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The War Of 100 Years
Part 2

By Jim Kirwan

The Twenty-Fifth Amendment

Rejected by the Washington Post ­ as irrelevant after Watergate


I made a mistake in the first part of ‘The War of a Hundred Years’. It was a typo. Instead of just correcting it, I wanted to add something more, because the reason why this particular fact is so important is critical to the whole point of the original article.

The way Rockefeller made it into politics as the defacto Vice-President of the United States was planned right down to the fine print. Rockefeller was the key. He made possible the addition of the BANKING-WORLD, to the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex, which Eisenhower tried to warn the public about:

That was the reason for this political-illustration. I did it as a freelance cartoonist after Watergate. I was submitting work through the LA bureau of the Post. Apparently the Post was not interested in having the public notice this direct-connection between the new VP and the war machine.

While GWH Bush was tying up the loose ends of his global-drug and arms connections as the Director of the CIA (under Ford): Rockefeller was putting the finishing touches on the new and absolute powers of the privately owned banks, and their total immersion inside the Military-Congressional War-Machine that has been hugely successful in our other wars-without-end; as implemented under Bush junior’s illegal administration.

And there’s an omission that needs to be clarified, as well. The connection between 911 and Sandy Hook wasn’t clear enough.

When the story of 911 first began to break the government went into overdrive to pay-off the families, most of whom just took the money and agreed to remain silent. That immediately took real-heat off the government to EXPLAIN any more about what happened than it would otherwise have had to explain to anyone. And it worked because only the few families that didn’t take-the-money became the focal point and because they were not in the thousands, they could be ignored by the government—when it came time to issue any official statements about the events of that day.

Consequently when Sandy Hook happened the government, and the War Machine, which just happens to have a number of very large armaments components in Connecticut; might have decided to use the tried and true method of silencing victims?

Maybe during the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the government decided to pay off the families for the deaths - whether there were any children who actually died or not? Government payoffs and possible government protection could have been used to prevent the truth from ever coming out? Enter the possibly paid-off and totally incompetent Connecticut State Police? Afterall, as 911 has now proven - “government protection for the victim’s families” could easily have been used to silence any questions as to “What Really Happened in Sandy Hook” on December 14, 2012. (1)

One thing is clear Sandy Hook was and is a government psy-op and a total fraud. So it would seem not only plausible but preferable to use something as successful as the PAY-OFFS of the surviving victims of 911 in the case of Sandy Hook as well: Keeping silence about the truth while still using the events of December 14, to enable the GUN-GRAB, was and still is the PRIORITY!

In this case when I read the story about the Missing Towers and the debris that was simply not there after the attacks on 911—I began to wonder just how many other crimes are possibly being covered up in similar ways: Since it worked so well for 911 - Or rather it did until yesterday’s story finally made it into print! (2)

1) Cerberus Guarding Sandy Hook

2) Where Have All the Towers Gone?





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