TV News Medical Reporter's
Own Allicin C Testimonial

By Dick Allgire
January 2012
I have been a mainstream news journalist for over 30 years. For nearly two decades I specialized in health and medical reporting, winning the Hawaii Medical Association's 'Distinguished Medical Reporting Award' five times.
I understand the connection between diet, nutrition and wellness, but have always had a healthy skepticism of nutritional supplements. I have seen too many fad supplements come and go with far too many unsubstantiated claims.
Two years ago I mentioned to Jeff Rense that I had a nasty flu virus which kept me in bed for about four days and hacking for a week after that. He said, "You need some Allicin C." He sent me a bottle.
According to the company literature, Allicin C is an anti-viral, antibacterial supplement that concentrates the microbe-destroying and healing power of garlic. One capsule is said to be equal to 36 cloves of garlic. The makers claim it has been scientifically proven in double-blind studies to reduce the number, severity and duration of common colds.
My wife and I have been taking Allicin C regularly for two years, and we have both noted fewer colds and respiratory infections. Three or four times a year we feel something coming on- that scratchy throat, I'm-getting-a-cold feeling. But since taking Allicin C it always passes after a day or two. We take one every day and triple that whenever we feel an upper respiratory infection trying to take hold.
I have not had a nasty cold since I've been taking Allicin C.
It does not give you garlic breath or body odor. We ran out one time and I went to health food stores all over Honolulu but could not find Allicin C. I purchase a 6-month supply twice a year from Rense.
I was in Thailand recently and suffered a severe laceration on my foot. I was walking down a dusty street one morning in my slippers (that's what we call flip-flops in Hawaii) and my foot fell through a sewer grate. It was a narrow, crowded street, crammed with parked motorbikes and vendors. There was a taxi coming up the one-way street, and as I sidestepped to avoid it, the crumbling concrete abutting the sewer grate gave way. My foot fell through the hole and a sharp, rusty piece of metal made a nasty cut.
I looked down and saw my slipper fill with blood immediately. It was a ragged, deep cut. At the hospital, doctors cleaned the wound and stitched me up. Eight stitches.
I declined a tetanus shot. I avoid vaccines. Haven't had one in 15 years.
As you would imagine, having your foot sliced open in a Thai sewer might you at risk of the super staph MSRA infection and tetanus.
I had a supply of Allicin C and took 4 per day. My foot healed, no infection, no tetanus.
As a medical reporter I realize that this account does not constitute scientific evidence. It is anecdotal. But from personal experience my wife and I believe Allicin C works as advertised.
Dick Allgire
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