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What Is Here & Where Is There
By Jim Kirwan
'HERE' is where a totally captured public is trying to find its way to an elusive "freedom" that its people have not had for the last 65 years. And 'THERE' is the state of 'unconditional surrender' that the current hidden leadership is still seeking to impose. The method which is being used is more of the same Deceptions & Lies that were used so successfully to steal this country, its peoples and their freedoms in the first place.
These efforts have reduced the people of the US to nothing more than a mindless herd that can no longer speak for itself or even celebrate its own victories in its own voice.
This is because the nanny-state has decided that clapping or shouting gets in the way of allowing everyone to hear whatever the appointed speaker is saying; which is then simply echoed by a completely compliant audience: An audience that does not even know what phrases might be coming next-but since the words have already been decided on by the people who paid to have the appointed speaker speak; this discrepancy hardly matters at all. And these "protestors are simple-minded enough to believe that this is protest at its finest: when in fact this echoing amounts to parroting-the-party-line in any other context.
A reader wrote:
"Been crazy. Soros has arrived in Hilo, I mean his bright-eyed representatives, though most have never heard of him. Someone called a first "General Assembly" last night. 21st century Fellini, with print-outs and talking sticks, and hand fluttering consensus communication. I went to see what was going on, trying to keep an open mind. I spoke and said that I felt my free speech was being prevented in being told we can can't applaud or howl because it interferes with the speaker.
I mentioned that it reminded me of the "no clapping" rule at the county council meetings and that I felt censored, especially in this time of social engineering when so much is being repressed. Said that applause is an ancient way of expressing emotions, it's primal and healthy, and that I trusted us enough to not use it unproductively. Seemed only about 5% were with me, mostly my friends. We were a group of about 40. So, if nothing else, I absolutely refused to flutter my hands, and I connect the war machine with the rest of the mess. Anyway, I feel a little disgusted and not sure what my Occupy involvement will morph into."
And the reader was not wrong. All the way back down through history every successful rebellion has had its own voices. The only 'revolutions' that required the kind of "ORGANIZATIONS" that silence their own people-have always been the ones bought and paid for by the Zionists-and that goes all the way back to the First World War. This is also where the nanny-state gets its original powers from.(1)
In the film Braveheart, this entire scenario was played out over and over again. It was the true story of William Wallace who chose to fight for FREEDOM, and of the traitors that sold him out over and over and over again: In exactly the same way that this 'Occupation' is beginning to go down now. The leaders of Scotland continually sold out their own country (and Wallace in their bid for profits and land). But he continued to lead his people until he was finally betrayed by Robert the Bruce. Wallace was murdered and dissected, his body parts were spread over the entire kingdom, as a warning. But eventually Robert saw the light and using William Wallace as a battle Cry the people of Scotland finally defeated the English and drove them out. Their battle cry was that single word which William Wallace uttered as he died "FREEDOM!"
Why would we need to go through this same charade all over again in 2011? Why not just expose these bought and paid for double-agents of Soros and his Zionist friends; Why not speak for ourselves in this time when there is so very much to say on virtually every topic? Afterall, no matter how many 'General Assemblies" are held by the faceless speakers who speak for MONEY, for continued influence and for the status quo that has brought us to the edge of Oblivion:
Is it not time to expose these TRAITORS for what they are and take back our own protests from the same people that made these protests necessary?
To gag protestors in the name of public order is an oxymoron on its face. To expect people to hide their jubilance at the precise moment when they should be celebrating their own victories is not just an insult, it's OBSCENE, because that is exactly what the Police-State is out there to accomplish!
Too many people have not lived their own lives in their own names. Far too many have come to depend on others to do their fighting and their dirty-work for them. When trouble appears they call their lawyer or their doctor or their accountant: Very, very few ever chose to deal with their own problems themselves: Which is why we are where we are at this moment. It is also where we shall die, if we do not begin to take charge of our own lives and our own demonstrations and to hell with the totally corrupted "organizers" whose only mission has always been to "organize us" into arrest or prison or worse-because there's a great deal of money in it for them; and besides they believe that we're going to lose anyway so why not make something from it for themselves?
