Stupid Strikes Again In Georgia
By Karl W B Schwarz

The bankrupt US Empire is digging the hole deeper over in Georgia. Not down Atlanta way, but definitely 'Gone with the Wind' in terms of the direction the US is headed.

The news regarding US...the tensions with Iran over sanctions, ruthless embargoes, the Strait of Hormuz etc, is only part of the story. The US is stoking the fires of war on many fronts which can be defined as every side of Iran...and I mean along every border, all sides.

At the same time, the US is provoking Russia and China which is evidence of just how desperate the DC dolts are to keep the illusion alive that this is a unipolar world run only by the United States. Those days are long gone...GWTW.

They have been using this 'Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz' lie since the Reagan Administration. It has not happened in the past 30 years and will not ever happen unless the US and Israel cause it to happen. Iran does quite well selling its oil and natural gas and most of it passes through the very strait that the US keeps endessly lying about.

Unless attacked wrongfully, Iran has no reason whatsoever to 'threaten' the Strait of Hormuz. It is all complete, contrived US bullshit and lies.

As I expected, the EU has decided to not implement the demanded US oil embargo and kill their economies in the dead of winter. Oil prices dropped immediately on January 13, 2012, now that EU, South Korea, Russia and China, and many other nations have taken the other side against the ridiculous, absurd and asinine US demands. The value of the US dollar dropped again, too.

THE US ADMITS THAT IRAN DOES NOT HAVE A NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM YET PERSISTS IN ITS WARMONGERING. The US is even aiding and abetting acts of war, terrorism and assassination against Iran - within Iran - even as you read this.

What is their real target? THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAN, which is not a part of the New World Order per specifications of IsraHell, the Rothschild inbred nitwits and their military enforcers...the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Get is straight, folks, these idiots are pushing the world to World War III because they will not leave anyone alone. This has nothing to do with Iran developing a nuclear weapon, or closing the Strait of Hormuz, or rescuing the 'poor Iranians' so they can have a joke of a democracy US-style like the lucky Iraqis and Libyans have been 'granted.'

There was a brief moment in time, something like a nano-second, that I felt getting rid of Stupid (Bush) might open doors to seek peace and solutions. Well, so much for "Change We can Believe In" and a nano-second of false hope because Barky has proven to be quite capable of beating Bush in lies, warmongering and doing STUPID STUFF.

Readers might want to take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon off and read about what the idiots in DC are doing now that could snap and burst into World War III about as fast as a nuke can go off. The United States is absolutely 100% in the wrong and still pushing ahead for war.

As I was thinking all of this through it occurred to me that I have seen mice and rats complete a maze more frequently and successfully than our leaders in Washington, DC. You know, like when Plan A does not work go to Plan B, Plan C, etc. That is the mark of a problem solver, but these folks in DC are stupefying in the categories of sheer ignorance and failing to learn from experience. They are the epitome of what Einstein said: 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.'

Have you ever watched a brat child lose a game and throw a temper tantrum? Well, that is exactly what you are seeing when you watch the US government show its ass all over this world again and again. The US just cannot accept that the Iranians rose up and threw out the brutal US puppet Shah Pahlavi in 1979 and denied the US and UK oil whores access to all of that oil and natural gas. That is what the 'problem' is with Iran. They refused to obey those who presume and assume to be their masters.

The US and UK thought they had the problem licked in 1953 when they (the CIA) ousted the elected president of Iran and installed their Nazi-puppet Pahlavi.

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier attack force is headed to the Arabian Sea right now, which is south of Iran. The USS Stennis is supposed to return to its home port of San Diego, but the Pentagon is not saying when. And, the USS Abraham Lincoln attack force is now in the Indian Ocean and headed towards the Strait of Hormuz area after making a show of force stop in Thailand.

The US pulled troops out of Iraq but there are 15,000 now in Kuwait, an undisclosed number forming a 'buffer zone' along the Syrian border, and US troops in IsraHell.

Who is pushing this to confrontation and war is not Iran; it is the United States and Israel. But then, we have an election year and a Moron Commander-in-Chief that is desperate to get re-elected.

Russia has flatly rejected the US demands for an oil embargo on Iran. China has done the same and has gone a little further in snubbing Tim Geithner's demands that China go along with the US on this one.

China even warned Geithner as the door hit him in the ass on the way out of 'disastrous consequences' if the US escalates the Iran matters into war.   The Chinese have about $400 billion in oil and gas deals with Iran, they have no interest in US lies to fabricate another war.

