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USA - First Stop For Any Country That Needs Help

By Ted Twietmeyer


How many people ever think about what the high cost of fighting Hitler in money and live was in that world war? When Europe was on the verge of being forced to speak German permanently, who came in and saved the day? South America? Africa? No, it was AMERICA working with powerful Allies like Russia that pulled Hitler's plug. Hitler's technology was far more advanced than anything Europe, Russia or even America had at the time. Bush's generous grandfather was helping to fund Hitler through Swiss banks which is why he left the Swiss alone. They were part of his money supply.

There have been other smaller conflicts around the globe since the 1940's America helped resolve such the first gulf war back in 1991. All wars America becomes involved with are fought with taxpayer dollars. Anyone who files a tax return or pays any kind of federal tax IS funding war whether they want to or not. Even if they don't own property, war funds will extracted one way or another. What about that federal aid taken away from your school system? That money goes towards more war. Next time your child comes home with pages copied from a textbook instead of the textbook itself, think about that. Somewhere on Earth innocent civilians are being killed with bullets that missing textbook bought.

What is Bush's No Child Left Behind act really about? It actually means that children will be pushed through school and graduate almost no matter what. What does that do? Those who are unable to enter college and cannot find an unskilled job, can go try for the military. Perhaps they will be among the lucky ones, and not bring home a bio-warfare disease to their friends and family. This too, shows the absolute lack of concern for American children.

Along with fighting battles in other countries "to protect freedom" (yeah, right) there is the issue of AID. This is not Acquired Immune Disease, but blank checks for food and housing given to other countries. Lawmakers need to wake to millions of jobless, starving and homeless American people. People in America are living in tents, cardboard boxes and even in cars right through winter. These are people who once owned nice homes but lost their jobs. Then unemployment ran out without finding a new job.

Thoughtless, self-serving cold Washington droids consider anyone who is unemployed after 6 months as employed. This all started with Reagan's labor secretary who began this practice. It accomplishes nothing except to hide the ugly truth. There have been almost no new jobs created in the past 3 years, and clearly many of these people are for the most part, still unemployed after several years. It is a fact that the longer you are unemployed, the less chance you have of finding a new job. Employers don't like to hire the unemployed to begin with. Real unemployment is probably about 30% if we go by the actual numbers of fewer new jobs, less consumer spending, fewer new homes, fewer new mortgages, non-farm payroll numbers, etc...

As an American citizen and taxpayer all my life, I'm SICK of Washington's hypocrisy. Billions of dollars every year go to Israel, right out of taxpayer pockets without permission. Billions also go to other countries few people have heard of, and even fewer can find on a map. We've been told that "Israel is key to mid-east stability." Ha. If anything, Israel has been the key to creating mid-east instability. Why does Israel need to start a conflict with Iran? Iran has done nothing to them. Every country on Earth should start minding their own business, and leave other countries alone to do what they want. Israel's sabre rattling, which they seem to start doing every so many years, is pure madness. War will result in the annihilation of Israel; it won't stand a chance in a war with Iran.

America feeds the world, gives wheat and corn away to other countries every year (before the crops were ruined) and now America has NO food reserves at all. Years ago, the United States government always made sure there was sufficient food storage in grain elevators. New grain went into the top of the elevator, and grain which went to processing plants was drawn from the bottom of it. This kept grain from getting old as it was constantly rotated in and out of the silo, or elevator.

Now all the grain silos across America are EMPTY and abandoned. All manufacturing from food to electronics uses JIT, which stand for Just In Time. Harvested crops are sent directly to the food processing plant. From there it goes straight to the chain stores. More more than 3 days passes from the time the food is picked to the time it's on the way to grocers. While this reduces overhead for stores and distributors, almost no food is stored anywhere for emergencies. Recent crop disasters (likely caused by weather control tests) in the summer of 2012 almost immediately impacted food prices for everyone as a result of JIT. Years ago, price increases would have been less severe and buffered by grain, wheat and oats stored in elevators.

No value is placed on human life anymore, anywhere. With the Netherlands assisting the euthanizing of more than 3,600 people, even for mental health issues which are treatable, the writing is on the wall. China has had execution buses for several years, which is also used for harvesting organs. In America, if steal service by hacking the phone company, engage in computer hacking or  abuse a pet or animal you can actually spend more time incarcerated than if you killed someone. Does that make sense?

It's time the American people come FIRST, not last in ALL things such as helping our poor and unemployed by providing food, housing and education. Otherwise, we will continue to be nothing more than a nation of hypocrites.

When America is hurting like it is now, how many foreign countries do you see extending a hand to the American people? HOW MANY? No, they laugh at us - until they NEED us again for help. They they sing another tune to make Congress feel sorry for them all over again.

The real question is this: Does anyone really care about America anymore? Or has everyone foolishly left that to politicians?

-Ted Twietmeyer



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