The next time they call for a "General Assembly"; the audience needs to turn that into an interview for whatever "job" they plan on doing. These people are not known; they have no record of what they have done, other than to be serving in an advisory capacity for "others." Ask them! Hell DEMAND credentials and do the background searches on what they've done before and who exactly it is that has been paying their bills for them? These creatures are just modern day Sheppard's whose job is to guide their herd right into the box-cars that will take them to the appropriate re-education camp, courtesy of FEMA and the Police-State.
Think about it! It is not enough to list the crimes of the state, the corporations and the government. There must be a list of things to be accomplished by these "occupations" ­ and not just a list of public grievances to be complained about. We already KNOW about their CRIMES: WHAT WE DON'T SEE IS HOW WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THAT BEHAVIOR OR REMOVE THOSE THAT HAVE BEEN SCREWING FOR DECADES! And the only thing that is CERTAIN is that we cannot do that by depending on asking them or shaming them into resigning. They will NEVER give up without a fight; and the fact that these protestors cannot understand this natural fact tends to doom whatever the protestor's do to absolute failure.
Here's part of the "plan" they think they will be pursuing (from another reader):
"The military planners always have numerous plans, with many backups and corrections midstream.
One plan is to provoke a shooting civil war between vets & citizens v. the police, who call in the military for reinforcements (Northcom, which is already training for this with urban warfare sets). Then as before more agent provocateurs are used to back-shoot the soldiers and blame it on police that have turned, thus pitting police and some military and mercenary groups (like Blackwater (xe etc), Dyncorps, etc.) against vets, citizens and police and military that have turned to side against the hijacked US govt.
This then will provide the excuse for our traitors in the pentagon and dc to bring in foreign troops under NATO and the UN to crush the "rebels". It will be another Bosnia, or another Lebanon, or another Iraq. When the dust settles, the winners will take all. If the illuminati win, what remains will be folded into the global plantation. If the US rebels win, there will be a lot of dc pols hanging from gallows and piles of dead mercenaries and foreign troops. They key element is how the military will respond. If many break ranks and turn and unleash
massive firepower, or if the two navy subs that still have independent launch capability launch a couple hot ones at our usurpers and invaders, then the tide could turn in favor of the people. One big problem is that if the SHTF many of our troops could become stranded in Iraq and Afghanistan and killed by Russians who take advantage of the situation. Only time will tell if the sheeple wake up fast enough and if their
200 Million private firearms and billions of rounds are enough."
But - No we don't have to resort to violence. We do however have to outwit our enemies; and that run on the banks (11-5-11) was a great beginning: Now all we need to do is to get everyone that is still invested in any of those six banks to take their money out and that will begin a total reversal of the power that is currently being controlled by our enemies. The issue that we are really fighting is for CONTROL, because the power itself is not the problem; rather it is the ability to control that power that wins in the end. And that begins by crippling their ability to control the money supply!
To win we must smash their power (the banks) and thereby retake the control which those criminal institutions have maintained over the entire planet. And that cannot be done by mobs that are unwilling to simply withdraw every dime they have in the corrupted major banks!
Tomorrow (11-9-11) there is to be a nationwide shutdown of the internet at 11am PST. It was to have lasted for 3 minutes, but now they're saying that it will be more like 3 seconds; nobody knows for sure because it's been organized by Americas' Foremost Criminal Government Agency' when it comes to protecting this country ­ that would be FEMA. There is also a fly-by between the Earth and the Moon of an object that many have been beating the drum about now for months: "BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID" but no one actually 'knows' what if anything will happen. In addition of course we also have that shitty-little country ZIONIST-ISRAEL, our partner in committing the crimes of 911, and we all know how important certain dates are when it comes to world-changing events ­ and tomorrow is 11-9-11.
So, do you think that our own rabid pit-bull Zionist-Israel, would dare pass up a date as potentially-promising as tomorrow to; let us say begin their illegal and unilateral-preemptive-attack on IRAN?
Destabilization of the planet is their goal; we need to interrupt that wherever it breaks out if we want to have even a chance to get our FREEDOM back!
1) Charlotte Iserbyt goes public on Skull & Bones
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