It will be interesting to see if any of the presidential candidates other than Ron Paul can grasp a direct threat of military response from Russia and China. The Russia president Medvedev, Putin and China's Jintao Hu are not talking just to hear their voice like Barky. All bravado and campaign rhetoric aside, Russia and China are superpowers that can shred the US if push comes to shove. The US cannot beat Afghanistan. The US cannot beat Iraq. Who in their right damned minds thinks the US can handle Russia or China, or both alongside the 80 plus million Iranians? China holds the ultimate "nuke" on the US. Dump the US debt and watch the US turn into Haiti in less than 10 days.

Serious folks, WAKE UP! The party is over, the delusions and illusions have now reached the very dangerous level.

I guess we can dub Barky as 'Stupid II' because he seems to think pissing on Russia's feet is a really good idea right now. Far from being right, he is dead wrong and making huge mistakes.

Both Russia and China have publicly stated that any US or Israel attack on Iran will be viewed as an attack on the interests of Russia and China. The words, and the warnings, have been multiple, succinct and easy to understand. That is, except in Washington DC where they are desperate to keep their half-assed empire intact that cannot win a war or a commercial contract.

The only thing the morons in DC are defeating resoundingly is the United States of America itself.

Even as you read this the US is trying to convert Georgia into a US military base right in Russia's face. That is not a wise move.

Turn back the clock to September 11, 2001 and recall that the WTC buildings had no sooner collapsed and the US was already citing Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden as the problem. They are not that good; if they knew in hours it was Afghanistan they knew long before that. They had no evidence of such but they had planned since the Carter Administration to take over the Caspian Basin oil and needed a pipeline right-of-way across Afghanistan and Baluchistan Province Pakistan to the port of Gwadar.

The Russia ­ Afghan War from 1979 to 1988 was all about that same pipeline and US desires to block it lest Russia become the largest energy producer in the world. Well, they are now in fact the largest energy producer in the world and even control much of the oil and natural gas the US nitwits coveted since Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski dreamed up AL QAEDA as a means to turn Muslims against Russia so the US could seize the Caspian Basin mother lode. They lost, it was an idiot idea when they conceived it.

I still insist that Bush explain why a military jet left Kosovo loaded with billions of dollars, bound for Afghanistan, within hours after WTC 1, 2 and 7 were brought down with controlled demolition.   If you do not know what I am referring to, it was one of the more revealing articles I wrote that the Official Story by the Bush Administration was nothing more than a colossal lie to start a war. They had already positioned billions of dollars to be flown into Afghanistan the same day the WTC complex was in ruins. Really think on that one, it is way past a smoking gun.

It was not about 9-11; it was all about that pipeline referred to as TAP, or the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. We lost. There have been over 10 years of fiddle-farting around and most of the oil and natural gas that DC has coveted for three decades is now gone, headed to other markets, controlled by other nations.

Now enters the TEMPERTANTRUM.

The US-UK-Tel Aviv troika is being denied their coveted desire to control the energy reserves of Russia, Iran, the Caspian Basin and the ability that would give them to control the economies of nations like China, India, and anyone else these 'White Cracker Supremacists' deem as their servants.

It is not happening America, SO WAKE UP. This is no longer a world controlled only by the US.

Are you aware that the CIA was getting visas for terrorists to enter the US? If not, take the time to watch this video. Apparently that was going on during the administrations of GHWB, Clinton and the Village Idiot. Our own CIA bringing terrorists into America; think on that. Really, really think on that.

There is evidence everywhere that the Official Story from DC is a colossal lie. They are after oil, natural gas, pipelines and domination of world energy supplies. Their means was 'PNAC-style military supremacy' and that was a lunatic idea when they started it, too.

We lost; the game is over, finished, checkmate. The idiots in DC think they can take it by force (Iran, Caspian Basin, southern provinces of Russia, etc.) and Russia and China are telling them to cease and desist. If you think Russia and China are impotent and these are just words, you need to wake your ill-informed ass up.

My 9-11-2004 presentation at 'Confronting the Evidence' disclosed much more than just what is seen on the Internet when a person puts "YouTube Karl Schwarz" into Google.

For example, it disclosed that in February 2002, just months after we attacked Afghanistan and used 9-11 as the excuse, their coveted TAP pipeline deal was back in play. After Clinton and the CIA blocked it in Turkmenistan and Pakistan, then Bush contrived a war to steal it in Afghanistan. What they coveted since the Carter Administration was to be a done deal, or so they thought.

