Three Very Disappointing Women
Who Is Being Protected?
By Jim Kirwan
In demonstrations across this country one of the cries heard most frequently is always: "Who are you protecting!" In California this comes down to three very disappointing women; each with their own baggage, but all of them are involved up to the eyes with protecting the status quo of corporate and government criminals over the real and increasingly desperate interests of real people, of the students and the society in California and the nation.
This triangle of state failures began with the illegal and callous pepper-spraying of unarmed seated protestors at UC Davis, and since this happened interest in how this came to be has only intensified. The first casualty is and was Chancellor Katehi for the UC Davis campus.
"The University of California at Davis' chancellor, Linda Katehi, is now claiming that in using pepper spray on peaceful protesters the police were defying her orders.
Katehi's statement was issued as public indignation over the brutal incident continues and the Davis Faculty Association called for her resignation on the 19th.
The UC Police's attempt to remove the encampment backfired with alacrity, with groups erecting tents once again on Monday after a rally which drew thousands of students, faculty and supporters outside the UC Davis community.
There were more than 75 tents set up by Tuesday and Katehi said that she would seek negotiations with the groups in order to attempt to get them to leave without taking more violent police action.
She claims that she has ordered police to standby if an emergency arises while staying out of sight, saying, "They are on call, but they are not visible."" (1)
However, Chancellor Katehi is not who or what she represented herself to be when she got this job.
"A friend of mine sent me this link claiming that UC Davis chancellor "Chemical" Linda Katehi, whose crackdown on peaceful university students shocked America, played a role in allowing Greece security forces to raid university campuses for the first time since the junta was overthrown in 1974. (H/T: Crooked Timber) I've checked this out with our friend in Athens, reporter Kostas Kallergis (who runs the local blog "When The Crisis Hits The Fan"), and he confirmed it­Linda Katehi really is the worst of all possible chancellors imaginable, the worst for us, and the worst for her native Greece.
First, some background: Last week, The eXiled published two pieces on Greece's doomed struggle against global financial institutions-an article on how the EU and Western bankers essentially overthrew the nearly-uppity government of prime minister George Papandreou, and replaced it with a banker-friendly "technocratic" government that includes real-life, no-bullshit neo-Nazis and fascists from the LAOS party, fascists with a banker-friendly fetish for imposing austerity measures. One of those fascists, Makis "Hammer" Voridis, spent his early 20s "hammering" non-fascist students for sport. Voridis was booted out of Athens University law school after ax-bashing fellow law students who didn't share his fascist ideology. Today, Mikaes Voridis is the Minister for Infrastructure in the "technocratic" government. Imagine Lt. John Pike in leather and an 80s hairdo, carrying a homemade ax rather than a pepper spray weapon, and you have Makis "Hammer" Voridis.
We also published a powerful and necessary history primer by Greek journalist Kostas Kallergis on the almost-holy significance of the date November 17 in contemporary Greek history. On that day in 1973, pro-democracy students at the Athens Polytechnic university were crushed by tanks and soldiers sent in by the ruling junta dictatorship, which collapsed less than a year later, returning democracy to Greece. With CIA backing, the generals in the junta overthrew Greece's democracy in 1967, jailed and tortured suspected leftists (meaning students and union leaders), and even went the extra-weird-fascist mile by banning the Beatles, mini-skirts, long hair, along with Mark Twain and Sophocles. The student rebellion at the Polytechnic, and its martyrdom, became the symbol for Greeks of their fight against fascism and tyranny, something like the briefcase man at Tiananmen Square, or the slaughtered rebels of the Boston Tea Party. That is why, as soon as the junta was overthrown and democracy restored in 1974, Greece immediately banned the presence of army, police or state security forces on university campuses. This so-called "university asylum" law turned Greece's university campuses into cop-free zones of "political asylum," where no one could interfere in the students' rights to dissent against the government.
Today, thanks in part to UC Davis chancellor "Chemical" Linda Katehi, Greek university campuses are no longer protected from state security forces. She helped undo her native country's "university asylum" laws just in time for the latest austerity measures to kick in. Incredibly, Katehi attacked university campus freedom despite the fact that she was once a student at the very center of Greece's anti-junta, pro-democracy rebellion­although what she was doing there, if anything at all, no one really knows." (2)
The second woman in this trilogy of traitors is the Campus Police Chief, Annette Spicuzza.
