We Can See the Future
By Jim Kirwan

The people of the United States can see their ‘FUTURE’ each and every day in the headlines from around the world—yet we refuse to make the leap from our past to our present, much less from the present to our obvious ending.

This phenomenon happens because we are behaving like the FOOLS we have become. The double-ended unicycle of our completely focused individual-purposes cannot ever function in the way they are shown in this illustration—because, each time one side of this equation tries to move forward, ‘we’ are stopped by opposition from the other end of the same equation; and all of this is taking place while our universe is burning in the background. This should only be a nightmare, but unfortunately there are real-life examples to prove that everything I just said is true.

In the USI right now; the entire American population is being treated like out-of-control slaves. Our money is being stolen from safety deposit boxes, while our retirement funds are quietly subsumed by the banks that use our money to make fraudulent-investments that fail, while our jobs are being stolen, and our way of life is underwater: Yet we do not complain!

Our efforts to travel are being increasingly interfered with; while our Constitution has become illegal and the US Bill of Rights no longer applies to us. The congress passes laws that we are never consulted about until after they have been passed, and our so-called president has declared himself a God that can kill anyone in any country anytime he feel like it, because he as decided that we are living in a global war even though no one has been attacked upon American soil—except innocent Americans that have been found guilty of thought crimes, or SUSPICION of whatever has been turned into a crime or a criminal act this week. Yet we do NOT complain.

Most chose not to see this as a pattern but for those that follow international events, these behaviors by the government are following a very definite and a horribly-familiar-pattern. What could that pattern possibly be? Ironically it is the pattern that we created when we “forged this nation.” It is the pattern that we practiced against the slaves and against the native peoples of this land for over 400 years.

And today you can watch it all unfold each and every day inside Occupied-Gaza; and in lots of other places where American boots on the ground have been sent in to conquer and slaughter innocent civilians on their own lands—and always with the excuse of “saving the lives of innocent people.” You see the targeted dictator, in each case; by refusing to step down—will in all likelihood, end up arresting, torturing or killing thousands of his own people. This is that something which the USI is already doing to citizens of the USA - Yet WE DO NOT COMPLAIN!

The Israeli-Occupation of Palestine has become the touchstone for all of these criminal acts and war-crimes; but in reality they were and are just following the same patterns we used to conquer North America, before and soon after, we became those first thirteen colonies that called themselves the United States of America. . . Right after we declared ourselves to be free we inherited some islands that were called the Philippines. They wanted to free just like us. Instead we sent in troops and spent three long years killing every single person that protested our domination and occupation of their land. We used Gatling Guns to machine-gun the natives just as we had killed the 500 native nations in our own country: and at the end of that we made the Philippines into an American protectorate (a slave state to American Colonialism). Israel is trying to treat the entire Middle East as their version of eighteenth century North America, and we are making that possible.

The Mossad has been “training” our street thugs that we give badges and military weapons to; so that they can treat Americans the same way that Israel treats the Palestinians. Searching, tasering, insulting, beating and sometimes killing them (and us) just because they can. And YET AMERIKANS STILL DO NOT COMPLAIN!

Here are just a few of the actions that I passed along today; over the course of the last 12 years there have been thousands of these stories but these few will touch on most of what continues to happen every hour inside Palestine, even though the Palestinians have been prisoners of Israel now for over 64 years: That amounts to a prison sentence of 64 years without trials for just being Palestinians that have done nothing except to refuse to be thrown out of their own nation where their families have lived for over 5,000 years.

Here are the stories:

“Ah Israel, Once again when there is any resistance whatsoever ANYWHERE - Israel does what Israel always does  IT JUST OPENS FIRE & STARTS KILLING AND WOUNDING PEOPLE. . . because, WELL - IT'S ISRAEL AND THE ZIONISTS WILL NEVER TOLERATE ANY OTHER PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!” (link)

“The world needs to begin to block the Israeli-OWNED Media from broadcasting this garbage as reality. Radio & Television stations here are owned by ZIONIST-ISRAEL-I INTERESTS but there are always LOCAL STATIONS REQUIRED TO BROADCAST THIS GARBAGE. If people still choose to demonstrate against anything; then targeting these LOCAL stations MIGHT bring in the most bang for the time spent” (link)

"Under International Law a state can lose INTERNATIONAL SOVERNTY:

1) IF it participates in regular aggressions against neighboring states or occupations of their territory.

