TEPCO Fukushima Press
Briefings, Chiappalone End Times

Dr. Y. Okada
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Jeff

Re: Fukushima

Tepco has press briefings often for foreign journalists.  Only foreign journalists are allowed to come in.

Tepco also has a separate briefing for Japanese journalists only. These briefings are fully-packed.

For a while only ONE foreign journalist kept coming to the foreign journalist briefings.

Then, one day, nobody came to the briefing.  Nonetheless, 8 Tepco employees (see photo below) continued to give the full presentation to the non existing journalists in the empty room!

After 24 minutes, Tepco personal asked the non existing journalists if anybody has a question, and then thanked “them” for coming.

This reminded me a story I read when I was a young girl: “THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES”.

Japan is sinking into an ocean of insanity, nothing makes sense any more, our government is massacring us daily, and the majority of Japanese will continue to die, instead of “disturbing the peace”. If we disturb the peace, they point a finger at you and call you “Hikokumin”, it means that you are a traitor.

From all your wonderful guests, this situation reminds me Dr Chiappalone's description of the END TIMES. I have been listening to his interviews for many years on your programs, and only this year I began to realize that he makes sense more than most other people.

THE END TIMES, I think we are there.   http://www.rense.com/general90/term.htm

Please get Dr. Chiappalone again, he is the only one who described our present holocaust precisely, many years in advance on your show.

I am enclosing a web-page from Kazuo Hizumi, journalist and lawyer, you need not read Japanese, just take a look at the picture with the empty chairs:


Thank you for your wonderful programs, sometimes I cry when I sense your outrage at the world corrupt situation, you are speaking for millions of us who are still thinking.

Over the last few years I was aware of the Zionists attacks on you, this has just stimulated me to spread your website to all my friends across Japan. Hopefully, we will all move to Oregon to be next to you.  :-)

I feel that you should be awarded a noble prize for preparing the best informative website on the Internet. You and David Icke are the geniuses of our generation for being pioneers, brave enough to detect the Zionist monsters.

Dr. Y. Okada
Tokyo, Japan



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