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What About The Children?
By Jim Kirwan
A great deal has been said about the current plight of the adult population in this country, but what about the children?
The INNOCENT are quietly being held captive by this evil, as surely as this image depicts our unspoken relationship, with the criminality that has crept into all our lives.
'We' have tried to look at this nightmare from all angles, except this one most important part of existence. What is at stake here and now is the survival of our children and of all those that each of us loves. If we FAIL them now, then not only will we fail the future, we will be responsible for their entire lives which are, at this moment, in our inexperienced hands: Can we not do more than what we have begun to do now?
It's not just our lives, our jobs and our health that these thugs are threatening with every move they make: It is the very real inhabitants of the next generations that will have to live according to whatever we choose, or do not choose, to do NOW: About ending this kidnapping of the entire planet.
So many of us assisted these monsters by buying their stocks, listening to their garbage about profits and security, when we had to know that TSA is NOT SECURITY: It's INTIMIDATION INC. Just as we KNOW that the US PATRIOT ACT, has nothing to do with 'patriotism' and everything to do with selling out this nation to a small bunch of international thugs hell-bent on destroying everything most of us once thought we might live to see become real profits and to a brighter, better tomorrow. But instead we find ourselves facing a near certain oblivion that is now apparently awaiting, far too many of the people that are still alive today.
Most of us are finally beginning to realize that all the dual-nationality Zionists who live here now are ANTI-AMERICANS, and not simply people looking for a better way to live.
Maybe we need to listen to the people we first slaughtered, then tortured for over 400 years. They seem to know us better than we know ourselves; and they say
These creatures that are holding us captive are not many; but they have inserted themselves at every critical juncture in this life; on every level where important choices are made and destroyed every single moment of every single day: Yet we have chosen NOT to DO ANYTHING about this very real THREAT to everything we supposedly care about; but most especially we ought to be to looking at our defenseless children who must now look to us for protection and for the sustenance, which has now been made IMPOSSIBLE for most of us to give them.
There are things far more important than our temporary positions in this world and IF we do not listen to those interior voices that are WARNING US at every step: Then it shall be we who will reap the whirlwind, before we perish in this hell that we've made, from the garden that was once upon a time this earth, and all that she had to offer to everything that lives.
Get to know how this nation has been altered over and over and over again. And do this before it is too late! (1) & (2)
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