Planetary Fragmentation
By Dr. J Chiappalone MD
There is no doubt whatsoever that we are subjected to information overload in this day and age. Changes galore are occurring around the world so swiftly it is difficult to fit everything into one's mental mosaic. The details are not as important, as the recognition of the general trends of what is occurring. You should focus at all times on the Bottom Line which I have revealed to you in these writings, and you will not become destabilised, or as confused, as those with little understanding.
This reality of information overload leads me to a number of points I wish to discuss:
Many of you hunger for information with which you can make some Sense of the Madness "out there", in the world and in your own thoughts. That "something" in the world, of the world, for the world, is radically amiss is not hard to perceive.
What is difficult to fathom is the extent of it and how it relates to our personal lives, physically, mentally and spiritually, even apart from the more mundane parameters of economics, relationships, occupations and education. This difficulty can only be resolved to some extent by having the right answers.
Answers for Light Beings differ from those of Darkness who cannot get the Light's right answers. For Light Beings, right answers are the ones which allow them to function optimally in both favourable and unfavourable circumstances. While beings of Evil may have answers, right for them, it is not Truth they have. Hence, answers may differ in degree and significance to you of Light from the answers of others.
Hence, your answers are the best ones which fit you, the unique consciousness that you are. I am emphasising this truism because it is so important. It is not tautological when you realise its importance. The reason why so many of us have floundered in ignorance in so many lives is because we have forgotten this very obvious axiom and allowed others, especially the spurious religions, to dictate what Truth is, what it should or should not be.
Even now, the New Agers, and the assortment of gurus whom I prefer to call Snake Oil Salesmen, around the globe, are attempting to do the same thing!
More and more people realise something dramatic is happening all over the globe and in their lives. Forget the few who are programmed, polluted and indoctrinated to suspect nothing, see nothing, and want to see nothing. These deniers are baneful Shadows of Darkness who will soon disappear in the radiance of manifested Truth.
Forget the sceptics, the mockers, and the rabble drowning in their own insanity and illusion. Forget the fornicating, sodomizing sacerdotes and their hypocrisy.
Forget the mind-constraining bigots in the New Age and Cults; forget the financially blackmailing Zionists and their malicious, threatening and punishing Jehovah with his mechanisms of doomed Virtual Reality. Look instead to the coming Light and its enlightenment. See the ubiquitous and inexorable fragmentation of this collapsing, closed, Counterfeit Creation, and all its systems, and understand clearly what is going on.
You need to understand what is going on because:
* You will be affected by all the deteriorating circumstances which will affect the whole globe.
* Proper Knowledge is going to assist you at this time like nothing else can. It is the only thing which will prevent you from slipping into the murkiness of the Terminal Madness of the Endtime which we see unmistakably affecting all levels of consciousness on this fracturing plane, including the insects, animals and humans, devas, astral beings, discarnates, evil aliens, and sordid parts and projections of fracturing consciousnesses of other levels and dimensions! Readers of my books and former publications are familiar with such concepts.
* You must realise that you, and all whom you know, will be affected to varying degrees, by all aspects of the dimension as it deteriorates in preparation for:
I Separation of beings of the True Creation from those of the Counterfeit Creation,
Ii      Total destruction of the non-Viables.
Iii      Evacuation of Viables.
You need to prepare for the changes which are many, and which are unstoppable. The knowledge of them and how they will affect you will be the greatest gift you will have ever received on this plane, for it will allow you to not only see the Plan of Correction, but it will also allow you to keep your head, your rationality, when all others around you are losing theirs.
Now, is that knowledge not something worth having? Of course, the things to come will be emotionally painful.
But again, with the proper knowledge, the pain of separation, of loss, of decay, of inevitable change of states of consciousness will be lessened by the knowledge of knowing what is going on. By focusing on the Light at the end of it all - the Bottom Line, yes, the Light at the end of the Tunnel, for those who like clichés, we will be able to focus on the "Good Times" ahead.
The facts and figures, data and information, references, essays, opinions and messages I publish in these pages are to prepare you, stimulate your own mind to attain its own truth, provide the Gnostic Keys you may need and highlight not only the pragmatic steps of disintegration, but also give you some insight into the metaphysical explanations behind various world changes and the consequences we all are witnessing daily.
The fact that some doubt all this is irrelevant to this information I publish.
The fact that some deny is also irrelevant.
The fact that some become abusive, even malicious, is all irrelevant.
Why do I say that? Because, even if not one consciousness were to believe this information I publish, Truth will still be Truth and the Correction will occur without hesitation. In other words, what is occurring does NOT depend on what people believe or don't believe.
No one creates their own reality!
Certainly people can create their own illusions, as the New Agers do, but the Reality of Finality is about to hit them hard, even as they convince themselves they are "god" and that they, and this Earth are about to Ascend to a higher plane of existence where they can steal energy, sodomize children and be even more efficient hypocrites
It does not depend on what they want or do not want. It is clear, to those with some understanding, that what is happening to the Earth, to Humanity, and all living things, all consciousnesses, in this doomed bubble of Virtual Reality, depends on mechanisms beyond this plane of consciousness, beyond the human psyche, beyond the Darkness, the Ignorance, the deceit and the stupidity of this corrupt plane.
The fact that it is describable in such a way is the very reason why the Final Correction is proceeding. World changes will worsen at an ever-accelerating rate. Deterioration will know no respite.
Nemesis, the Goddess of Vengeance will visit all evil-doers and extract satisfaction. Such changes are beyond human control, and governments are, even now, declaring they are helpless.
Although the changes may be distressing, if you understand what is truly going on, you will rejoice.
A soldier in the midst of man-made war
is often dirty, unkempt, with a spirit sore.
But that is not how you, a warrior, in this
War of Essences should be.
Think of the glorious, Happy time ahead,
in the New Dimension beyond the victory,
when shared delights heavenly
will make us forever live happily,
without Evil's pain and misery.
Now that, surely,
is a cause for you
to sing and shout
with glee!
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