They totally underestimated the ability of the Taliban to kick their ass and those of NATO and the UK. They lied, they went to die for a lie and they died. The Taliban are still standing and growing in strength and control most of Afghanistan.  Thanks to US actions towards Pakistan with drones and killing of many innocent people, the Taliban strength is growing faster than the US can ship troops there to turn their defeat into a victory.

Later in 2003 and just before the Iraq invasion on yet more lies, Bush announced that he planned to station troops in Afghanistan permanently to defend 'US interests' regarding the pipeline they created a war to steal.

Now turn back the clock to August 2008. The US, Israel and others back Georgia to start a war with South Ossetia. The goal was to seal off the tunnel that runs under the Caucasus Mountains and block it so that Russia would not be about 25km from their coveted pipelines across GEORGIA. The nation of Georgia is on the East end of the Black Sea.

Since I am sort of like the 'resident expert' on RENSE regarding the Georgia ­ Russia fiasco, Jeff Rense asked that I address this current development going on in tiny Georgia and right in the face of Russia and very close to Iran.

The following links are the articles I wrote in 2008 about the stupid stunt Bush tried and it backfired in his idiot face.

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What the US and their puppet Georgia President Saakashvili did not anticipate was that Russia intelligence was watching and paying attention. They knew that Georgia was about to stir up 's**t' and were prepared to counterattack in force.

The Russia ­ Georgia fiasco actually started when Georgia gun boats attacked a Russian freighter and the Russian navy took them out with extreme prejudice. Then the armored units flowed through the tunnel even while Georgia was shelling unarmed citizens while they slept. It did not take long for Russia to kick Georgia black-and-blue and initiate all of the lies and buffoonery conduct the world witnessed from Bush and Condoleezza Rice.

I wrote on this flare up multiple times and was the first person in the world to report that Georgia started the fiasco; it was not 'Russian aggression' as Bush and Condoleezza Rice were spouting off. However, when attacked the Russian Bear showed how aggressive and lethal it can be.

It was decisive; Russia won and crushed Georgia, then established a safe perimeter around South Ossetia where many of the citizens are Russian and hold Russia passports. The US goal of pushing Russia back and keeping them north of the Caucasus Mountains failed with their proxy war.

Had it been a hockey game, final score was about Russia 50, Georgia 0. That includes USA '0' and Zionist Israel '0', too. In subtle ways, Russia is still punishing Ukraine for joining in the 'Georgia attacks Russian citizens' fiasco. The president of Georgia was finally forced to publicly admit that he started it, with blessings and support from George W Bush, liar and war criminal that he is.

What is going on right now is the US is building 20-bed emergency military hospitals in Georgia apparently in preparation for war with Iran. If not Iran, they are actively engaged in trying to stir up s**t in Dagestan, too. More on that is below because that will precipitate direct military blows between the US and RUSSIA.

As early as 2003 and the lies Bush told to justify attacking Iraq, military hospitals in Germany and Spain were receiving wounded and dead soldiers from black ops in Iran, Turkmenistan, Dagestan, etc. All of that were violent US actions towards Iran and others in their quest to dominate the entire Caspian Basin region.

WE LOST and it is damned well time AMERICANS WAKE UP AND GRASP IT. This current matter is one stupid step away from World War III and no, Russia and China are NOT on our side in this Iran / Caspian Basin matter.

The US has provoked Iran since 1979 to the point that enough is truly enough. That includes penetration by CIA, black ops military operations into sovereign Iranian territory, and all sorts of dirty deeds that are tantamount to being a covert war with yet another nation. Maybe you recall while Bush was still president that Congress authorized $400 million specifically for covert CIA actions against Iran.

Whether the subject is Afghanistan, or Georgia, or Dagestan the issue is PIPELINES so America and its greedy co-conspirators can get oil and natural gas to the ocean. It really is that simple and most of the world knows it but for the Americans that still think Bush and Barky are protecting them. No, not protecting, they are creating enemies faster than any nation could deal with them.

The US is assuming 'US military base' status in Georgia, which is literally on Russia's border. The Russia position on Georgia being part of NATO has been a flat 'NO WAY' so the US morons in Washington DC think they can usurp that by just parking there any way.

The Pentagon and CIA have flooded the southern part of Afghanistan and Baluchistan province, Pakistan. They are stirring up all kinds of s**t in their attempt to get the TAP pipeline done and block the Chinese Gwadar Pakistan to China pipeline and the IPI (Iran ­ Pakistan ­ India) Pipeline. They are also reaching across the border into Iran with hostile actions from Afghanistan and Baluchistan Province Pakistan.

