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Preemptive Targeting
Of The Public

By Jim Kirwan


Since Bush stole the White House USI has

Been stealing every cent they can from the public.

Corporations & the filthy-rich

Have become trillionaires while working people

Become poor & homeless.

Now government has decided to target Ordinary Americans

To make us pay

What no one else has even contributed to.


The American Community Survey!

The questions that government is now asking, of preemptively targeted individuals, by sending them this survey addressed to “RESIDENT” is in reality just a national-witch-hunt but it was structured to supposedly approach ordinary people picked at random. The survey goes way past information—these are some of the questions that will be asked when being interviewed for admission to the FEMA camps. (1)

This nation is quadrillions in the red, yet we have not chosen to arrest or try to recoup any of the trillions that was stolen by the owners; instead “it has been decided” to go after anyone that chooses to live his or her life privately. The questions on this survey go far beyond just prying into our private lives.

There are set-up questions about how much insurance you have in preparation for the criminal application of Obamacare that will carry massive penalties for anyone that does not choose to have medical insurance: Thus converting private insurance from real protection to government extortion, that will probably be blocked from being implemented because in he end there will still not be any “care” just the payments made to provide that which will not help anyone, except the entire INSURANCE & MEDICAL INDUSTRY to get rich: While they continue to turn away patients by the thousand.

The questions also scrutinize private life as well—going deep into how you live, as well as how you meet your obligations. Questions that even IRS does not ask, because it is none of their business! This is part of a POLICE-STATE-INTERROGATION, that instead of assisting people to deal with their lives - will end up establishing all the ways that people can be prevented from surviving, in a world filled with nothing but more government lies.

All of this is supposedly being innocently asked of “residents” of the USA, to see how many can be prosecuted for the way they live today. Supposedly the questionnaire is being circulated to “provide more services” when it what it really does is to create another permanent file on you and me that will be used by every office in the government to flesh out their “profile” of us as potential ENEMIES OF THE STATE ­ which they have already decided that you and I already are.

Think about it ­ hundreds of thousands steal whole nations, plunder bank accounts slaughter millions of innocent people and pay NO TAXES! They are not being questioned, but they have enjoyed perhaps the greatest increase in wealth in the history of the world ­ yet you and I must document the intimate details of our private-lives, in order to have the government “APPROVE” of how we choose to live our lives. (2)

This is a national-set-up. It’s designed to catch the working people and the elderly in a trap that will lock-us out of this society for the rest of our lives. There is no justifiable reason to demand that anyone give up this kind of information: Given that the census only requires name, address and gender, once every ten years. This is not a Census Year. This is a vile over-reach of authority hidden in a request that is a dictatorial-directive from the commander of this police-state.


I chose to “answer” this survey on-line, as a pair of articles, because they can and will read it here: Whereas in person or on-line at their site, there will be no opportunity to respond fully… because there is no way to refuse to answer what they had no right to ask in the first place.

1) The American Community Survey

2) The Rich Have Gained $5.6 Trillion in the 'Recovery,' While the Rest of Us Have Lost $669 Billion





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