When REASON Sleeps
By Jim Kirwan
During the last few articles I've used illustrations from Francisco Goya's "Disaster's of War" to punctuate our current and impending problems with the end of the Republic in America.(1)
Goya's etchings dealt with Spain's War with the French, and in doing this he was perhaps the first combat reporter who used drawings instead of a camera, as that had not yet been invented-to show the world what "WAR" actually looks like, up close and personal. Here is what he blamed all of that upon. It's called "The Dreams of Reason Produces Monsters."
However after that war and the American Revolution, there was another "WAR." This one was called the French Revolution and unlike those that had preceded it; after the fall of the criminal government; this 'French Revolution one had a real problem trying to end their own Revolution.
The entire problem was summed up for history in the plight of Marat, a member of the French Revolution that kept on issuing his decrees-of-death to more and more people long after the filthy-rich had gone to the Guillotines-because he was paranoid and he became obsessed, just as the current government is here with traitors hiding everywhere, so that in their distorted minds all of us must be extinguished. Here is a quote from the film regarding the torture of the torture that is seldom if ever discussed any longer.
"Marat, in that loneliness marooned in a stone sea I heard lips whispering continually and felt all of this in the palms of my hands and in my skin the need for contact. Shut behind thirteen bolted doors my feet tethered together. . . these cells of the inner-self are worse than the deepest stone dungeon; and as long as they are locked away: All of your "Re-volution" is but a prison-mute to be put down by fellow mutant prisoners."
Find the film and watch it, (before it's banned) for there is much to be found in this 1967 film of what is really going on here and now. (2)
In our current plight we are beginning to see a different kind of nightmare where those that are being targeted are only half-alive, while each of us waits to be extinguished. Some will fight to the end but most will not: Which is why this former nation became embroiled in this criminal farce that just happened to happen on the 220th anniversary of the listing of our human rights in the now dead U.S. Constitution.
After watching the film I thought about it this way: 'Freedom without self-responsibility is nothing but FREE-DUMB and nothing more. The Republic is the only way that a successful society can ever truly be achieved, because Democracy (in truth) is nothing but Mob-Rule dressed in evening clothes. But of course this former nation spent no-time thinking about any of these things, before they let those that were supposed to serve them-to instead sentence every American to Extended Detention, without reason, without charges or trials for as long as that person might continue to live!
Whenever 'REASON SLEEPS' it is then that the 'NIGHTMARES RULE.' The servants of the nightmare will remain in control only so long as the people refuse to accept the RESPONSIBILITES that go hand in hand with the FREEDOMS that we have now lost. These dark shadows of the Paranoid Police-State are there to serve the whirling standards just inside the Vestibule of Hell (Dante's Inferno) that can never be met, because they stand for nothing at all. This entirely twisted-fantasy is what was created in the dark dreams of the eternally lazy, the steadfastly blind and the willfully deaf that we must now confront-head on!
Marat's self-appointed 'job' was to be the keeper and publisher of the names of all those that "must die" which would (in the eyes of the surviving French people), never reach an end. Those behind this American coup are no different than Marat; because for them this entire nation has become their life-long ENEMY, hence we must all be sentenced to die (In the "best interests of national security") of course!
Yesterday I got this note from Speak truth to power, which is a GREAT video. But the message that accompanied the video was:
"We must continue to be a nonviolent, peaceful assembly for as long as (a) possible consensus will work."
When this comes as a "call-to-arms" the sender needs to remember what the term "arms" actually means! The enemies of this country who are now "in-charge" must be confronted and not just with words-we must demonstrate with our bodies en masse, and with force if necessary! (3)
Surrender will not save our lives, it will only prolong the agony and extend the torture of every man, woman and child in this place: The sooner we can bring this TREASON to an end the sooner we shall be able to get back to restoring the Republic and to the very few laws which that Republic maintained over the whole country. But this must be done first, by each of us acting together with everyone else that wants this crime to be punished before everything goes up in flames.
1) We've Only Just Begun
The American Wall
2) Marat/Sade (1967) Trailer for the film
3) America in distress
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