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The STRIKE That Wasn't
By Jim Kirwan
Yesterday a General Strike was called for in Oakland California, by Occupy Oakland. A huge crowd showed up and marched all day throughout the peaceful downtown streets of Oakland. There were no police present anywhere, for this huge gathering, and the demonstrators were largely peaceful. Apparently Oakland PD had the day off?
But as things turned out, the entire thing was just an exercise between PIPEDREAMS & PROMISES, see the illustration.
There was one incident where a handful of anarchists attacked some chairs outside a Whole Food Store, and a few paint balls were thrown, but the peaceful mob drove off the comically hooded and masked teenage-anarchists who were dispersed and driven off.
Later in the wee small hours of the morning there was a fire at thePort of Oakland set by the anarchists, so that they could have a visual to prove that there had been a "Real Demonstration." Their photo-op was used to create the illusion that this so-called 'strike' had been real-but obviously it was not.
The reason that the Port of Oakland was shut down had nothing to do with the demonstrators in Occupy Oakland; but everything to do with a mysterious series of exploding shipping containers that had originated from a port on the West Coast and had exploded upon arrival in the Far East. There was a major warning that went out to all the ports on the West Coast that went into effect, and that was what caused the shutdown of the Port of Oakland ­ not the very large crowds of sight-seer's whom the media refers to when they supposedly covered the Occupy Oakland movement.
2 terminals temporarily closed at Oakland port
"The Associated Press
Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2011 | 04:19 PM
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Two marine terminals at the Port of Oakland have been shut down over concerns that refrigerated containers serviced in Vietnam may combust after being powered up.
The Oakland Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/vt9FzU) that the dockworkers' union forced the closure of the terminals Monday after it learned of a quarantine of refrigerated containers that had been serviced in Vietnam. One of the two terminals was also closed Tuesday.
The containers were quarantined after reports of explosions and "incidents of spontaneous combustion" that resulted in at least three fatalities, according to a trade publication, World Cargo News.
The U.S. Coast Guard on Monday isolated about 13 of the containers in question in Oakland. So far, there have been no injuries at the Port of Oakland.
The impacts of the SSA and TraPac terminals closure could be seen in long lines of truck traffic down streets near the port." (1) & (2)
Ladies and Gentlemen "we've been had again."! This was not a STRIKE in any sense of that term. There were no seriously angry people, except the radical teenagers who routinely use these events to trash things, wherever some public outcry is supposedly raised.
I circulated through the crowds for about three hours and there was no evidence of police photographers, or cops. When I got off BART, there were four cops in the terminal that were engaged in a private conversation with themselves ­ they paid absolutely no heed to the people either with or without signs. Outside in the streets there were NO COPS ANYWHERE! Apparently "RIOTS-R-US" had been given the day off. The mega-phone armed march leaders directed traffic and many streets were closed for the MARCH. But all the surrounding streets were open and although the traffic was sparse, it was not interrupted, by either cops or demonstrators. When I left because this was actually not the promised STRIKE at all, but just another HOAX created by the same people that were supposedly being demonstrated against; during the November 2 OCCUPY OAKLAND movement: There were no cops in sight in or near BART entrances or exits. That told me all I needed to know about this total farce!
Don't take my word for this; just watch and see for yourself what, if anything comes from this feel-good-day that contributed absolutely nothing to our efforts to take back this country, as PLANNED!
Since I've been writing people have been asking "Who is behind all of this?" And I have told them many, many times: But thousands of others have been doing the same thing as well. And the public has still has not chosen to act on that information. It is as if the public gets to pick and choose which information they will decide to read or listen to: And they also choose which movement to "invest themselves in", which is what ends up determining the next move for those that have been designing these public entertainments since the whole thing began over here.
Saturday was supposed to be the day that people finished removing their money from the Big-Six banks in this country: Yet nothing has been mentioned of late about November the Fifth, and all of the articles that have continued to be created around that day, by many writers, since this was written on September 23, 2011. (3)
I don't profess to know very much of anything anymore about what is really going on anywhere-because every time I think I've found some pivotal point, it turns out to have been just another 'pipedream' cooked up to delude and distract from something else much worse and far more secret.
I wrote this as a place for you to begin to look for answers about what really happened yesterday inOakland-good luck with that!
PS Occupy Oakland Prepares for General Strike
28:30 seconds into the link
The STRIKE in Oakland was called in response to what happened to Scott Olsen, who was shot in the forehead during a demonstration in Oakland. The crowd was anything but angry over this, in fact it never came up during the two-to three hours that I was there, at all! In fact I never heard Scott's name once or any anger over the police during the entire time. . .
34:00 seconds in: Boots Reilly, hi-hop artist: "I'll say this, the other day we had three thousand people at a general assembly.
Meaning 3,000 organizers to start with. So if you take that and see that those 3,000 organizers were working hard overtime - ah to make this happen. And on top of that we've gained momentum since the SEIU has jumped in and they are encouraging their workers to take the day off - and doing phone banking and job visits to get their workers to take the day off, and all the unions, the OEA the teachers union, many are taking the day off. . . highschools are walking out , community groups are involved - churches, there are clergy that are showing up with their bodies. There are gonna be a lot of people. I want to say hey we start with the 3,000 that are organized and so they'll at least be there and we probably have multitudes more than that. Tens of thousands of people"
This is relevant because it shows that the heavy hitters were involved along with their money to bring this non-event to the public...
1) Two Terminals Temporarily Closed at Oakland Port
2) Background: Boxes on the Bay, Container Ships Shape the Way We Live.http://www.sfbarpilots.com/BoxesontheBay/tabid/110/Default.aspx
3) Remember, Remember the 5th of Novemberhttp://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2011/art208.htm
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