Santorum's Satanic Success  
By Michael Hoffman




Santorum’s Satanic Success: Victory in Three Midwestern Primaries  

Whoa there, Hoffman, now you’ve gone too far! Rick Santorum may be in the pocket of New York’s gentile-despising, Christ-hating Orthodox rabbis, as well as war criminal, war-crazy Israelis, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a “Satanist.” Rick stands against abortion, and for marriage and the family, and limited government. You owe the senator an apology!

The preceding is what passes for reason among the hypnotic “conservatives.” They traffic in moronic slogans.

On the contrary, we are interested in what the Germans call gesamtkunstwerk, the “total work.” In Santorum’s case that translates into Satanic contempt for the abortions which our bombs -- or those we provide to the Israelis (such as the GBU-28) -- induce when dropped on pregnant Iranian women. Thousands of Arab families were murdered and their marriages obviously destroyed in 1982 when the Israelis carpet-bombed downtown Beirut for most of the summer; the Israelis massacred Lebanese and Gazans with equal ferocity, and we did the same to Iraqi women and families. Where is Sen. Santorum’s concern for the Arab families and unborn children annihilated by our bombs and those of our marvelous “ally,” counterfeit “Israel”? Mr. Phony-Christian Santorum has zero concern for the family values of Arabs and Iranians.

Jesus Christ the anti-Pharisee activist, didn’t create lines of division between Israelites on one side and Samaritans and Romans on the other. He cared for them all. Mr. Santorum cares only for the families of Chosenites and their American golem. Therefore he is a type of Satan, masquerading as a devout adherent of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As for limited government, this is the most frazzled short-circuit in the whole neocon brainwave: constant warfare builds big government, it doesn’t shrink it. Claiming to work for limited government while issuing blank checks for every war the Israelis demand we undertake or support is like having sex for virginity. Electing Rick Santorum President of the United States so as to return godly government to our shores is a spectacular example of voting for the Republic’s executioner while being too obtuse to recognize him as such. To possess so faulty a vision at so late a date ensures more wars and more Homeland Security to police the domestic front. As a war-Zionist president, Santorum would inevitably enable a police state, as Clinton, Bush and Obama have done, for the reason Sen. Lindsay Graham has given, “we’re at war” -- and by that Sen. Graham means perpetual war, war for generations. This is what a vote for Santorum, Gingrich or Romney entails.

Planned Parenthood Protects Its Profits

When the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research and prevention, sought to end $650,000 in subsidies to abortion-provider Planned Parenthood, the screaming could be heard from the board rooms of the New York Times to the headquarters of NBC News in Rockefeller Plaza, and every other media outlet where baby-fearing “feminists” rule the roost.

The Komen Foundation was completely in the right, but they couldn’t stand up to the media lynch mob.

Planned Parenthood is mostly about abortions, not breast cancer testing. Planned Parenthood killed more than 300,000 unborn children in 2010. Statistically that works out to the murder of more than 150,000 unborn baby girls in one year. Please pause for a moment to consider that datum: 150,000 toddler girls are missing from our land because of “women’s rights” Planned Parenthood. The rights of unborn boys and girls to grow up to be men and women is not an issue.

This unconscionable child abuse rots the heart out of our land, which is one reason why we are so heartless, beneath the bland, every day, self-congratulatory veneer of our lives in America. We give huge Manhattan parades for millionaire football players returning from the Indianapolis playing field. We might someday get around to organizing a New York City parade for the impecunious combat veterans of a hellish neocon war in Iraq, but it’s not quite on the drawing board just yet. Our priorities are clear.

If more groups had been emboldened by the Komen Foundation’s example ,Planned Parenthood would stand to lose profit. Its annual revenues exceed $1 billion for contraception and other types of services. Its abortion chambers alone earn it $164 million per year. Nine out of ten women who visit Planned Parenthood for “reproductive health services” receive an abortion. What does abortion have to do with “reproduction”? Planned Parenthood induces reproductive destruction, not health.

If you want to know what a gangster organization Planned Parenthood is, consider this fact: the group spends millions of dollars fighting every legislative initiative to limit abortion, including a recent bill proposed in Congress to ban Chinese-style abortions for purposes of sex selection. If you only want to give birth to a boy, Planned Parenthood has protected your “right” to kill the girl in your womb and keep on killing your girls until you conceive a boy. How sick is that? Talk about a hidden holocaust! But almost no one does, at least not in the mainstream media.

The Daily Dose (of Iran War Hysteria)

Today’s dose was administered by Charles S. Robb, a member of the rabidly Zionist wing of the Democrat Party and a former U.S. Senator from Virginia, and his partner, retired General Charles Wald. They write that the “U.S. military is capable of launching an effective surgical air strike against Iran’s nuclear program and its military installations.”

We surmise that “military installations” include supposed “commmand-and-control centers” that just happen to be in downtown Tehran. The golem of the rabbis is required to massacre as many recalcitrant Persians as possible, on whatever pretext.

The senator and the general also advocate “enhancing Israel’s military capabilities -- by providing it with 200 advanced GBU-31 bunker-busting munitions and three KC-135 refueling tankers to extend the range of its jets...”

(Notice they can’t bring themselves to call the GBU-31s "bombs," they employ a euphemism: “munitions”).

The Republican Presidential primary season is an ideal time to bring the issue of America’s slavish service as Judaism’s golem in the Middle East to the national stage. If the Republican candidates campaigned in north Idaho we would try to ask them, on camera, “Mr. Romney-Santorum-Gingrich, why is a war-weary American nation with an exhausted economy obliged to fund or fight another foreign war, this time with Iran?”

A coruscating question like that embodies the ornery, independent-minded streak of the yeoman American, adept at ruffling the feathers of the crypto-rabbis of the Republican Right.

Michael Hoffman’s “EXECUTIVE NEWS DIGEST” is made possible through donations from readers and the sale of his books, newsletters and recordings.

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