The Fear Of Fear Itself

By Jim Kirwan
I got into a rather interesting discussion last night about the global wave of Paranoia that has apparently seized the entire world, surrounding everything to do with FEAR, with Security and with the Paranoia that has replaced the COURAGE needed to live our own lives without government PERMISSIONS, in any form whatsoever.
Wherever anyone looks today the roots of FEAR are exposed for all to see. Fear of the unknown, Fear of authority, Fear of being out-of-step with society, Fear of losing one's job, Fear of ending up "without" whatever seems most necessary to life itself: All of this unnatural behavior is predicated upon insecurities made manifest by a government that is literally paranoid to the degree that every act becomes an excuse for evermore FEAR, regardless of the circumstances.
By any standard of human behavior this is definitely UNNATURAL, sick and seriously demented behavior by people that have never had to face real life or make the life & death decisions that most of us seldom have to confront. This contradiction in terms has led us to choose to hide or to run from everyday challenges that are what keeps any life interesting. Basically Amerikans have become one-dimensional creatures who only react to FEAR and never to any serious possibility that might be able to offer any individual another way of looking at anything that might be potentially healthy: If only people were not so terrified of FEAR itself. And now whole nations have fallen into this abyss where the things that could set people free of this nightmare must be, not just ignored, but are to avoided at all costs-obviously because any effort on the part of the individual to take control of his or her life can now be viewed as a crime against the State! YES! This is a thought crime, and it can now be prosecuted as such.
How did we get here? It's simple we invited FEAR into our lives as a substitute for living and loving and participating in the lives we were given to enjoy and use to the fullest-because we tend to believe that the government knows better than we do what we should do, how we should do whatever it might be, and when we should be ALLOWED to do what they demand that we must do, on pain of SUSPICION that can be turned into a crime in the blink of an eye-by the thoroughly corrupted government that is nothing but an OUTLAW-appetite that is always in search of new suspects to complete the needed crime-scenes which they see everywhere now.
While I was having this conversation at a corner table facing a major intersection I could not help but notice that there were a pair of uniformed cops crossing the street, and one of them drew his Glock and began to run toward the opposite side of the street we were facing. There were at least three cop cars, lights flashing no sirens that had quietly arrived and more cops on the street. It was late afternoon, but the hustle surrounding a 12 story apartment building across the street was noticeably tense. Several people were stopped and questioned, but most people took no notice of whatever the cops were so concerned about that they had drawn their weapons. I watched in case the cops decided to open fire at us. This continued for about five to seven minutes, and then magically the cops melted away and the people barely blinked. No one was curious, no one seemed to find the scene odd-that was surreal and chilling in itself.
How did people become so uninterested in officers with weapons drawn, on a city street near rush hour when most were retuning home from work? Apparently it was simply that people subconsciously expected to see this, otherwise there would been more caution exercised by the passing people that kept right on walking right through the officers with their deadly toys. Most of the pedestrians were not concerned because they apparently knew that since 'they had not done anything' to cause them to fear the police; there was no reason to pay any particular attention to whatever might be happening-but still the drawn weapons indicate potential harm, and yet no one seemed to care. That is what started this conversation. . .
Maybe people had just gotten use-to-the-idea, of armed police blocking sidewalks in an upscale neighborhood? Maybe they were not alarmed because they want to believe that the cops were there "to protect them," but from what or from who? Maybe this is why so many seem to look forward to Marital Law; wrongly believing that the police are there to protect them? Whatever the reason the sight was unnerving because of what did not happen and the crowd that apparently was not the least bit disturbed by armed and uniformed men, there were six in total; but without any apparent target in sight? Five years ago the sight would not have unfolded in that way, but now the public seems indifferent to everything including the raised and waving of weapons, openly displayed?
My thoughts went back to an email yesterday from an Israeli-Firster trying to explain his position in sponsoring yet another home-grown-terrorism bill in the House of Representatives. This is about the Enemy Expatriation Act.
"The Bill calls for a pragmatic recognition that a person who is purposely supporting acts of terror against the United States is demonstrating that they have no intent of acting as a US citizen. If they want to engage in hostilities against the American People, then they clearly no longer wish to be a citizen of our great nation. Currently an individual who engages in hostilities against the United States, on behalf of an armed force of a foreign state (Zionist Occupied Israel) has committed an expatriating act. Decades ago the greatest threat to our national security was posed by foreign states including Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan." (1)
Today the successors to the Nazi's of the Third Reich, are in Zionist-Occupied-Israel and Washington DC ­ in particular they are Israeli-Firster's, just like Charlie Dent and Joe Liebermann. When this legislation passes the first people that need to be deported under this law are the more than 300 members of congress who are on record as being "Israel-Firster's" ­ over and above all American Interests, including the oath they took when they were sworn to serve the constitution and the people of the USA. This is true because Israel's foreign agencies are not registered with the US Department of State as FOREIGN agents. That would also include B'nai B'rith, ADL, JDL, SPLC as well as AIPAC. (2)
The Irony of Ironies is that this bill HR 3166 would mandate the immediate expatriation of virtually every Israeli-American currently serving in the illegal government of the USI, as well. The same would also be true of everyone in TSA (serving the Zionist-agenda), most of Homeland Security that is making war upon the citizens of this country with the armed forces of police-state troops that have been harassing, torturing and killing Americans in the streets of this country illegally, for the past ten years! How perfectly wonderful that this piece of legislative garbage is being proposed to rid the country of the very people that are making WAR upon us all. And this too can be traced back to the PARANOIA generated by the ever-increasing FEAR of anyone and everyone (NOT in power) that might threaten to undermine this final shakedown and closure of the United States and its Constitution. This is an additional proof-positive that this government is TERRIFIED of its own people.
In the Middle East the current standoff surrounding Iran has just been raised another notch. 'The thing is that if we want a war with Iran, then they will give it to us in spades. This will be nothing like anything the US has faced since WWII. These battleships might look awesome but one Onyx or Sunburn Missile could sink each and every one of those ships in a single shot, including aircraft carriers: And the Iranian missiles are nuclear tipped. There are 300 of these missiles ranged on land surrounding the Persian Gulf, and if we start this war then Iran has promised that they will finish it without cessation. . . This would be a very stupid move politically, strategically or militarily - so why not back down, drop the sanctions that are an act of war in themselves and just agree to talk for a change? (3)
Our problem is that we have totally surrounded Iran with military bases and continued as well in increasing our threats of more and more drastic sanctions. The only way out of this quagmire for Iran might well be the beginning of the war that is intended to end all of these hostile and illegal actions that have been taken by the West and its Imperial-Colonial Appetite for ever more acquisitions in places that we have not ever had any business in. . .'
And yes of course this has to do with MEGA-PARANOIA on the part of the Israeli's and the Amerikans that have both become polarized about this apparently irresistible need to start a thermonuclear war with a nation that has never attacked any other nation in over three-hundred years; while Iran itself has had to fight off our invasion of their nation first in the 1950's when we overthrew their government and replaced it with the Shah of Iran, and then again when we tried to overthrow their government that replaced the Shah, in the standoff over Iran's seizure of the US Embassy in 1980. Now we want to pull from the file the standard set of lies that we have used over and over again to attack Iraq, Libya and now Syria, with Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan waiting in the wings!
Clearly the real problem in the world today is Zionism & US Colonial-Imperialism without which, the world might have a fighting chance to take back this war-torn planet for humanity and life, rather than to continue to give-in to global-oppression and occupation by the one-percent worldwide.
1) Rep. Charlie Dent Israel and HR 3166
2) The 4th Reich
3) 'Standard' duty? More US battleships head to Persian Gulf
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