2) IF it violates the terms of the letter and terms of the non-proliferation treaty (or fools around promiscuously with weapons of mass destruction).

 Israel illegally maintains a nuclear arsenal for use against the whole world. Nuclear blackmail of other countries is a routine part of Israeli foreign policies: And has been since 1964.

3) IF it should violate the Genocide Convention, the signatories of which are obliged to act without fair notice to punish Genocide. Israel has been trying to commit genocide against the Palestinian People for 46 years.

4) If it plays host to international gangsters, Nilists, Terrorists and Jihadists."

Israel meets all four of these conditions repeatedly as they are part and parcel of Israel's right to exist!

These four terms were outlined by Christopher Hutchins in his defense of our Attack upon Iraq and can be seen here beginning about 6 min 43 seconds into this ten minute tape: (link)

The above came from me as a response to this story: “First We’ll Take Tehran, Then We’ll Take Istanbul
by Richard Silverstein March 29, 2012 "Tikun Olam" --

“Yesterday brought ominous news regarding yet another aggressive Israeli projection of its military power in the Mideast.

Since 1967, with but a few exceptions (Osirak being one), Israel has mainly satisfied itself by retaining dominance over its frontline neighbors and not attempting to meddle in affairs of more far-flung states.

But with Bibi Netanyahu’s new policy of projecting Israeli power far outside Israel’s immediate sphere and threatening Iran with attack, we have an Israel ready and willing to step far outside its former comfort zone.

To show that Bibi’s aggressive, interventionist approach isn’t a fluke, UPI reports that Israel is negotiating with Greek Cyprus for placement of an Israeli air base on the island, ostensibly to protect the new Israeli-Cypriot joint gas exploration project:

Israel is already preparing to launch a major security operation to protect the offshore fields and the attendant facilities in its waters.

This will involve missile-armed patrol vessels, round-the-clock aerial surveillance by unmanned drones and other naval detachments, primarily to defend the energy zones against attack by Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed force in neighboring Lebanon.”

And there was this:

“Actually these protests are NOT traditional protests - THEY ARE A PUBLIC SERVICE FROM THE REST OF THE WORLD TO SHOW THE PLANET WHO THE MOST VIOLENT BARBARIANS TRULY ARE IN THE WORLD TODAY! The next time such demonstrations are held they ought to end with the Israeli's behind bars and charged with WAR-CRIMES & global-TERRORISM!” (link)

“Oh the poor TERRIFIED Israeli Fourth Reich soldiers that need protection from sleeping one-hundred year old Palestinian men - what on earth can be done to PROTECT the defenseless IDF who are always in DANGER from one hundred year old Palestinian captives? These NEW NAZI's must meet the same fate as their Third Reich Relatives! SOON!!!” (link)

What Americans need to realize is that the patterns shown throughout Occupied Israel’s behavior toward the rest of the planet, including their new wall that will close off Israel from the outside world; are exactly what the USI is attempting to do to Americans here in the old USA. And because we do not protest ­ despite the fact that we are most well armed nation of civilians in the world; we will NOT stand up to the criminals that have stolen this place basically because as people we are clearly AFRAID of even our own shadows! Which by the way is why the ‘SNITCH-PROGRAM’ could be so effective here, because it involves NO RISK to the snitches, and is apparently threatening to almost anyone who thinks at all.

Not all of us are refusing to fight, because we know that there are many ways of resisting the Totalitarian State, but what is the point if we are only fighting for the few when it should be the many that are out to destroy the massively criminal few who have brought this all into our everyday reality?

The people so many are curious about are living here and not in Israel, They are in the society pages of every newspaper every day, hell they sign the paychecks of many who still work for the man. They are the filthy-few that own or control every major segment of this society and they are NOT invisible. The Future will not wait until YOU are ready to do something about this situation ­ because nature will NOT “take a number.” So it is time that you and your friends if you still have any that you can still call real friends—need to begin to talk about this problem and what you plan to do about it—because if you don’t then most of you will be given a bed in the FEMA-CAMPS “until further notice. Some of us won’t be joining you because they’ll probably just waste a few bullets on some of us, to keep the rest of you in line. But this long-term problem is at the very black-heart of every major problem in this world today ­ so “DO SOMETHING DAMNIT” before there is nothing left to save. . .




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