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Skin Condition Helped
From Shaun Kroese 
There is a new way to improve health Physicians probably do not know about, nor do they want to. I know because I had skin cancer and colon cancer to boot. 
A wise and well-educated friend told me to go vegan and take Allicin C to fight bad organisms and clean my system.  I followed his advice and, for whatever reason, all of my cancer is gone.  I can't explain exactly how or why it happened...but it is gone.
Just in time, too, because they were going to remove it surgically from my face and my colon.  I believe there are nutritional ways to deal with many severe health issues and I'm convinced Allicin C is a breakthrough product.  I am going in for another checkup soon and have no doubts that I will be given a clean bill of health
Read about it here http://www.rense.com/products/ac1.htm
Not the least expensive product but compared to any medical procedures it is dirt cheap. Besides how much do you value living?
You are 65% there by not eating meat, chicken, pork etc.  Detoxify completely and take the Allicin C and I'll bet you'll be 'good to go.'
The next time Peter Josling is a guest on the, tune him in and listen.  Allicin C is remarkable!
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