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By Jim Kirwan


Winning four consecutive Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, creator Aaron Sorkin's powerful political epic chronicles the triumphs and travails of White House senior staff under the administration of President Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen). The acclaimed ensemble cast features Stockard Channing, Allison Janney, Rob Lowe, Richard Schiff, John Spencer and Bradley Whitford as members of the president's inner circle.” (1)

Part of research into propaganda and disinformation has included an amazingly revealing series that’s available on Netflix, online.

Six years in a single television series that points up in minute detail the day-to-day criminal activity of the legislative, congressional and administrative branches of what was then (and still is) the fake U.S. Government: With a heavy emphasis on the overwhelming and ever-present Jewish-factions throughout every aspect of whatever the U.S. actually did, and still does: In the real world during the same time frame that this series originally aired.

This was one of “HOLLYWOOD’S” finest psy-ops achievements. “The West Wing” demonstrates, in detail, everything that anyone might ever want to know about “WHY & HOW” the U.S. became entangled in this very public and long-term Deal with the Evils of Israel ­ across the board. If you are awake it will make your blood boil!

The long range plans about the gun-grab is like a flashing neon-sign; as well as dozens of other criminal actions that are fought over which show the true deceptions that have always surrounded every official action of both of these corrupted political parties who are presented in supposedly their best-possible lights. The oozing political-corruption is presented as sainted-political-worship of the highest order. While the games of politics trump every human consideration that is always subservient to anything political. Of course it also contains moments of passion and human decency, which is what is required to mask what’s really being done to the minds and the libidos of the viewers.

Watch this extremely well done series, and remain alert to the real-world events that happened during the exact same time frame. If you can do this ­ you will have to conclude that to fix what is wrong with everything today—we must begin by cutting off, then prosecuting Israel, and all of her evil offshoots that have poisoned and attempted to murder the world since long before Israel stole Palestine.

Identify how many of those in this series are Jewish, not for the sake of being Jewish, but for what their characters champion in the course of the program. The series is perhaps the most positive slam against what America used to be, because you can actually watch just how we became the USSA which we have become—because Israel dictated every last detail, of all that we have failed to do—to keep America alive.

If there ever was a puppet under Jewish control, it’s the Big-Sis tough girl at DHS—Janet Napolitano. Big Sis Janet has actually been in the pocket of ‘Big Jew’ for a long, long time. Think I’m kidding? Big-Sis admits it herself. ~ …As has been noted I have been privileged to work with the Anti-Defamation Leagues since the 1990’s and I have been privileged to receive awards in the past. But I am truly humbled tonight to receive the William and Naomi _________ Service Award for the Department of Homeland Security’s work to combat terrorism extremism and injustice.”

Since when did DHS become responsible for extremism and injustice? Do we not have any other government departments to deal with this—and when did “INJUSTICE in AMERICA” become the province of Israel! (2)

The inner workings of both “political” parties are a public-obscenity which must be challenged on the pages of human-history. When you know what you and most of us know today; about how massive the political-fraud has become and the extent to which this government was willing to go, as far back as 1999. These lies at the core of the American-government enabled what came to us unbidden in 2000: When Bush stole the White House and the Supreme Court joined this criminal opposition to the American way of law & life. The current impasse was written long before then, in American blood, but seeing it in action is a chilling experience: Especially when it’s presented as the only correct course for America to follow. There will soon be massive numbers of deaths because of what we have done and this will become reality sometime this year. Wouldn’t you really like to know how this came to be, all of which, that cannot now be avoided?

The writing of the West Wing is nothing short of brilliant. The interactions and the human side of political-insiders is superbly-played to directly appeal to the American Audience of soundly sleeping would-be individuals who believe that they are “AWARE” when in fact by watching this series, and others like it, many became adherents, and some became players in some of the worst crimes in American History—this-theater was played out in reality as part of America’s real-time “Manifest Destiny.”

