The Day That Didn't Happen
By Jim Kirwan

March 3rd, the day when the troops were supposed to begin rounding up the resisters and ship them off to never-never land, courtesy of Œindefinite detention‚ which is buried in the NDAA Act. That would have been the beginning of a permanent DOUBT about ever regaining any real HOPE, ever again!

That would have happened if Obama had not changed his tune for the second time on this ACT of Treason. He could have gotten rid of it, but instead he just played with one provision of it; a provision that he can change back again at a moment's notice ˆ just in case anyone were to become too comfortable about not being dragged from their beds in the middle of the night by uniformed thugs, pretending to be members of the US military.

Maybe that's why it is so quiet today, almost as if TIME itself had stopped?

But today there's another problem that merits the public's much closer inspection. This problem is the recently passed BAN on all PROTESTS anywhere on American soil. (This passed the House by a vote of 388-3).

 Since Bush stole the election in 2000, the country has no longer had any "Representatives" to whom the public could complain. You can write to them or call their various offices, but you will NOT be heard, because none of us count: They only answer to AIPAC, to the Multi-national Corporations and to the totally corrupted private banks worldwide. That's how come they came into office as paupers and leave as millionaires!

"WE" supposedly elect them (another LIE, they are each appointed by those that have that power), and then they go on to continue everything they ran against, which is the key to illicit wealth unending. So basically they still "exist" but NOT for any of the ordinary Americans that need their help to stay alive. This was the case before the BAN on PUBIC PROTESTS of any kind anywhere on American soil. . .

Let's review. We are citizens of a place that taxes us to the point where nearly 85% of everything we supposedly "make" goes back to the government that is supposed to represent us in our dealings with that same government. The first person to publicly proclaim that the Complaint Department inside the government did not exist was LBJ when he declared the origins of his


However too few people even noticed, because they were too busy trying to get in on the freebies and to become part of the inner-circle of the new establishment that was being created to crush the former United States, using the methods outlined here, except that at the time these methods were still cloaked in stealth˜to avoid disturbing the herd. (1)

That was during the time that the Congress began to forget their own constituents (the people that supposedly elected them), so that the congress could concentrate upon pleasing those that were willing to pay handsomely for their right to write the laws and end the voice of the public forever. Voting machines finished that job in today's world so that no politician need have anything to really fear from those they supposedly "represent." But ironically the congress and indeed all of the government's officialdom actually does FEAR the people ˆ which is why these draconian laws are being passed at the speed of light˜against the people whom they all FEAR!

The public is finally about to realize that all of their voices have now officially been SILENCED, under penalty of arrest or military disappearance. No more "DEMONSTRATIONS" public or private shall be tolerated by government FIAT, created by the Congress and rubber-stamped by the imposter in the Tarnished House.

This fact coupled with the government's isolation from the body politic, there is no longer ay way to be able to petition the government for the redress of grievances that was required in the US Constitution. The government says that this is necessary for "SECURITY REASONS, in a time of WAR. Yet there has been NO ATTACK upon this nation from the outside, since the Revolutionary War.

What happened here within the first 45 minutes of the attack on 911, was that operatives of the CIA and the Pentagon, in civilian clothing, spoke to reporters on camera, while the attacks were still going on (the attack lasted an hour and 45 minutes). However nothing was ever proven concerning those attacks that the government said came from Afghanistan! Still we launched our WAR against Afghanistan without any proof at all, just the clandestine word of the government who "said" that the attacks on 911 came from Afghanistan˜which of course was NEVER PROVEN!

Since then we did another pre-emptive attack against Iraq, our former puppet state, claiming that they had "Weapons of Mass Destruction" which was disproven conclusively, much later; that Iraq did NOT possess WMD˜yet that war continued uninterrupted against a nation that had not attacked us, and indeed had been one of our allies until Bush Junior decided otherwise. From there we moved on to Pakistan, to Somalia, to Yemen, to Libya, and now to Syria and possibly Iran: NONE of WHOM have ever attacked the United States˜so how can we legitimately be "AT WAR" with so many countries that have NOT attacked us? The answer is WE CAN'T be doing this legally! We have become the major ROGUE nation on the planet together with Israel who together have a foreign policy of attacking anyone that fails to automatically and unconditionally SURRENDER to us˜as soon as we express a desire for whatever the target country might still possess!



As far as the public's voice is concerned in any of this, we have tried peaceful demonstrations no end, and they were totally ignored. We tried to use the congress to get our representatives to express our concerns to the government˜they refused to listen to us. And with every passing year we lose more of whatever we thought we once had as citizens of this place. As of today we are formally PRISONERS of this government in every way except being confined behind bars and barbed wire (which is what will be coming soon)˜regardless of whatever the congress and the self-appointed-King say the case might be at this moment in time.

Given the many, many Trillions that this government continues to extort from the public, for their own purposes while starving those they are looting, not to mention having sent all our decently compensated jobs overseas, while flooding the country with undocumented workers who take the few jobs that have not already been exported. We have no health care, our education system is Orwellian, our lives are living testaments to the public criminality of the government and their owners who routinely shame every American at every opportunity whether on the streets, in our homes or via TSA and at any other encounter between the cops or government officials wherever such encounters might occur. And now we not allowed to even complain!

Those signs you‚ve all seen in public transportation hubs: NO SMOKING, NO EATING, NO DRINKING will soon be added to also read: NO THINKING, NO QUESTIONS, NO TALKING and soon they shall also add: THOUGHT-CRIMES WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW & ANY RESISTANCE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

Is this the country you were born into? Where is the justification for all of this barbaric brutality and unquestioned SUSPICION of every man woman and child in this country? Gandhi raised the point in India that 300 million Indians could not be controlled by 100,000 elites: and he was proven correct: Because the 99% in that case was able to drive out the 1%, in that time and in that place: So why have we not been able to ACT?

There are antidotes for the forces that are crushing us, but we‚ll need to think about them to use them well. Here are two of those thought-forms. (2) & (3)

Has the time forever passed when any American can still chose to disagree with his or her government? If NOT why NOT! This problem will not fix itself; we must CHANGE IT or UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER ourselves to the Scum-of-the-Earth that has come to kill us all. So enjoy this one day off from the Hell that will be unleashed for the next six days of conflicting clashes and global rips in the fabric of the world. . .

1) Orwell's Startling World is Officially Here

2) David Icke ˆ Brilliant Speech

3) David Icke ˆ Enough it's Time to Fly



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