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When Conversations Are Terminated
By Jim Kirwan
By Executive Decree all unapproved conversations will be terminated. This order will be physically enforced by theThought Police and the heavily armed and totally SILENT forces of the Police-State, as they have been demonstrating against us now, since the OCCUPY actions of the last month or more have clearly shown.
Very soon this 'order' will filter down to email and on-line censorship of any and all conversations that are not pre-approved by The New World Order. Don't take my word for it, just watch and see for yourselves. How many of the articles that you try to read have been removed or censored in just the last few weeks alone? This is just the beginning of this BETRAYAL OF THE PUBLIC by the Zionist-forces that will not rest until this country is brought to its knees.
In the closing portion of "The Wandering Who" Gilad Atzmon gives us some of the reasons behind this betrayal. Israeli history is a fiction and has been since long before the Zionists sought to takeover Palestine supposedly for 'the Jews.' The Jews like the USA and Britain have invented their own past, basically out of thin air. And a close examination of any of these three supposed nation-states will reveal the extent of the self-serving lies that have allowed these Empires to continue to lie both to themselves and to the world-about the true nature of their policies and their intentions toward the world-while they continue their barbaric conquests without sanity or reason; to cloud anything they routinely do in the name of Empire and Global Dominance. The book is a 'must read' that I cannot do justice-to by quoting excerpts from it.
Meanwhile here inside the belly-of-this-conflicted-beast we are seeing the beginnings of the end of not just this Republic but of the end of civilized behavior. TROOPS disguised as 'police" now control virtually everything we say or think or do, first by their presence, and then by their completely illegal actions in the name of a faceless state that trumps everything the old USA once clearly stood for.
Perhaps this partially explains why these heavily armed and uniformed thugs refuse to even speak to those they are beating, tasering, arresting and on occasion severely wounding: All in the name of maintaining public order. To date these actions have only been intensified with each new and one-sided confrontation wherein the public is the enemy and the troops are to be OBEYED instantaneously, if the public is not to be seriously damaged by their uncontrollable rage against the people that pay them to be out there in the first place.
When I went to the 'parade' in Oakland that was billed as a March to OCCUPY Oakland I found myself continually amazed that those in the parade were seemingly only mildly upset about what the government has been doing to them. Certainly no mention of Scott Olsen, the man for whom the March was called was heard or discussed among the crowd. There were no stirring speakers, no rousing calls, no real DEMANDS for any changes in the way the public has been treated since these so-called 'OCCUPY DEMONSTATIONS' BEGAN.
As I walked back and forth through the crowd I could not help but notice that people were not having conversations with each other. They were only speaking with whomever they had come with and there were a lot of students there as well. Many were busy with texting or cell-phones but NOT with those actual conversations that used to be a major part of any real demonstrations, anywhere in this country going back nearly forty years. Many seemed to think that their signs would do their talking for them, and most of those were of bumper-sticker length; yet there was no evidence of any real demands-much less of any threatened-consequences if the non-existent demands were not complied with: So this was just a parade, and not a March that was held to DEMAND anything from the government that has been beating and abusing the public openly now, since mid-September of this year. (1)
Since that parade I've been thinking about how this could happen, in this country, and WHY the basic human responses to the willful and direct firing of a police tear-gas canister into the head of an Iraqi War veteran could be tolerated. Yesterday another Iraqi War combat veteran, a US Army Ranger, was also beaten and had his spleen cut into. He lay on a cell floor for 18 hours without medical treatment and was finally moved to a hospital. He will be suing Oakland for millions because of this; but perhaps the more important point was WHY this was allowed to happen in the first place, as the veteran was on his way home and not even in the demonstration? (2)
In the time before the cigarette-bans in San Francisco our coffee shops were virtual hotbeds of conversations from all sides of the spectrum; and even the bars had begun to become places where people could explore what the hell was happening to them in their everyday lives. After the ban went into effect the nanny-state took control and the yuppies and Zionists took over the scene; business was cut in half, and silence became the new routine, so as not to disturb the games being played on so many computers at once.
That was several years ago and in the intervening time "texting" was 'invented.' Now whether it is on public-transportation, in schools or universities, or just in public places 'texting' has replaced personal conversations and the subject matter has been reduced to gibberish. No serious dialogue can take place in the new and private language of the texting or tweeting. But there's a lot more to this than just that. Here's something I said in response this morning:
'This is also where texting came from - which is what is leading the charge for ending any real conversations - on the buses and trains people on or in the same vehicle text each other instead of just talking. And this was part of why 'most' IN THE OAKLAND MARCH chose not to talk with others, in the parade. Instead many kept to themselves and only paid attention to who was texting them - EVEN IN A PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION.
The art of conversation has died. Go to any coffee shop and note the number of people completely immersed in their electronic gadgets? Coffee shops used to be bedrock places where real conversations were routinely part of stopping by, today they have become sterile-extensions of the same kinds of cubicles in which so many now have at work: AND WE LET THIS HAPPEN, AS IF IT WAS JUST NATURAL! The same was true of taking public transportation - people used to talk freely to each other: Now there are all these signs "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS - SAY SOMETHING!!!" and this and other programs have almost completely put a stop to EVER talking to any "strangers" about anything from the weather to any immediate inconvenience that tends to interrupt whatever any crowd might be trying to do. . .'
In the meanwhile we now have TSA in our pants and in our private parts, in far too many places and its 60,000 criminals are expanding their operations to highways and bus as well as train terminals to "reach-out" to those that have chosen not to fly, because of TSA. Beyond these sexual assaults and intimidations the public has basically stopped talking to anyone that they do not know. This is a kind of "stranger-danger" which the government has encouraged at every level of the society. From kindergarten all the way up through universities to the workplace-all kinds of human interactions are being not just interfered with, but in many cases any action with another is being criminalized. This is the "nanny-state" in league with the New World Order; and this must be stopped immediately! (3)
The Left & Right in this country have worked in lockstep with the Zionists to end anything natural between people, because when we talk with each other we discover just exactly how much we have in common with each other, and that is what is being attacked directly by all elements of the government and the NANNY-STATE, which is not actually allowed to dictate rules for the rest of society that tends to see life differently from what their paranoia and what their twisted-fear-filled-brains have decided for the rest of us.
If we have no control over who we can speak to or how we might chose to react when speaking with another person ­ because our behavior is "NOT ALLOWED" then there is NO WAY that we are still members of a free and open society. I don't know how others feel about this but for myself I plan on telling the nanny-state exactly what they can do with their self-centered rules and regulations because I paid for my rights in this country with six years in the U.S. Military; and dozens of years in representing some of the most critical questions of the day-whenever the chance to do so has come my way. I was not paid for these efforts, I did them because effort was needed to change the way this society worked.
No society can consist solely of a wish-list for some and nothing but restrictions for all others: That is not a society it is just another form of slavery that cannot be tolerated. 'Wanting what you have in life is the real secret to living a great life, whether you are rich or poor.' And that decision cannot be made for you by any other human being!
1) The STRIKE that Wasn't
2) Army veteran injured in Oakland clashes with Police
3) Turning Children into Robots, Human Contact banned in schools
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