Shocking Discovery About 9-11
& 9-12 On White House Net Site?

By Ted Twietmeyer

Sometimes a search for information can lead to something totally unexpected and somewhat shocking. Such as it was today, when I looked at the white house website and webpage source code. White house website has totally changed, and now shows Obama sitting with his hands folded, staring upwards towards heaven. Almost as though he's listening to God, or perhaps Mohammed.

Obama's apparently simple-looking politically-oriented white house website loads more than 1,740 lines of HTML source code into your computer when you visit

Code includes numerous mispelled keywords for Barack, including one named Barck:

meta name="keywords" content="President,Barack Obama,White House,United States of America,44th President,White House history,President Obama,Barck,Barek,Barak,Barrack,Barrak,Obma,Barack"

Above code statements help insure that both those who know he's the 44th president, and also those who cannot spell his name right will all find his website - which resides on government servers and is maintained at taxpayer expense. It's not apparent why Soetoro was left out.

There is also a browser call in the source code to google analytics. What a surprise...

Buried within the code are numerous references to various URLs. One cryptic URL is

Actual line of code for above URL call is exactly this:     <li class="last"><a href="">Apply for a Job</a></li>

Apply for what KIND of job? Blowing something up? Or does it mean something else? Apparently it DOES mean something else as you will see below.

I visited this URL and performed a screen capture of the browser window so you can see exactly what I saw. Nothing was added to or deleted in the browser's display window. I have removed some private information from the blue area of the browser bar, but the remainder of the display window remains as it was:

This does not look good.
Is something being planned for 9/11/2012 and webpage code to handle it is already in place?
Perhaps there will be a big catastrophe in September, and people will instantly unemployed looking to the government for a job.

--Ted Twietmeyer



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