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Reversing Structures
Ending Global-Banks

By Jim Kirwan


The world is in the crosshairs because we have failed to make even the most basic assessment which would have prevented the currently colossal-failure of the global-banks around the world. All of this is based on the totally-false premise that the failing banks are necessary: They are not and never were necessary to any country, but especially not to the EU or the USA.

The key to understanding is: Everything is related to everything else in the universe and always has been. This failure happened because too many have forgotten the irrefutable laws of nature and of life itself. The false-assumption that these private-criminal-institutions are required; regardless of the consequences, is what has allowed the world to embrace the idea of international-shame for the concomitant-criminal-actions that are being implemented to destroy the planet. None of this needed to happen.

A bank is first of all a bank, and nothing more. Greed has led many countries to allow banks to enter into every conceivable scam, to illegally “profit” from institutions that are essentially criminal in nature. All that the world has to do is follow the international-example set by Iceland and we can all begin to free-ourselves of everything that is financially-threatening every man woman and child on the earth.

““Let’s be quite clear; the European Union has confiscated the private property of the citizens in Cyprus without debate, legislation or Parliamentary agreement,” he writes.

A bank account is not a bond or a stock or any sort of investment. This seems to be lost on many people. A bank account is the private property of a citizen or a corporation and does not belong to the government or at least that was the supposition up until now in Europe.”

Secondly, the doomsday proclamation about Cyprus collapsing if the government is not allowed to loot private bank accounts is merely a cover story to justify what represents a brazen act of mass financial rape.

Instead of protecting the bankers responsible for the crisis while pillaging the people who bear no responsibility whatsoever for the debt, Cyprus should be following in the footsteps of Iceland.

Instead of bailing out bankers, Iceland arrested them. Instead of targeting its population with brutal austerity measures, Iceland paid off people’s underwater mortgages. Iceland also allowed people to pay off debts in foreign currency, which were declared illegal, with the devalued krona.

The result was that Icelanders had more money in their pocket, reinvested it into the economy and now the country has enjoyed a miracle financial turnaround.

The Cypriot government has seemingly chosen a different option ­ selling out its people to the gaping jaws of the European Union and the IMF and setting the stage for years of economic turmoil, civil unrest and dependency on a financial dictatorship which benefits not from stability but from sustained chaos.” (1)

No nation needs a totally corrupted banking system, whether that’s the Federal-Reserve here that illegally prints money for USI to destroy the USA ­ or any of the global-connected banks that flow world-wide from this evil-seed of the Rothschilds global-banking system which can be crushed overnight—if and when the people of the countries now facing liquidation simply take charge of their own countries, by arresting the bankers and following Iceland’s example.

New Banks under real and strict-regulations could easily replace these criminal-enterprises. This will end the bogus-debt that is totally artificial. Once the Robber-Baron-Bankers are arrested, the “DEBT” can be returned those who actually incurred it. This will bankrupt the criminal-institutions behind this global-financial-rape of so many countries, including the USA. From the ashes of that action, people will be able to restart their own lives with a future-free of these bandits, this time!

Don’t take my word for it. Just check this out for yourself. See what the results have been in Iceland, and demand that the same formula be used here and now—and begin to implement this today: Across the planet.

The Attack on the Second Amendment?

In the same vein, Americans are threatened by a massively illegal-assault on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. The way to end this artificiality is also relatively simple. (All we have to do is ask the right questions and act on what we find), not tomorrow or next week but NOW!

A growing number of states are moving forward with legislation to exempt them from new federal gun controls and, in some cases, brand as criminals anyone who tries to enforce them.

While many of the bills are considered symbolic or appear doomed to fail, the legislative explosion reflects a backlash against legislative and regulatory efforts in Washington to tamp down on gun violence.

As of this week, at least 28 states had taken up consideration of gun bills this year, according to new data compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures. More than 70 bills have been put forward in all.”