"Spicuzza proved to be a liar Saturday as she tried to justify the pepper spray incident by telling journalists the officers were in fear for their safety. This is what she told the Sacramento Bee:
"There was no way out of that circle," she told the newspaper. "They were cutting the officers off from their support. It's a very volatile situation."
This is what she told the Times:" The students had encircled the officers," she said. "They needed to exit. They were looking to leave but were unable to get out."
But if you look at the video below, (see footnote #3) you will see that the officers were never encircled. And that it only became a volatile situation after Lt. John Pike flagrantly pepper sprayed a group of non-resistant students sitting on the ground." And even then, the students remained defiant, yet non-violent." (3)
The third member of this trio is California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the formerly failed DA from San Francisco. Harris is another in a long line of useless career politicians who has made a career out of doing nothing or less than nothing and calling it "something." In this instance Kamala as the Attorney General for the State of California should have been out in front of this because the University of California is a STATE of California Institution that reaps billions for the state and for the private-sector under the guise of "public-education." Yet she has been nowhere to be found in this mess that just keeps on growing.
What is at stake is the viability and affordability of higher education in California. When I first arrived here higher education in California was the best in the nation and was free to California residents. Today this is the situation, thanks largely to criminal-increases in the state's charges at the University of California along with other schools. Tuition for UC schools is about to reach $26,000 per student, which will definitely discriminate against anyone who is not rich from getting a college education, in California.
This issue is one for the State Attorney General to weigh in on, along with the criminality involved with the background of both Linda Katehi and her Chief of Police Annette Spicuzza. It is fascinating how quickly our failed 'LAW ENFORCEMENT' agencies are when they are out-front in demanding changes to a whole variety of laws regarding our former freedoms (with no input from the public): But when the STATE gets caught in flagrant violations of all kinds of laws they are never to be seen or heard from in any way. No one should have to invite Kamala Harris into this catfight; (because as AG she is RESPONSIBLE for the state's institutions to conform to the laws and to the constitution of the State of California). But since she is not interested in anything that might be the least bit controversial, maybe her office ought to be dragged into this one-ASAP? The fact that this report had to come from Iranian Television says a lot about how much the US does not care about what goes on anywhere in this country!
"The 'Occupy UC Davis' plans to shut down the University of California (UC)'s campuses across the western state, reacting to police violence and planned cuts in education budget, Press TV reports.
A proposal, passed by a massive general assembly, said on Wednesday that the strike was in response to the continued police violence against Occupy protesters and destructive approach towards higher education.
The strike, scheduled to be held on November 28, will take place on the same day as the UC Davis Board of Regents is to propose 'drastic' budget cuts and massive increase in student tuition fees.
The occupy campus proposal came after campus police officers attacked student protesters with pepper spray on Friday, making 10 arrests among them. Video footage showed the forces spraying the chemical irritant into the students' faces.
The student demonstration was inspired by the now nationwide Occupy Wall Street movement, which started on September 17 in the US financial district in New York in protest at 'corporate greed' and high-level corruption.
Students gathered on campus on Tuesday for the second time in as many days to condemn the violence. Many UC Davis alumni, staff, and faculty members have also expressed outrage over the incident.
On Sunday, two police officers, who had pepper-sprayed the students, were placed on administrative leave." (4)
The police in this country are outnumbered and are definitely not in control of anything that must deal with anything beyond brute force. That situation will eventually lead to a much more dramatic series of confrontations that could easily spread well beyond the 26 campuses of the University of California. Hell this might even become a nationwide revolt of students once this tuition-war becomes a fact on November 28 when the STRIKE begins at UC Davis!
This trio of treacherous failures are some of the "Who" that are being protected by Zionist-Thugs masquerading as 'cops or campus police,' we must ask ourselves are these creatures really worth protecting when it means the destruction of whatever might still be left of the University systems across this country, not to mention the viability of the POLICE-STATE that is currently in-charge of every new criminal offence, committed against the public nationwide?
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Oppression Back To Greece's Universities
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4) Protestors to Close UC Davis Campuses
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