San Onofre Ready To Blow Anytime 

Hi Jim,

SONGS (San Onofre) was shut down once for rusting of the 'egg crates' of this same steam generator. Oh, the 'crates' are just fine on the levels that are seimically most sensitive...blah blah blah IT'S A 30 YEAR OLD RUST BUCKET and that was almost ten years ago.

Now, not only are the egg crates (aka like radiator copper accordions) rusting out more and more but the damn tubes are rusted through!  Its curtains for this generator.  A $100 million piece of hot junk. So, it's time once again to Petition NRC to shut it down pending analysis, not only of the structurals but now also of the steam tubes themselves!   This is so close to blowing all I can say is GET AWAY! The Edison Asstards will run this rust bucket until it blows, then blow town...wake up people! Of course, rusty tubes means its DEFINITELY NOT SEISMICALLY STRONG ENOUGH NOW as it was such a close call even before when it was just some crates on level nine.

PS  At that time of inspection the huge rusty vaslve at the bottom of the steam generator looked bad and sure enough it was totally non operational, so what? Well it was the ECCS1 valve....soo??? ECCS1 is the main Emergency Core Cooling System #1 Valve !!!  Which is supposed to open easily and automatically when needed to reflood a damaged core..   Ok, they replaced it and then turned the damn place back up 100% full blast !  Get a clue, nether science, ecology, govt regulations, inspectors nor pesky geologists cannot keep one of these evil monsters shut down, they are designed to pour out radiation FOREVER !  Get a ticket to Antarctica !

Semper Fodiens




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