The Virtual State of the Union is of course a fictional version of what should have been said but was not. Here are some of the facts that are not fictional: What these facts clearly show is that if people care about how the Second Amendment actually works: Then destroying it is clearly insane!

Firearms prevented anywhere from 800,000 to over two million violent crimes every year. The lowest estimate means that 100 times more violent crimes were prevented with firearms than the total murders committed with firearms. That’s one hundred times as many.”

The Second Amendment is there to protect the American people from tyranny. The Second Amendment is there to protect the American people from politicians (like Dianne Feinstein & Barry Soweto). The Second Amendment is there to protect the American people from ‘us’

Some politicians declare that Americans deserve a vote on this issue.

Okay let’s have a vote. Those of you advocating infringement on the right of the people to keep and bear arms need to go to the American people with the 28th Amendment: Which would simply read that the second amendment of the Constitution is hereby repealed. That would, for the first time, give you the legal authority to do what you have been doing—and what you have been doing and what you have been trying to do now—in direct violation of your oath of office; to defend the entire-constitution of the United States: Not just the parts you happen to approve of? ~ Go to the American people and tell them that ultimate-power is no longer to be vested in the people who can’t be trusted with that power, according to you. Tell them: Only the government can have that power now. You go out there and try to convince the people of the 38 states that you’re going to get that amendment passed: To agree with your opinion of them versus their opinion of you. I dare You!” (3)

None of the problems we face; either globally or ion the United States right now are difficult questions. What these questions involve is the simple truth, which is that people need to use their heads to clearly see where the problems are, within our deluded thinking that has been created for us by the same creatures that now are trying to throw us all into camps or worse, just to fulfil what they have interpreted to mean; that they and they alone are the only people that are fit beings to live free upon this earth.

The “special people” are not the chosen-people, appointed by god or anyone else to rule over this planet. All we have to do is recognize that we all bleed the same blood, we dream the same dreams and we have inalienable rights to life and the pursuit of our own lives and thoughts as each of us sees fit—without censorship or terrorism from any government—regardless of whichever false-flag-actions might be cited for their threatened actions against, the vast majority of the people living on this planet.

There is NO WAR, except for government’s pre-emptive criminal-strikes upon so many nations today, including both 911 and all the other new charges by this government against every man woman and child who is an American. The end-game here is to turn the United States into a FREE-FIRE-ZONE in order to erase the USA from history while they liquidate all our mineral and natural resources along with everything that everyone who lives here: And who have created for themselves over their own lifetimes, that has now begun to be outright stolen by a bunch of criminals who are entitled to be executed for their global-crimes against all of humanity.

This is our world, but it can only be “ours” if we are able to end this criminal-attack upon us all.

To do that we must make the hard but simple choices, collectively, to end this massive-obscenity before their crimes are allowed to create the next thermo-nuclear-war. ‘Leadership’ has been for the most part totally co-opted and that means that people must get their own hands dirty to do what has to be done—spontaneously by arresting those who have begun to rape-the-financial-assets of the entire planet.

Here at home we must re-activate the second amendment to protect ourselves from treason and from the murdering criminals that have taken over the US in the name of the Zionist-International, its Fourth-Reich followers and the illuminati who have planned this for centuries. Details of this can be clearly explored in “The Weight of Chains” (In the Background Below) which involves the blueprint for world domination.

This includes Biden, GWH Bush, Reagan, Clinton the origins of NATO, the complicity of the global bankers, the IMF, the World Bank and the declaration of the world's only global dictatorship by the USI & more…

The Pope, the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of Canada have become targets of the International Criminal Courts in Brussels, but it is up to the people in each country, including Americans here who can include the FED, this Government and all of our own professional-criminal organizations and corporations that have contributed to everything that has been done to wreck the planet and this nation from within…


With Courage, knowledge and

With the GUTS to come together, in the individuals willing to


Because without FREEDOM nothing else matters!

1) Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings

2) States to FEDS: Hands Off Our Guns

3) Guns (The Virtual State of the Union) 2013 ­ 7min 25 sec VIDEO


The Weight of Chains





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