Typhoid Hits First Lady Of Indonesia
From Patricia Doyle PhD
Hello Jeff - Looks like the diseases of the past are back with us, first TB now Typhoid. According to the  presidential team of doctors, the first lady of Indonesia is being treated in hospital for Typhoid.
Also, Fiji, Philippines, and Zambia have cases in addition to Indonesia.
[1] Fiji (Western Division) Date: Sat 7 Jan 2012 Source: Fiji Times [edited]
A total of 42 typhoid cases have been recorded at the Nanoko nursing zone after the compulsory screening of 922 villagers in the area. Nanoko Village recorded the highest number with 18, followed by Tuvavatu settlement with 9. The others are Nubutautau (1), Nasauvakarua (5), Tokoni (2), Mare (3), Natoka (2) and Todrokwadrokwa (2).
Speaking at Nanoko on Thu 5 Jan 2012, acting sub-divisional medical officer Dr Tupou Raqona said 24 cases were recorded before the deployment of the health team to Nanoko, while 18 were identified through the compulsory checks. Dr Raqona said of the 18 positive cases, 8 were healthy carriers.
Dr Raqona said the main causes of the outbreak were the presence of chronic typhoid carriers, the poor quality of community water, poor food safety measures, and poor general sanitation. "About 90 per cent of the families from both communities are using pit toilets with conditions rated as very poor. They also have low personal hygiene," Dr Raqona said.
Byline: Maciu Malo
A ProMED HealthMap is available at CopyEd.MSP
[2] Philippines (Leyte Province) Date: Wed 4 Jan 2012 Source: Manila Bulletin [edited]
The Department of Health (DoH) in Region 8 is urging the public to keep their surroundings clean after noting the rise in cases of typhoid fever, especially in Leyte province's 4 towns. DoH 8 Nurse Boyd Cerro said the cases of typhoid fever in the towns of Carigara, Capoocan, Tunga, and Barugo have become alarming, with Carigara registering 102 affected residents.
The health department has also noted the rising number of patients with typhoid fever confined in a hospital in Tacloban City, aside from district hospitals in the said 4 towns. The DoH, however, has not received reports of deaths due to typhoid fever.
Based on the initial investigation launched by the DoH, it was found out that the water sources of the said towns are contaminated with the bacterium causing typhoid fever. Cerro said residents should boil their water before drinking it to prevent getting the disease.
A ProMED HealthMap is available at CopyEd.MSP
[3] Indonesia (Jakarta) Date: Tue 10 Jan 2012 Source: The Jakarta Globe [edited]
The First Lady of Indonesia is being treated in the hospital after contracting typhoid, a member of the presidential team of doctors said. She was admitted to the Army hospital in Jakarta and was diagnosed as suffering from a bout of typhoid, said Aris Wibudi, a member of the presidential medical team.
"Currently, the First Lady is still suffering from a fever that comes and goes, but clinically she is showing improvements," Aris said at the hospital. He did not say how she contracted typhoid. He also declined to say when she might be released from the hospital.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who had been on a visit to Cilacap, Central Java, arrived back in the capital on Thu 5 Jan 2012 and visited his wife at Gatot Subroto Hospital, according to state news agency Antara.
In the developing world, waterborne enteric pathogens do not ignore the upper social strata. - Mod.LL
A ProMED HealthMap is available at - CopyEd.MSP
[4] Zambia Date: Mon 9 Jan 2012 Source: Zambia Daily Mail [edited]
The number of patients treated for typhoid in Mufulira's Mupambe township has risen to 2094. Two people have so far died of the diarrheal disease, which broke out in December 2011.
Ministry of Health spokesperson Reuben Mbewe said: "As of Fri 6 Jan 2012, we had 2094 patients who were attended to for suspected typhoid, out of which 119 were admitted to various health centres, while 79 were discharged since the outbreak of the disease 2 weeks ago," Dr Mbewe said. He said 2 deaths have so have been recorded in Mupambe since the outbreak of the disease 2 weeks ago.
Dr Mbewe said Mufulira recorded 12 new cases of typhoid on 6 Jan 2012, and 17 patients were treated and discharged from various health centres. He said the situation in Mupambe is slowly stabilising, and residents have continued to visit the mobile clinic for medical check-ups.
Byline: Nkombo Kachemba
A ProMED HealthMap is available at CopyEd.MSP
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