We Are NOT Children  
By Jim Kirwan



Cataclysmic times tend to produce revelations about the circumstances that have brought people to the unimaginable destructions which have killed so many people: Which in this case, if this continues to remain untreated will kill billions more!

This involves something that has crept quietly into and throughout the entire population of the planet—and yet this diseased-flaw has still not even been noticed—yet!  Whether we are talking about corporations, or governments or religions in every case the flaw lies in the relationship between a so-called higher authority and ourselves. And in virtually every such relationship today the filthy rich assume the mantle of authority and dictate harshly to everyone else (who is of course automatically beneath those with this artificial authority). In other words we have “KEEPERS” that make all our decisions for us, while “we” are expected to remain silent and just follow whatever orders we are given. In other words no matter our actual-age, we are all expected to behave like children forever looking to a higher authority for everything that is needed or anything that we MUST DO, to remain in good standing with our surrogate parental authorities—no matter how WRONG the cold and inhuman dictates might be.

When you take a step back and look at the world you cannot help but SEE that the bulk of the global population has always been treated like children with no volition of their own.

When the black-plague wiped out a third of the civilized world in old-world Europe: The surviving art world spent a hundred years painting and drawing skeletons and DEATH. The Catholic Church lost huge masses of people who suddenly realized that they had not been “protected” by their “god.” These “children’ began to question everything from that point forward, and they began to understand that the answers they needed did not come from heavenly beings nor did their lives depend upon some higher human control system—the truth was that we are each responsible for whatever we decide to do with our own gift of life. Once that Rubicon had been crossed, real life and the responsibilities that go with it began again, for those that declared their INDEPENDENCE from the whisperings of prophets who’s actual existence depends on gifts from those they “advised” and not from the sweat or the blood they expended to live their own lives.

With time the memory of the horrors died out and the churches rebounded in tandem with the a new Renaissance (Awakening), for awhile, until the CURSES of rigid sin reappeared to bring the people the “Bonfires of the Vanities” in which many works of art and books were burned along with jewelry, make-up and clothing that had all become reviled by the supposedly pure of heart who brought the world new tortures to live side-by-side with the theft of properties and the rape of the society along with the massive new filth and corruption that emanated from the dark minds of the Inquisition’s most hateful directors. The enemies of the arts of songs and laughter, joy and love are still at it now and are working overtime in every category to outlaw and ban anything and everything that might bring anyone some measure of peace or basic human joy!

Toward the end of that period a very talented scientist finally determined the fact that this planet was indeed NOT the center of our universe. The man’s name was Galileo and his discoveries threatened the then totally criminal Catholic Church and its supposedly unchallengeable holy dictates: Except that the Pope was as WRONG in that case, as were the sanctimonious voices of the vile and criminal Inquisition. The Pope & his fellow criminals broke Galileo but they could not stop the truth from coming out. We have arrived at another such a crossroads today as well.

The people of this world are NOT children: We do not need to follow the illegal-orders of those that have appointed themselves to rule over us. The population of the planet outnumbers those who have declared themselves to be our rulers—but we outnumber them by millions to every one of them. What is needed is that we must come to understand that YES there are powers in the universe that are indeed much larger than any one of us, but that power does NOT look like us, and is not human in appearance; it is that universal power that is unknowable but we can see if we look around at what the native populations in many places have come to understand.

Mankind is not the ruler of this or any other world, we are just a living part of nature and we share the earth with every living thing upon it. Nature is NOT our enemy, and women are not our slaves! These last two things were introduced to the world by the Judeo-Christian Ethic that declared WAR upon Nature and made women into slaves that had to serve man to the point of their own extinction.

The unmentioned part of that “ETHIC” is that the whole of the human race needed to SERVE the self-appointed and ‘anointed’ leaders that have taken charge of others as if “we” were nothing but Victorian-children to be used and abused until we could be replaced by new slaves with even less power than the those that had gone before: This is what the “NEW WORLD ORDER” is trying mightily to re-institute on a global scale.

In this regard just look at two things. Iran’s banking system is not part of the Rothschilds global-banking system, so it can be frozen out. In the same vein, no one can ever do to the USA what we are doing to Iran because our major banks are all part of the Rothschilds system that would never allow anyone else to “FREEZE” supposedly American Accounts.

“US President Barack Obama has signed an executive order to freeze all Iranian government assets held in America and US banks abroad.” I have determined that additional sanctions are warranted, particularly in light of the deceptive practices of the Central Bank of Iran and other Iranian banks to conceal transactions of sanctioned parties, the deficiencies in Iran's anti-money laundering regime and the weaknesses in its implementation” Obama said in a letter to Congress.
Obama claimed Iranian financial activities are posing “continuing and unacceptable risk” to the international financial system.

The executive order prevents any Iranian assets deemed within US jurisdiction ­ including foreign branches of American banks ­ from being transferred, paid, exported or withdrawn.

Obama’s decision comes just four days after the US Senate backed new economic sanctions against Iran. The sanctions targeted companies in joint uranium mining projects and organizations supplying the country with weapons.

Congress had previously passed sanctions aimed at institutions doing business with the Iranian Central Bank.” (1)

The second thing is the Hijacking of Social Security, which again is something that people paid into for themselves to profit-from, once they could no longer work. I did that for my entire working life. For more than half of that I was self-employed and was forced to pay at the point of federal-guns that threatened me with prison if I did not pay into Social Security! Now Big Daddy says that the children have not really “earned anything” and that Daddy needed the money for important things now, so there will no longer be social security for me or anyone else to have to play with: Daddy needs it to cover his sorry ass and to compensate for all that money he gave away to the filthy-rich under Bush during several wars. And of course there was that extra bit that just had to go to the military-industrial-complex and to Zionist-Israel that can’t be bothered to earn its own money ­ so the cry-babies that are demanding the continuance of Social Security (only about 80 million Americans) will just need to get over it! (2)

Grow up people the universe is amazingly beautiful and far too powerful to let these craven thugs and parasites take everything that belongs to all of us because they have “decided” that they are the only people on the planet that matter and the rest of us just need to be eliminated.

Childhood is supposed to be the time you approach your teenage years ­ and while most seem to prefer to remain in school into their late thirties, that still leaves a whole lot time that should NOT be spent as a child—what do you think—are you really willing to remain a child and have your entire existence STOLEN right in front of you! Fight these bastards and take your freedom back!


1) Obama orders global US Iran Asset Block

2) On Robbery of Middle-Class Americans ­ 4 min 53 sec VIDEO




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