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The Real Truth
About Winning A Civil War

By Ted Twietmeyer

Long ago, I foolishly believed civilians could win a civil war against the government, until I added up the score. Any mouth on the radio who thinks civilians stand a chance has absolutely NO CLUE about the facts. Civilian objective: To retain freedom and prevent the loss of additional freedoms. Civilian stockpiling of guns and ammo is a fool's paradise. Every problem has a solution, and there is a way to win this war without firing a shot.

 As a former 25 year+ DoD contractor and who has kept up with technology what uncle has. During the last civil war technology was simple on a fairly level playing field. In the 1860's both sides had swords, muskets and cannons. Ships played a minor role, since most of the fighting was far inland. Cannons and weapons were often stolen by patriots from the British and used against them. In the film Enemy of the State this was done on a tiny scale with surveillance devices. But that's where it would end.

 Today there is a VERY large difference from how the 1860 to 1865 civil war was fought and how all wars are fought today. Civilians do not have automatic weapons, nerve gas, high power Barret sniper rifles, missiles, fighter planes, helicopters that spray nerve agents, biological agents, satellites (civilian satellites will be switched off or disabled), microwave area denial technology, guns that bend to shoot around corners, smart bullets, tanks, personnel carriers, etc...

 Uncle Sam has had 152 years to make sure it won't end the same way again.

 Even if we ignore the huge ammunition imbalance that now exists, how are civilians going to win without using advanced technology and an unlimited budget?

 Besides both sides having semi-automatic and auto weapons, both sides have remote viewing (RV.) That's where the similarities end. But to use RV you must know what, where and when to focus on, and America is a big country. RV will not stop any weapon. RV is like going on the web to find something - you must know what to look up. And even if you get the answer you need, what good is it to win the war without like technology to fight with?

 Advanced government technology will end any war or civil war quickly. In the war against Saddam, we were fighting an enemy who had many of the military weapons in the above list. Resistance fighting dragged on, but America really still won. We quickly gained control of the food supply and power grid, and that alone is enough to win. Recently on a documentary it was revealed that a secret psychotronic weapon may have been used which made the Iraqis lay down their arms and surrender. It is well known that certain types of microwave pulses and frequency combinations have deep effects on the human psyche and can induce various states of emotions. NO civilian will ever such a weapon is being used on them.

 Next civil war? No more trench warfare or Red Dawn, wolverine style hit-and-run fights. Infrared FLIR technology quickly will find resistance fighters like Red Dawn wolverines from miles away and missiles will take them out. That type of warfare is ancient history, like castle warfare. Infrared technology dates back to WW2. American soldiers were told "A lit cigarette can be detected up to a mile away by the enemy." Yet this little detail was left out of the 1980's Red Dawn film. Infrared to detect body heat was used 50 years before ghost hunters made it popular.

 Sure, patriots will initially put up a great short term fight but that will all end very quickly. Few shots will ever be fired by patriots - they won't have the opportunity. Many with big mouths today will just put their weapons on the ground when they are confronted by overwhelming firepower. For every round fired by a civilian, a hundred rounds or a missile from a drone will hit that person. They are not heroes and will never be remembered for being a fool.

 A army colonel once told me many years ago, "Every war is won before it's ever fought."  That's what intelligence, technology and superior fire power does. It is the key for us to win. Military is being quietly postured throughout America. Did you notice electronic LED signs being erected along highways - many of which never have anything displayed on them? I have. These signs cost thousands of dollars apiece. We can be certain these will be used when we are under Code Red; most likely used to notify motorists about check points ahead and expected delays. If you are on a list or don't have proper ID, it will be the last highways sign you'll ever see.

 High technology and advanced weapons MUST be met with like opposing technology. But no civilians will have any of it. The only way civilians can win a civil war is to fight it from the inside, such as those in the government who still want a free America. Only they can stop the use of advanced technology and troop deployment. But the use of foreign military troops negates that possibility, too.

 Our ONLY way to win the civil war is just as the colonel stated - win it BEFORE it ever begins. How? By PREVENTING the war from ever starting we have won. Somehow, (through a miracle) Congress needs to TAKE POWER AWAY from the president and cancel his ability to write executive orders. Executive privilege to write these orders, which Congress gave the president decades ago, must be terminated or severely limited right NOW regardless of the howling he'll do when it happens. Executive orders were only intended to allow minor, non-treasonous actions like declaring a national holiday. No limits were placed on this privilege as it should have been. This MUST be changed by Congress before it is too late. We are nearing that tipping point now. Once the war starts it will NOT stop until America turns into another Nazi Germany, but it will be even worse. Time is almost out for us to win this war, simply by not allowing it to ever start in the first place.

 It would be foolish to believe any country will come to the aid of American citizens to stop this war. In our world, America has helped every civilized country at taxpayer expense. But no country has guaranteed to come to the aid of the taxpayer when the time comes so this is not the answer. To date it is clearly a one-way street. They take from us but won't give back.

 I challenge anyone to prove me wrong and show me how civilians could possibly win a civil war against government's overwhelming technology AFTER it begins, without the ability to fight back with superior technology which civilians do not have.





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