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Daylight UFO Flits In And Out Of
South Carolina Clouds

Exclusive to
Videographer Name On File

I am not trying to get anything out of this, just trying to make people aware that something is going on here in South Carolina along the coast. After I shot these videos yesterday, military helicopters showed up today and were circling the EXACT location of our sighting yesterday. I am attaching photos of helicopters as well, you can see the same trees and rooftops in pics as were in the video from yesterday afternoon. I have been trying to get answers for all of these happenings but i keep getting told there is nothing in the sky. I would like to hear something, balloons, test flights, ect. but shawl air force base just says no training missions and F.A.A. also claims nothing happening or reported. myself and many others around here keep seeing and photographing a lot of lights with no explanation. Just trying to bring awareness of what is really going on.

Thank you

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