What’s Going On!
By Jim Kirwan


Is the United States about to begin to look like Gaza? Have we sunk to that lowest-point in the entire history of the human race, in such a way that we plan to outdo Israel at their own game: Only now this will be the US Government against the population of this nation?

For the last eleven days the people of this country have been waiting for the government to explain exactly what it is doing that it needs nearly a billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow point bullets. Ammunition that has been outlawed for use IN-WAR by the International Criminal Courts established after World War Two, by the USA. What could possibly be so threatening to this country (which is NOT at WAR with itself), that this government should need so much ammunition and additionally so many portable and bullet-proof check point shacks? (1)

The reason that Israel doesn’t use hollow-point ammunition on the Palestinians is because Israel doesn’t want to do real damage to their wartime-source for human organ-trafficking: But what’s our excuse for needing these more than deadly shells! And even perhaps more outrageous is that the people that are paying for these weapons are the same people that have been officially targeted by the so-called president of the US, when he declared WAR upon the entire world, including the entire population of what was supposedly his own country as well!

"What’s Going On!"

Every day we learn about some other outrage, yesterday it was that the FDA, the Federal Department of Agriculture needs several hundred thousand of these more-than-deadly shells, for their own use? Are they afraid that the crops are going to attack their inspectors? Where is Congress or the Supreme Court in all of this and why are they both STILL SILENT! (2)

This strangeness indicates that this government has become literally TERRIFIED of their own citizens. Why else would we NEED portable bulletproof check-point guard posts? Has anyone seen what an eighteen-wheeler can do to a fixed guard post? Does anyone in the government believe that there will not be RESISTANCE once this weird plan of theirs tries to become reality?

What other possible use for this military-grade (but militarily illegal bullets) could there be for buying 5 years worth of this extremely deadly ammunition? It’s over twice as many bullets as it would take to kill the entire population of the country—how can no one in the government not be forced to answer this QUESTION:

“What’s Going On!”

Illegal-Spying upon everyone in this country has been going on since seven months BEFORE 911, and yet this has NEVER BEEN EXPLAINED, OR EVEN MENTIONED. And now there is the blatant purchasing of illegal weapons for the hands of government agents; with no reason given for the need of anything such as this? Of course they might have chosen these illegal weapons because all the shooter has to do is nick their target to totally disable that person, along with possibly allowing him or her to bleed to death from the horrible damage that even just grazing someone with one of these bullets can do: That sounds as if the government does not plan to train the idiots that will be using these bullets against the public. So even if they are hopelessly inept at least they can take a lot of people down so that they won’t be getting back into action anytime soon—if they aren’t killed outright.

And WHY is it so necessary to keep on repeating the same QUESTIONS that became public back on March 29. I know its an election year but these are all Americans we are talking about not just election year favorites. This is not a political problem related to political parties—because this will affect every American in some way—the second they are used—on anyone in this country.(3)

And while we’re at it WHY do we need 30,000 drones in this country: Are we expecting an invasion, and if so by WHO? Take a look at the shoulder patch which is a knock-off of the old Strategic Air Command that was disbanded. SAC use to patrol the world with a full third of its nuclear fleet of B-52 bombers 24-7, 365 days of the year: is this their current replacement! (4)

This government began mumbling about having to disarm American citizens using Canadian and Mexican troops wearing the hated Blue-Helmeted Troops that are always referred to as UN TROOPS. But the Canadians haven’t got enough troops to disarm North Dakota, much less the entire 48 states and as for Mexico if you want to see a real civil war just try having Mexican troops try and disarm Texas or California, much less the entire USA—this is one huge country, and it is armed to the teeth not just with weapons but with the ammo necessary to make us the deadliest civilian population in the world. I guess this memo was intended to scare Americans, but in the end all this kind of talk will do is to force the real AMERICANS to finally GET MAD!

And here’s one more update about the purchases of ammunition by the government that REFUSES TO EXPAIN ITSELF! (5)

Any government that refuses to explain itself
to its own people needs to be recalled and prosecuted for that crime,
especially when what’s potentially at stake is nothing less
than the continued existence of the entire country!


1) 450 million More Reasons

2) Obama Must Explain DHS to the Nation

3) Collapse then Crackdown - 4 min video

4) Inside America’s Drone HQ

5) It looks like DHS isn’t the only ammunition hog in the United States



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