Thwarting A False Flag
By Joseph Ehrlich

EMP has been around since about 1945 and over the past decade discussed as a very potent tactical weapon. This I believe is the first time I am discussing the subject, but do so because I have channeled into the portal that the Moabites do intend to foster a false flag attack and they intend to deploy an EMP field to actuate what is nothing less than another 9-11.
The reason they have played up Iran and the inspections and Iran's progress is because they want it globally accepted that Iran could effectuate an EMP attack on the USA and also they recently have played up that Homeland Security has detected a plethora of Iranian agents all over the USA.
The reason I see for the EMP attack is that it like 9-11 affords the Moabites moral justification to address all global realities linked to nuclear weapons. It also when implemented gives the Moabites third party cover for attesting to an economic depression for the USA something they have adeptly masked all along, including keeping up the facade for the US dollar. Needless to add that all real estate under the umbrella of any EMP attack will lose half its value, instantly.
Of course the EMP attack will allow the Moabites to fully trigger and implement the police state reality, which they have prepared for all along. When local police find themselves unable to contain the riots and carnage resulting from it, then US military personnel will find a home in the USA and I have no doubt that many of these assigned personnel will be of Mexican descent, hiding here since Bush 43 as a enemy military always ready to act when signaled but now they will be upgraded to wearing US military gear.
Please recognize that even among TSA and Homeland Security agents you have a plethora of personnel who have served hard time. Our lives will be at the mercy of people who should not hold the power over us they will hold -- as those in WWII had to bow and bend to the unabated power and abuse of the Nazi SS and similar organizations.
I tried to channel into the states where the EMP field will be deployed. I could not see it but there is little doubt that it has to be an area that has a significant economic impact on the nation. The Moabites detest New York and most other eastern areas and of course by impacting both New York and the tri state area and possibly also Washington, the battle cry for warfare against Iran will be heard globally and actualized.
It is hoped that this email helps thwart this stratagem from proving itself a reality. They have held this ploy a long time and the Moabites love it because it serves their global design while allowing them to effectively attack the USA without anyone knowing the truth that this is an attack the Nazis relished since giving up on WWII.
I include material below on EMP. It really is an ideal false flag providing the Moabites with the same platform of moral outrage seen with 9-11. If they could get away with 9-11 they have no doubt they can get away with an EMP attack as a similar false flag dynamic.
==== emp material
Take a look at this 2006 article implanting into the Iranian strategic mindset an effective way to deal with the USA, to punish the USA for its involvement in Iran and the Middle East. The message to Iran is go for it, and also whenever you need it here is something to undermine the USA. The point of course is that the Moabites do position the USA as an inviting target because it is in itself a Moabite target (as long is proven the case).
Ah -- here is what you need first to understand: nuclear weapons can be TAILORED to produce a large EMP burst over a nation (the height can be selected to cover more or larger areas) WITHOUT producing ANY fallout on the earth's surface.
Russia, China and the USA (and probably others) have super-EMP weapons.

No fallout. Essentially all that garbage goes off into space -- since the bomb is detonated at a height of 250-300 miles. You would not even be able to HEAR the nuclear blast! You might see a flash.

It is true that all nuclear weapons produce SOME EMP -- but that is not relevant here. We are talking about a weapon TAILORED to produce a huge, devastating electro-magnetic pulse, without producing fallout or blast effects on the earth's surface.

Again -- it is cheap (less than $50 million to cripple the US economy and electrical grid and computerized vehicles)-- and thus accessible to multiple groups. VERY likely because it would be so devastating to the US (also Europe if deployed over Europe). It would leave buildings, bridges, roads, dams etc. untouched...

I don't think an EMP blast would provoke an all-out nuclear war (on the surface) if the agent behind the EMP blast was not knowable.

We're not talking about a car accident that might take a few lives.
We're talking about an EMP weapon that would send the US back to 1880 in less than a second, and cause widespread famine. Conservative estimates place the death-total in the US at around 250-300 Million, after about one year, mostly due to lack of transported medications and food, and concomitant gang-killings for food, drugs,etc.
Post-Cold War nuclear EMP attack scenarios

The United States military services have developed, and in some cases have published, a number of hypothetical EMP attack scenarios.[44]

The United States EMP Commission was authorized by the United States Congress in Fiscal Year 2001, and re-authorized in Fiscal Year 2006. The commission is formally known as the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.[45]

The United States EMP Commission has brought together a group of notable scientists and technologists to compile several reports. In 2008, the EMP Commission released the Critical National Infrastructures Report.[34] This report describes, in as much detail as practical, the likely consequences of a nuclear EMP on civilian infrastructures. Although this report was directed specifically toward the United States, most of the information can obviously be generalized to the civilian infrastructure of other industrialized countries.