Americans need to understand clearly that the US is being the terrorist.

The flawed thinking and analysis process of the US government and Pentagon is they assume (big mistake) that if the US has a presence in Georgia that Russia will not attack again. They are dead wrong in that assessment. Russia has made its position clear that NATO and the US are going to stop encroaching on their borders, and seems only the US is not getting the message. EU does and is why they have backed off including Ukraine and Georgia in NATO.

They are also dead wrong if they think they can use Georgia as a staging ground for an attack on Iran in any manner whatsoever. Russia made their position very clear in August 2008 and they have been equally clear in matters regarding Iran in this current non-crisis that Israel and the US have initiated.

In the lead up to the Russia ­ Georgia matter in August 2008, the US had positioned no less than 4,000 Blackwater USA mercenaries in Georgia, contractors of the US defense department. That did not deter Russia from crushing Georgia in about 3 days on Russia's terms. The Bush Administration never admitted it but there were dead Americans due to yet another hostile action that was initiated by the US.

If a reader recalls the news at the time, Russia informed the world that they would pull out of Georgia when the Russian Bear was damned good and ready to pull out, not due to US squawking and whining about another failed war operation.

Those same Blackwater thugs and the CIA have been recruiting Muslim dissidents (Al Qaeda redux) in Dagestan to push that province away from Russia so the US can get pipelines from Kazakhstan and the northern part of Turkmenistan across the Caspian Sea, Georgia and then to the Black Sea and world markets. Dagestan borders on a small part of Georgia, so the moron planners in DC assume that they can just take whatever right-of-way they want. Well, Dagestan is part of RUSSIA and the US has already stirred up a lot of problems and given cause for Russia to not believe a damned word they hear out of Washington, DC.

Russia proved they are a Superpower when they crushed Georgia and thousands of mercenaries, Ukraine armor groups, etc in 3 short days. The US has been wallowing around in Afghanistan for 10 years and 3 months, over 8 years in Iraq. Still no Mission Accomplished; nor will there be one other than leave in defeat.

The truth of the matter is we lost in Iraq and we are losing an unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

Part of this US build up in Georgia is a port to service US warships and submarines. That is a colossal strategic mistake because anyone that knows anything about history and geography knows that the Black Sea is pretty much Russia territory and this is even more encroachment on Russia's borders. It is their backyard, not ours. Even pushing this bad hand could alienate Turkey since much of it borders on the Black Sea, too and the last thing Turkey wants is a hostile Russia in their face.

Russia has already extended its navy to Syria so the world knows clearly where Russia stands on this entire matter.

The goal in Georgia is PIPELINES to get the oil and natural gas to the Black Sea, since the Afghanistan fiasco is still a fiasco and the US has lost that war.

Most Americans do not know where Dagestan is, but the greedy oil folks of the US sure do.

Americans have to come to grips with the reality that the US government and the Pentagon are way out of control, way out of line, and are blatantly in the wrong as to how to get things sorted out in this world so there can be peace and prosperity.

That is not what they are after. They are after oil, natural gas, pipelines, domination in world energy supplies, global empire and they have failed miserably. Washington DC and leadership are two words that should not be used in the same sentence. They suck, pure and simple.

The US is pushing a bad and losing hand in a game that is already over. The US lost and continues to tweak the nose of major powers with their temper tantrum that their Grand Chessboard plan failed miserably.

What should Americans think with nitwits at the helm like Bush and Barky, all lies, no substance? It was doomed to fail before the US started this nonsense because liars never win. Trespassers who are really the transgressors will never subjugate the people of any land.

One slip up regarding Iran and it is very likely that the entire Middle East and Central Asia (from Syria east to Pakistan) will erupt into the biggest fiasco since World War II. One false flag (by the US or Israel) and the entire area is ripe to explode into the biggest war since World War II.

It is truly time for the American people to tell DC and the Pentagon to shut up, cease and desist. They suck as war planners and they are bereft of any moral imperative to keep pushing a bad hand destined to lose again.

As for their current moves in Georgia and preparations for war with Iran, maybe Dagestan Russia, Americans need to pay very close attention to what the Idiots of DC are up to. They are playing with far more than fire. This is a confrontation that might quickly turn into full nuclear exchange if we do not get rid of these idiots in DC.

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