The political-reverence for things like the 4th of July that has become nothing but a day for used-car-sales, kegs of beer and tons of hot-dogs that end in fireworks for a holiday that very few Americans still share—but in the series “INDEPENDENCE DAY” has all the trappings of the highest­reverence in the middle of a criminal-feast of insider-profits and wars unending. This apparently only affect other-people, but never those here who pay for every bit of everything we continue to do to the wider world. What’s in it for us? Well for them they seek just “a few-dollars more” that aren’t worth the price of the paper that is used to produce the folly which has locked us into the global-collapse that can no longer be avoided.

Why should you do this?

Because everyone needs to understand just how it is that creatures who only work a few days less than a hundred days a year, can end up being billionaires at our expense. Congress has the best health-care plan in the world, and they don’t pay a single cent for it. They voted themselves the privilege of being able to illegally profit from insider-trading, while the public can be jailed for doing exactly the same things they have been given a pass to profit from. The congress is not bound by the laws they routinely pass for all the rest of us either—I especially like that one—so much for “no one is above the law”!

Americans need to understand exactly how it is that the congress, the courts and especially the president have all served Israel—and none of them give a fuck about any of America’s real needs—because only ISRAEL matters to the powers that be!

If you doubt that statement then just have a look at America’s latest effort to comply with our Traitor’s new addition to his self-declared (but unasked-for and totally unnecessary private SS civilian military force) ­ another of Israel’s additions to our militarized Police-State where no one can ever be trusted not to become an Enemy of the State, whenever national security is the issue.

The video created by the DHS above appears to reflect a peaceful national law enforcement agency which supports local LEO’s by hitting hard at the most difficult criminal situations and engaging with highly specialized and sometimes classified investigations in addition to a terrifyingly effective paramilitary force known as Homeland Security Investigations, Special Response Team (SRT). The HSI-SRT is not shy about their role in American society but a story in this morning’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune caught my attention and caused me to take a step back and review what other toys and roles they have taken on. In the story titled “The law enforcement agency you’ve probably never heard of” written by Shannon McFarland, a strange reference as to the size of the HSI having 6,700 plus special agents caused me to realize that this was a far more powerful group than initially indicated. In fact the DHS website about the HSI states:

In addition to ICE criminal investigations, HSI oversees the agency’s international affairs operations and intelligence functions. HSI consists of more than 10,000 employees, consisting of 6,700 special agents, who are assigned to more than 200 cities throughout the U.S. and 47 countries around the world.”

There would be no way humanly possible for ‘Jeb Bartlet’ as the actor playing the president in “The West Wing” to ever justify any military force that is to become even larger than the entire US military war machine—to attack Americans inside the USA. Especially since there is not and has never been any real threat, military or reactionary, to the United States from any alleged-terrorist-state! Not even the Jews in Hollywood could spin this crime as anything but pure and unadulterated American-TREASON. (3)

The West Wing masterfully conceals so many-conceits behind the political sphere in the White House, and simultaneously in most of the rest of D.C. as well. If Americans only knew what has been so blatantly publicized in so many entertainment venues from popular films to video-games for decades—there could not be any of these massive violations of every law this country once had, to prevent these exact same crimes from ever being committed.

Popular mainstream television serves only the deeper political-interests behind our supposedly national agenda—which has been totally co-opted to serve only Israel, from every corner of this land.

How else to explain having Israel train our police and military for jobs that are supposed to be done by Americans for Americans? You need to see and hear these crimes as they were committed, for entertainment purposes, but which in reality were never anything but deep cover entertainment for the targeted audience that is about to be murdered by Israel & USI, in the name of a One-World-Order that has become an unspeakable-blasphemy against both nature and the wider-world.

If you want to have a voice in what is about to happen directly to you, then you should become aware of how this all came about—while you and I were sleeping our way through our convoluted lives, just as that too had been planned so that we would become willing-victims to the death of our own society, to our loved ones and finally to our death or imprisonment as ‘tribute’ to the brilliance of criminals that have elevated themselves, to the only global-authority needed in this soon to be global-death-camp that need not ever have existed—had we had the balls to stop them!

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