The 2008 report was a followup to a more generalized report issued by the commission in 2004.[22][46]

In written testimony delivered to the United States Senate in 2005, an EMP Commission staff member reported:

The EMP Commission sponsored a worldwide survey of foreign scientific and military literature to evaluate the knowledge, and possibly the intentions, of foreign states with respect to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. The survey found that the physics of EMP phenomenon and the military potential of EMP attack are widely understood in the international community, as reflected in official and unofficial writings and statements. The survey of open sources over the past decade finds that knowledge about EMP and EMP attack is evidenced in at least Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, Sweden, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.  . . .

Many foreign analysts-particularly in Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia-view the United States as a potential aggressor that would be willing to use its entire panoply of weapons, including nuclear weapons, in a first strike. They perceive the United States as having contingency plans to make a nuclear EMP attack, and as being willing to execute those plans under a broad range of circumstances.

Russian and Chinese military scientists in open source writings describe the basic principles of nuclear weapons designed specifically to generate an enhanced-EMP effect, that they term "Super-EMP" weapons. "Super-EMP" weapons, according to these foreign open source writings, can destroy even the best protected U.S. military and civilian electronic systems.[19]
Clarification of common misconceptions

In non-technical writings about nuclear EMP, both in print and on the Internet, some common misconceptions about EMP are nearly always found. These widely-repeated misconceptions have led to a very considerable amount of confusion about the subject. In 2010, a technical report written for the US government's Oak Ridge National Laboratory even included a brief section addressing some of those EMP myths.[47]  Here are some further clarifications on common areas of confusion that have already been discussed (with references) in the above sections of this article:

1.      Most nuclear weapons effects vary greatly depending upon the altitude of the detonation. This is especially true of nuclear EMP. The standard reference text on nuclear weapon effects published by the U.S. Department of Defense discusses this relationship extensively in the first two chapters, and provides mutually-exclusive definitions for phrases such as "air burst" and "high-altitude burst." [48] As explained in above sections of this article, nuclear detonations at all altitudes within the Earth's magnetic field will produce an electromagnetic pulse; but the magnitude of the EMP and area that is affected by the EMP are strongly affected by many factors, and is especially strongly dependent upon the altitude of the detonation. (See the discussion above in the "Weapon altitude" and "Weapon distance" sections.)  A nuclear explosion in deep space and not in a strong planetary magnetic field would be ineffective at generating EMP. 2.      EMP is not a new kind of weapon effect. As stated in the "History" section above, nuclear EMP from a nuclear air burst has been known since 1945. The unique characteristics of high-altitude nuclear EMP have been known since at least 1962. Non-nuclear EMP has been known since at least 1951. Electromagnetic pulse is a prompt secondary effect of a nuclear explosion, and nearly all of the nuclear EMP is produced outside of the weapon.  All nuclear weapons can produce EMP as a secondary effect, but the effect can be enhanced by special weapon design.[19][22] 3.      The E3 component of nuclear EMP that produces geomagnetically induced currents in very long electrical conductors is roughly proportional to the total energy yield of the weapon. The other components of nuclear EMP are less likely to be dependent on total energy yield of the weapon. The E1 component, in particular, is proportional to prompt gamma ray output; but EMP levels can be strongly affected if more than one burst of gamma rays occurs in a short time period. Large thermonuclear weapons produce large energy yields through a multi-stage process. This multi-stage process is completed within a small fraction of a second, but it nevertheless requires a finite length of time. The first fission reaction is usually of relatively small yield, and the gamma rays produced by the first stage pre-ionize atmospheric molecules in the stratosphere. This pre-ionization causes the gamma ray emission from the high-energy final stage of the thermonuclear weapon (a fraction of a second later) to be relatively ineffective at producing a large E1 pulse.[33][34] (See the blue pre-ionization curve in the "Peak Electric Field at Ground Zero" graph above.) 4.      It has long been known that there are many ways to protect against nuclear EMP (or to quickly begin repairs where protection is not practical); but the United States EMP Commission determined that such protections are almost completely absent in the civilian infrastructure of the United States, and that even large sectors of the United States military services were no longer protected against EMP to the level that they were during the Cold War. The public statements of the physicists and engineers working in the EMP field tend to emphasize the importance of making electronic equipment and electrical components resistant to EMP - and of keeping adequate spare parts on hand, and in the proper location, to enable prompt repairs to be made.[22][34][49] The United States EMP Commission did not look at the civilian infrastructures of other nations.



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