fake Conservative that was not even close to being that.
Then along comes George W Bush in 2000 and running against none other than Clinton’s Dumb and Dumber, Twiddle-Dee, Twiddle Dumb partner ALGORE.  Well, ALGORE could not be convincing enough and those 20 to 50 Bingo card people down Florida-way could not handle even one voting card with chads.  Well, America got screwed big time due to a hanging chad, but it would not have made any difference.

ALGORE mighta, woulda, shoulda been in the Oval Office but he would not have been allowed to do a damned thing just like the Republicans did to Clinton.  All of those oil, natural gas and pipeline wars were just for the Republican elite.  (Former Reagan Chief of Staff John Sununu and former GHWB Secretary of Treasury Nicholas Brady were busily assembling a Billionaire Boys Club and who got to profit from the Caspian Basin / Afghanistan caper.  Get it?)

The knee-jerk Americans should be paying attention to is the real message from RNC and DNC:  ‘Shop ‘til you drop and break the bank, Stupid!’

Then we get the Village Idiot from Crawford Texas and then 9-11-2001, and then a bogus Global War on Terror and then the train wreck of the entire US economy.
Hmm, Daddy Bush crashed US economy, Clinton’s Administration was too much sleaze to call that an economy when those dot.com and telecom bubbles burst, and then the idiot son crashed it big time like he has every business or political matter he has touched.  That is why my article “Phew! Bush Dirty Diapers” turned out to be such a hit.

Lest we forget, the company Marvin Bush was running was supposedly the security company for the World Trade Center.  I wonder if he ever got mad that his brother and Evil DICK Cheney put his WTC security company out of business?  Nah, was part of the tab Americans have been saddled with since 9-11.

Lest we forget, other brother Neal was part of the Silverado Savings and Loan fraud and should have been sent to prison along with Keating.  Only having GHWB as Vice President (Reagan Administration) and as President kept that lying, thieving little Bush-shit out of prison.

If I were president, the CIA headquarters would not be named the George H W Bush Center for Intelligence.  That is about the biggest oxymoron in American history to link GHWB and intelligence in the same sentence; truly an insult to America.  The USS George H W Bush aircraft carrier would be re-named for someone that could tell the truth and not be an insult to the US Navy and Americans.

The Bush Family has no character, no honor, no integrity, and no principle they will not compromise other than money and sending people to die based on their lies and agendas.

This is the same family that likes to campaign on ‘family values’ yet has put many families in the poor house with their uncaring policies that wreck economies yet do line just the right insider pockets.

This is the same family that likes to talk about ‘family values’, defending America and ‘a thousand points of light’ yet is nothing but darkness that has wrongfully killed off more families than any other presidents.  These people are warmongering lying assholes that do not deserve the stage or the office of President of the United States.

There is no Global War on Terror, except the one created by the morons over in the Bush Family that were and are still after oil, natural gas and pipelines.  The Global War on Terror is just the front they hide Mafia-like conduct behind.

This is the same lying family that said “in the 21st Century nations do not attack other nations” (George W. Bush, August 2008, South Ossetia Georgia), yet has lied to create wars and wrongfully attack Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Russians in South Ossetia, Libya, Syria, and yes ,IRAN all in this century.  They are marionettes, mere puppets for the War Agenda, not leaders.

They lie at the drop of a hat to fabricate wars to serve and profit those who promote and finance their campaigns.  They make Clinton look like a Truth Teller every time a Bush opens his mouth.

Please, America.  Get your head out of your ass before the oxygen deprivation turns into permanent brain damage.

A vote for anyone named BUSH is suicide for America.  GHWB and GWB have already proven that to be absolutely true.

Profit from the experience of hardship ­ Two Bushes was two too many.   A third Bush in the White House would be a National Tragedy.

The only candidate for the change needed to save America is Ron Paul, regardless of what the MSM does.  Facts are facts, truth is truth, and the Bush Family dares not utter the truth lest war crime charges rain down like a bad hail storm.



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