Don't Fall For The Iran War
Rhetoric And Propaganda

Karl W B Schwarz

This week was a perfect example of why the Western Media and politicians are wanton liars and are not to be trusted.

Headline: "Ahmandinejad says Sanctions will be Met with Force"

Oooh, that sounds like a 'double dare ya' threat tailored specifically for idiot Americans. Do NOT fall for it people!

Well, I wonder what the truth is if I bother to read the article? Hmm????

Yep, exactly what I thought.... ­ another MSM lie. What the Iranian president said is the IRAN CENTRAL BANK would meet the damage done by sanctions with force. Not the Iranian military, the IRAN CENTRAL BANK.

What in Hell do you think the bank is going to do? Throw WMD coins at hostile invaders that are lying just like they did to Afghanistan and Iraq?

Oooh, another daring headline: "Iran fires missiles that can sink a battleship with one blow". Well, we are threatening to attack them. Iran is just firing a warning shot to let these liar warmongers know that any attack is going to hurt. They fired at a TARGET, not a US war ship.

What is that old saying: Being forewarned is being warned?

Iran has the absolute right to defend their nation from outside aggressors, such as Israel and the US. The right to defend is not solely that of the US or IsraHell.

Yet another headlie by the politicos and the main stream media:

"Iran is threatening US warships"

Again, a sensationalism headline (aka: headlie) knowing that too many Americans just look at the headlines, not read the article.

Most of the Iranian oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz, so Iran would only close it if they are attacked. Otherwise they have no reason to close it and major oil and LNG contracts with CHINA they have to fulfill. Many EU nations purchase up to 25% of their oil needs from Iran, so agreeing with the US embargo demands is literally harming their own nations. The people in EU are already upset with US meddling and lies yet again, just like Iraq.

As a matter of fact, it is the US that is threatening Iran by deploying a nuclear aircraft carrier attack force right in Iran's backyard and in their face. Get that straight.... ­ the US is the aggressor in this current climate and their buddies are picking your pockets right now with higher gasoline and home heating costs.

There is no imminent threat from Iran, it is otherwise regarding the US and IsraHell trying to fabricate yet another war based on lies and sensationalism in the rhetoric and MSM.

Oooh, Barky signs the 'toughest sanctions yet' because Tehran is not listening and obeying their wannabee Western masters.

As a matter of International Law, and as a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has the absolute right to develop their uranium reserves and develop nuclear power plants to power their economy. Absolute legal right, until their wannabee masters want them to stop because Iran has the second largest known uranium reserves in the world and the wannabee masters do not want any competition in who is going to provide fuel rods for nuclear power plants.

Get it?

Russia built their nuclear generation plant and says there are NO nuclear weapons program. Until a person at IAEA tried to falsify a report regarding Iran to satisfy the US and UN spin and war rhetoric, the IAEA has found no weapons program. All enriched uranium accounted for and is for electricity, not nuclear bombs. Even Israel is mumbling so low American readers cannot hear them that there is no evidence that Iran has any nuclear weapons program. Of course, that being from a nation that has a massive nuclear weapons program, blackmails other nations with it and is NOT a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

So, what is this all about? The West wants total control of Iran and the Iranian people have emphatically said NO WAY. They actually do have a right of self-determination and self-rule, regardless of what Washington DC thinks about that.

Ooh, another titillating headlie for the morons that do not or cannot read:

"Iran produces first nuclear fuel rod"

Well, that means fuel for a nuclear reactor to generate electricity, which they have the absolute legal right to do. Has nothing whatsoever to do with a nuclear bomb program.

Of course, your gasoline and energy prices are going up with all of this US-led saber rattling. That will of course push you deeper into debt as those credit card payments will probably have to be late this month and maybe for many months.

Get it?

If you do not get it, you are exactly the type of sucker, fool and moron that DC loves to lie to because you fall for it every time.

Remember 2003: IRAQ HAS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Total lie then, still a total lie today and the same applies to Iran.

Old saying: Dog bites me first time, his fault. Dog bites me second time, my fault.

Americans need to learn to apply that rule to their lying elected leaders and the current wannabees trying to lie their way into the Oval Office.

I vote that the world SANCTION the United States and maybe IsraHell as brazen, lying warmongers. Enough is enough.

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